My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Ugh. Dating is….

…all of the worst, isn’t it? I mean, the amount of energy and effort that is takes today kinda makes a girl realize that maybe, just maybe, her single lifestyle isn’t so bad.

Okay. So it can be fun and exciting and will give you those amazing butterfly feelings in the pit of your stomach, but dating is also exhausting. Just so very mentally and physically and emotionally draining. Being single on the other hand? Yeahhh not so much.

Here are just 15 reasons why dating is soooo 2014:

1. The rolodex of first-date questions are all the same.

Am I having deja vu, or have I asked these questions far too many times? Where are you from? Where’d you go to school? Do you have any siblings? What do you like to do for funnsies? That’s it. The next time I go on a date I’m pulling out the tough-hitting questions. Like, “What are your thoughts on existentialism?” and “Oreos or Chips-A-Hoy?”


2. It usually takes way too many dates with a person until you feel truly comfortable around them.

Is the third date too soon to let him hear my insanely awkward man laugh snort? How long until you think it will be okay for me to burp in front of him [accidentally of course because I’m a lady HAHAHAHA]? My guess is way longer than I’m willing to hide any of my absurdly embarrassing behaviors.

3. You’re constantly trying to say all of the right things.

They key is to be yourself, everyone knows that. But that’s easier said than done, my friends. Just remember, there’s not a necessarily wrong or right thing to say, there’s just what comes out of your mouth (and how it comes out of your mouth), and the way he chooses to respond. “So….uhhh…umm…yeah….do you…ahhh…is there a…can we….HIPPO!!”

4. Picking out what to wear is quite the process.

Is this skirt too short? Oh God, he will never look me in the eyes in this top. Are jeans too casual? Wow, for a closet full of clothes, I have absolutely NOTHING to wear.


5. And don’t even get me started on the hair.

I think I’m just going to wear my hair au natural. Beachy waves are in, right? I can almost hear my frizzy curls answer back to me…Ugh! Where is my straightener? And hair spray?!

6. Or shoes.

The one night you decide to rock those 6 inch pumps is the one night you’re set up with the guy two inches shorter than you…in flats. Either that, or he takes you hiking or mini golfing and your feet look like they’ve been through WWIII by the end of the night.

7. What do you drink?

If I order tequila, will he think I’m nuts? Damn, this dress is way too tight for beer. Whiskey says I can hang with the boys. “Yeah, I’ll have a Jack and Coke.” *Sip* Ew. No. I hate whiskey.

8. Or eat?!

Salad is the healthy option, but eating lettuce gracefully is like competing The American Ninja Warrior Challenge. Mmm that burger sounds amazing, but I’ll probably end up having some type of condiment smeared on my face, and he’ll be too nice to point it out, so I’ll spend the next three-four hours with a mustard mustache. Do fries count as dinner?


9. You try to prepare answers to said same questions ahead of time.

You know exactly what he’s going to ask you (*see #1 above), and you try to think about your answers before he does. Favorite movie: that’s entirely too difficult. Favorite movie: that’s even more difficult! Not even preparing ahead of time will save you.

10. But you never know what to talk about when you’re done asking questions.


11. And you end up forgetting half of the things he tells you because you’re really, REALLY attracted to him.

While he’s telling you all about his job, all you can think about is how cute his smile is. OMG is that a dimple?! He’s adorable! “Oh, so what were you saying about sales?”

12. You just hate talking about yourself this much.

Your date obviously wants to get to know you, but even you are tired of hearing your life story. “But enough about me, tell me about yourself.” He probably feels the exact same way. Now what?

13. Saying goodbye is always so awkward.

Is he going to try and kiss me? Is it weird to shake his hand? The handshake is totally weird. Oh, phew, he’s going in for a hug. Wait, is this just a hug? Is he turning his head? This. Is. So. Awkward.


14. And then you wait.

So the date went well. You think. And he said “We should definitely do this again sometime!” And you definitely think he meant it. Now the question is, do you wait for him to text you? Or do you text him?! And if you do decide to take charge and be the first one to reach out, how long do you wait? An hour? A day? A week? This is too much. TOO MUCH!!

