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Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I’m convinced that Buzzfeed reads my diaries and makes money off of my life. Seriously.


2. Big news, guys. I now not only know what a 401K is, but I signed up (Is it sign up? Register? Submit? I’m still not exactly sure on the whole lingo of it all yet) for my very first one yesterday!! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!

3. Is there anything more frustrating then getting a fresh toilet paper roll and NOT finding where the paper-unrolling starts?! It took me nearly 15 minutes this morning until I finally just said, “Afdskfnlfnfkf!” and made my own “start to the roll.” I wish I was joking. I would totally spare a square, if I could figure out how to get the darn square off! Jeesh.

4. I believe there is an art to perfecting the perfect froyo, and that art is ALL about the ice cream to sprinkle ratio.

Nailed it.

                                                       Nailed it.

5.  Rummaging through my closet the other day, I realized something: I am in a major rut. A Jabba the rut. If anyone out there has some smidgen of fashion sense that stems beyond jeans, t-shirts and a pair of Nikes, HELP A GIRL OUT!

6. Can we talk about the fact that it now gets dark out at 3pm?! I mean, I had every intention of going for a run after work last night, maybe clean the apartment or balance my checkbook (HAHAHA!) but then I was all like…wtf am I thinking?!  It’s time for bed.

7. There are exactly 123 days until spring training starts (not that I’m counting or anything.) Hurry up, baseball! I miss you a lot a lot.



I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a love/hate relationship with many a thing.

For example: Public toilets.

I LOVE that they are relatively good for the environment, help to conserve water, and are nice when you are on the tad forgetful lazy side when it comes to remembering to flush.

I HATE that 99.99999% of the time, these friendly flushers do one of two things: they either surprise your bum with a lovely poo water shower, doing its thang before you are, um, done doing your thang, or, they decide to take a nap mid-poo and leave you waiving/pushing/hunting for a button to clear the bowl of all presents.


Some other things that I have a LOVE/HATE relationship as of late include:

Spring. I LOVE that it has finally decided to show up, gracing us with it’s warmer weather and sunshine. I HATE  that I now have to start shaving my legs again. Darn you shorts and summer dresses!

Speaking of hair…long hair. I LOVE that my hair is now under-the-boob level, giving my a monkey barrel full of styling ideas and options (plus I can do that super cheesy but oh so dramatic Tyra Banks model-ish hair flip thing). I HATE that my luscious locks take me nearly an hour to comb through post-shower due to the massive amounts of snarls that are so kind in presenting themselves.

Spider-free bathrooms: I LOVE that the spider the size of a small baby who was living in my bathroom is no longer there. I HATE  that the spider the size of a small baby who used to be living in my bathroom is now in some other location in my house. Which I have yet to discover. EEK!

Mega-Stuffed Vanilla Oreo’s. I LOVE  that Oreo’s finally got it right with the creme-to-cookie ratio. I HATE  that I just ate the very last one and am now left cookieless. Oh the horror!megastuff-oreo-06

Hanson. I LOVE Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’ by my favorite all-time hottie, hunk-a-licious boyband (and sharer of last name) Hanson!!! I HATE that, well, I don’t really think I can think of anything to HATE about Hanson. They are amazing!

What are some of your current LOVE/HATE’s?


Isn’t Weird…

…how we all, feel a little bit weird…sometimes.

I think Hanson says it best (by the way, how cute are they?!)

“…When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin. So you don’t stand out. But you don’t fit in. Weird.”

I used to think that the word ‘weird’ had such a negative connotation to it; that being different, unique, and standing out from the crowd was not necessarily something to strive for as it was to avoid at all possible costs. Growing up, I wanted to use the same Lisa Frank trapper keepers as everybody else, wanted to wear the same Adidas snap away track pants to gym class like everybody else (who else rocked a pair of these back in the day?), wanted to eat the same nasty hot school lunch like everybody else (no matter what alienistic sludge they served, it was, like, SO dorky to bring your own lunch to school) and even listen to the same music as everybody else.

In eccence…I wanted to be like everybody else, right down to the same color of scrunchies and choice of after-school snack (Little Debby all the way!). I wanted so badly to ‘fit in’, to be accepted by my peers that I was afraid to be my own person, break out from the jello mold, step out of the box that I put myself in, and be proud of my uniqueness. Has anyone else ever felt this way?

A great deal of our youth is based on perception.

Perception of what others see in us (or what we think they see in us). Perception of we what we see in ourselves.

So much of what growing up involves is learning to become comfortable in our own skin, to realize that we don’t need to follow someone else’s path, but instead put on our handy-dandy construction hats and pave our own way. Can you imagine a world where everyone was exactly the same? Where no one thought for themselves, had their own opinions, their own quirks and faults and interests? ICK! How absotively posatutely BORING would that be?!

For a long time I thought that if anyone was to like me, I had to become what they ‘perceived’ I should be.

There it is again.


What I learned however is that the most important, and really the only, person’s perception that I should worry and care and focus on is that of myself. A little fact: People really actually like me for, well, me.

Whoda thunk, right?

And I’ve got breaking news Barbara Walters-style for you…people really actually like you for, well, you.

I know, right?! Crazy sauce!

It took a good while, and honestly sometimes I still find myself wanting to put myself back into that box of sameness, but whenever I feel the need to hide my weird card, I remember that I am so gosh darn proud to be me. I can rock abnormal like nobody’s business and I totally OWN my weirdness.

For example, here are just some of the things that make me insanely and awesomely weird…

  • Whenever I am listening to my i-Pod on my phone and receive a text message, I turn down the volume as to ‘hear’ what the person messaged me.
  • Speaking of my i-Pod, I am incapable of listening to any music and not NOT busting out in song, or often times, dance which can make for some interesting PDT: public displays of tunage.
  • I can never just eat one Skittle or M&M. I must have an even number of them so that I can divide and conquer them in my mouth, with one (or two or three) on each side. I can’t jip the left side of my mouth and let the right side get all the action after all! So weird, I know.
  • When I am walking on a sidewalk, without even consciously knowing it, I avoid stepping on the cracks. I think that that old homage to ‘breaking my mother’s back’ stuck with me more that I thought. And apparently, I like NOT wearing matching socks.
  • I can’t go to sleep without saying my prayers first. It’s my nightly talk with God that I really look forward to every night. It’s awful, but sometimes when I am super-duper tired, I start saying them, fall asleep and realize that I didn’t finish my convo with the big man upstairs after waking up the next morning. Let’s just say he’s got me penciled-in in the AM’s now too 😉
  •  I always ALWAYS have to have something sweet after getting my grub on (my purse has an emergency stash of chocolate for this very reason.)
  • If I am wearing a particular Brewer shirt during a game and they win, I don’t wash said shirt until the next loss. Which, if the luck of the unwashed shirt works, won’t be for a very, very long time.
  • I can belch so loud, I make the doorbell ring. I petitioned this to be an event in the next Olympics but was sadly shut down. I can’t imagine why?
  • I laugh. A lot. Sometimes this can involve snorts, falling off of chairs, and the spewing of milk from my nose and/or mouth. For any injury inquired from innocent bystanders, I am truly sorry.

And that was just the tip of my weird iceberg.

All of these things may not put me on the ‘It’ list in the next issue of People magazine, they may not make me millions of dollars or even make yours truly the most popular kid on the block, but you know what…

…all of these things make me, me.

Wonderfully and awesomely and weirdly me.

And that is something to be proud of.

“Isn’t it strange how we all feel a little bit weird Strange, how we all get a little bit… Strange, ’cause we’re all just a little bit weird sometimes.”

Question of the day: What are some of the things that make you awesomely weird?



Writer’s Block Party

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. My day was overall pretty fantabulous, if I do say so myself. I spent about five, count ’em FIVE hours working on my new venture. I have recently been inspired to check off #5 on that good ‘ol bucket list of mine. So much so in fact that I haven’t stopped working on this little diddy since I started late Friday night. I am obsessed. But totally in a good way.

What is this new venture, this new obsession that I speak of, you ask? Well….I am excited to announce that I have begun to write a book. That’s write, I mean right…sorry. I just had to throw in a bit of punny writing humor there 😉

I am soooo incredibly excited and have never been so enthralled in anything like this before. I mean, there was that one time when I was six and couldn’t tear myself away from my Littlest Pet Shop–Do you all remember those things? How cute and fun were they?! Needless to say, I was hooked. I have indeed had my bouts of where I would become totally smitten with things, spending oodles of time doing or listening to (I also should mention that time in middle school…and college…where all I would and could listen to was Hanson jams on repeat–but can you blame me? They pretty much are still the bees knees, for surely!) or playing with, only to finally move on to something else that spurred my fancy.

Writing is the one thing that I have never traded in; it has been that one thing that has never gone out of style in my book (sorry, I just had to throw in another one. In my opinion, you can never have too many puns, much to my best friend Chris’ dismay–I did that just for you, buddy). I have always been passionate about the written word, putting my thoughts and beliefs, my observations and feelings into words. Speaking is great, but I have always for some reason been able to express myself better through paper and pen, keyboard and computer.

You all know my slight addiction to all things books and I always, deep-down, deep-deep down, dreamed of one day having my very own creation on the shelves of a library or local Barnes N’ Nobles, one that someone would pick up on a whim but would end up reading in one sitting, too enthralled and involved in to stop. I am just slightly exaggerating on how good it might be. Goodness, I will be lucky if anyone besides my mom and dad will read it, and I say they will read it because, well, I will make them, whether they like it or not. Writing a book and having it get published would be amazing, a dream come true, but even if it never leaves the floppy disc of my HP,  if no body reads it, I still am going to do it.  Writing is and has always been something I did for myself, a way to release my thoughts and express what I couldn’t say, what I was most often than not, brave enough to say.

This blog has been an amazing tool for me to exercise my writing noggin and has given me a voice that I might not have otherwise found; I am so very grateful and happy that you all have stuck with me through it all (I know I can tend to get a little long-winded at times and might not make a lot of sense–sometimes I just get so gosh darn excited about what I am writing about that it all comes out in a muddled mush of words and sentences). In fact, a big reason why I decided to finally do this thang, to finally take a chance and to put myself out there, scary as it might be, was because of all of you. I never really thought of myself as a stellar writer, more just as someone who enjoyed doing it and who at times, did some pretty alright work. I didn’t think I was any better than anyone else out there who writes, and I still don’t. I do however believe now that maybe I do have a certain gift, a gift of word and insight. Maybe this thing is more that what I had thought. You don’t know how much all of your sweet and oh so kind comments have meant to me. I never before now have given myself any real credit, but you all have shown me that maybe this is a gift that the big guy upstairs has given me. The least I can do is use it, right?

So that’s what I am a doin’. I am going to write this book. I am going to write and write and write until I can write no mo. Not only has this experience been so much fun and relaxing so far,  but it has also been very healing. You see, I am writing an inspirational book about my recovery. But in true Wendi fashion, of course it is going to have a sort of humorous take on the whole thing. You know me–I have a hard time not turning something negative into something positive –and that is what this eating disorder has been, really. In all of the clouds and darkness, through all of the pain and struggle that is has caused me, I have grown to be a stronger and better person because of it. If I can get through this and come out the other side with a smile and skip to my step, than nothing can stop me from reaching my goals and dreams–and that goes for everyone out there reading this!

I have to admit, pouring out my heart, my deepest feelings and emotions, my experiences both good and bad, is kind of scary. It’s a lot like that dream you have when you are at school and realize you are completely and utterly buck naked, sporting your birthday suit for all to see. Being so open and honest like that is in a sense, being naked, vulnerable. But if my story can in any way shed light on what this disease is, how it is incredibly hard to beat but NOT impossible. In fact, I know from the tippy top of my head to the bottom of my uber larger feet (and you know what they say about girls with big feet–yeah, I don’t either) that it is possible. If I can help someone out there like me who is going through the same thing I am and is wondering if there is any hope, any hope at all to get better and break free of ED’s viler than the Wicked Witch of the West’s hands, than writing this book, overcoming any fear or trepidation that I have or will face, will be absotively-posatutely 110% worth it. Helping to heal others is a huge reason why I have decided to write this book, but healing myself is numero uno. Never did I think that writing a book, going back and reliving my past, the good and bad, collecting the pieces of the puzzle would be so eye-opening and incredibly encouraging.  I know now more than ever, how much ED has taken from me, how much I have lost and how much I have sacrificed. I also know how much I have to gain, how much I have to live for and how strong I am for coming so far.

As R.D Cumming once said, “A good book has no ending. A great book allows you to make your own ending.”

Both in my recovery and in my book, I am choosing to be great. I am choosing to write my own ending. And I can’t wait to see what that is. But whatever it turns out to be, I know it will be amazing!

Have a great night my dears and an even better tomorrow.

Remember. You have got the power to write your own ending. So write!


Friday Funnies: I be Boppin’ some MmmHop

Happy Friday everybody! I hope you all are having a most fantabulous second day of December!

To start the weekend off with a smile and a chuckle, it is time once again for another addition of Friday Funnies.

I was just 10 when a new boy band first hit the scene (14 years ago!? Gosh am I getting old). They were young, they were oh so cute, and boy could they sing. Issac, Taylor and Zach, also known as the Hanson brothers, had girls all over the world, including yours truly, crooning over, going ga-ga (years before there was an actual lady named Ga-Ga to go ga-ga over) and crazily hanging posters above their beds. To put it into today’s terms, they were basically the Bieber of my generation, without the exceedingly high annoying factor that the Bieb has today. Their first single ‘Mmmbop’ was a smash hit, a cult favorite, and was soon followed up by a plethora of other heart-swooning, catchy and very addicting tunes.

Seriously! How cute WERE they?!

During Hanson’s popularity peak, I was a freckle faced, gangly and awkward fifth grader whose interests included, among others, playing basketball, chasing boys around the playground to steal their Warheads (Best candy ever, right? Do they even still make them anymore?), pouring through piles of Goosebump books and of course, listening to my brand spanking new Hanson CD on my brand spanking new Sony Walkman. Yeah, I was that cool. But I wasn’t the only person who was walking around singing to myself songs like ‘Where’s the Love, Yearbook’, ‘Man From Milwaukee’ and ‘I will Come to You’. Oh no…almost every girl (and some boys I knew (who shall remain nameless due to strict confidentiality agreements made over a solid pinky swear arrangement made years and years ago) within spitting distance were doing the exact same thing. It seemed that everyone had jumped on the Hanson bandwagon (haha bandwagon…get it? Because they’re a band…ok that was lame, I know).

As a smart and somewhat cocky girl that I was back then, I had the ingenious idea to convince everyone that yes, I in fact was related to the boy band wonders themselves. I casually slipped it into conversation one day at the lunch table over chocolate milk and tator tots. I couldn’t believe it but everyone actually fell for it. Upon the words, “Oh yeah, Zach, Taylor and Issac are my cousins…” leaving my mouth, I became the most popular girl, err, person in the whole fifth grade, the whole school. My closest friends of course were in on the secret prank I was pulling but everyone else was completely fooled. They hit me with hard-hitting journalistic questions about the guys, really serious stuff like “What their favorite type of cereal was”, “Boxers or briefs?” and of course, “Were they single?”.  They also asked if I could score them some autographs which I said I totally could do (I practiced scrawling my official Hanson brothers signatures in between spelling and math class and became quite good at it). This went on for a good while, or at least until Hanson was ushered out by new obsessions like one Miss Britney Spears and another little band called N’Sync…you might have heard of them. I never told my classmates the truth but they never seemed to mind or care. Once Hanson was put on the back-burner, they kind of forgot about the whole thing which was fine by me. The funny thing was, my name isn’t even spelled the same way; I am a Hansen, they are Hansons. It just goes to show how intuitive to details we were back then.

Seriously! How cute ARE they?!

Even though Hanson aren’t as popular now as they were back in 1997, I am still a big, HUGE in fact, fan of the group. They may all be married and have Mmmbopping kids of their own now but they still are and forever will be the fresh-faced and long-haired teeny boppers I grew to love and jam to (I still randomly bust into one of their many crazy good songs that have a permanent home in my music library from time to time). The fact that I am still such a big fan of Hanson made what I am about to share with you all the more exciting…

Apparently, Hanson are not only talented in the music arena but they are now dabbling in the beverage business. That’s right…Zach, Taylor and Issac have recently launched their own brand of beer, shamelessly (but quite ingeniously in my opinion) called “MmmHop”. The tasty beverage which is named after their hit single MmmBop that topped the Billboard charts way back is going to be an Indian pale ale  and will be available for purchase in stores and online as early as the beginning of next year. ow cool is that?! I will now be able to MmmBop while MmmHopping!

I wonder if I tell the manufacturer of the drink that I am ‘related’ to the makers of MmmHop, I will be able to score some free samples? It’s worth a shot, right?

Hope you all have a great rest of your Friday 🙂

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