15. But then you get that text/call that changes everything.

“Hey! I had a great time the other night. You want to meet up for dinner Friday night?” AHHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE DATING!!!!!


To my dearest cilantro,

I am writing to tell you that we really have to stop seeing each other. I tried, I really did, but it seems as though this relationship is just not working out. You may think I am a coward for simply leaving you this letter and not addressing the issue with you face to face, but this is the only way. Not only because of the fact you physically do not have a face, but because I know that the minute you are before me, mixed in a giant vat of guacamole or salsa, I will lose all inhibition, forgetting that you tend to make me sick to my stomach, and consume you, all of you (most likely standing in the light of my refrigerator door at midnight while I wonder what’s become of my life). Well guess what, cilantro? It’s high time I take back the power. Believe me when I write these words: We are SOOOO OVER!

Please don’t act like you are surprised – surely you must know how unhealthy our relationship is. WE ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, CILANTRO. I am made up of 60% water and 40% organs and 10% intelligence; you are 50% nasty green plant and 50% water, which makes you 100% FULL OF SHIT.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m coming off a bit harsh cilantro, but someone had to tell you.

When we first met you assured me, you PROMISED ME you were refreshing and herby with just a hint of spice. And you know what makes me just sick to the stomach (besides the fact that you taste like bugs)– you were right. Nothing compares to you. (Note to self: add Sinead O’Connor to break up playlist). But you are a LIAR. I was played for a fool thinking that you were good for me, that maybe, just MAYBE you weren’t too good to be true. That’s when I realized that even smelling you caused me to throw up in my mouth a little bit. But that’s not all. Oh no, it gets worse.

I was visiting my aunt the other day, I opened her pantry and THERE YOU WERE. WHAT WERE YOU DOING THERE CILANTRO??? WHY DID YOU FEEL THE NEED TO HIDE IN THE PANTRY??? I wish I could say that was the first time I had caught you, but I have seen you at my parent’s, my friend’s apartments, in restaurants – IT’S LIKE YOU ARE SOME SORT OF CONSUMABLE PRODUCT PRODUCED IN BULK AND SOLD FOR A PROFIT AT EVERY LOCAL GROCERY STORE.


My mother warned me about you. She tried to keep me away. If only I knew then what I know now. Whenever I tried to bring you home (lord knows how hard I tried, Cilantro) she would send you away, saying awful things about you. “Cilanto is no good for you” she would say. “Don’t you dare be bringing that crap into my house,” she would say. “Who would want to put that stuff on their tacos anyway, it sounds crazy,” she would say. She was right – you are crazy. But so am I (I’m writing a break up letter to a side dish/topping, let’s be real here). Having you on tacos felt so wrong, but so RIGHT.

I want you to know that it really is me, not you. I blame my genes, the genes that somehow make you taste like a soapy hot mess. I guess then in a sense, my mother really was right. But aren’t they always. Sorry mom.

I better end this now before I change my mind. SO LONG, CILANTRO. This is goodbye. I wish things could have worked out, I really do, but I have hopes and dreams and all you’ve ever done is hold me back. I’ll spread my wings and I’ll learn how to fly (note to self: add Kelly Clarkson to break up playlist), I don’t need a spread to make me happy (add Pussy Cat Dolls), oh and while I have this opportunity – Taylor Swift if you would like to write a song about all of this, I’m willing to collaborate. Call me.

Thyme and rosemary, if you are reading this, DO NOT TRY AND CALL ME. No thank you.

With love from your cilantrophobic friend,



Confession guys: I don’t drink. Much.

I’m 28 years old and can safely and confidently say that I have never been drunk (ice cream-wasted aside). In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I finished a full glass of beer, wine or other alcoholic bevy. When I turned 21, I went out with friends to celebrate this milestone birthday initiating me into this unofficial official drinking club. I ordered a bright pink strawberry margarita which came in a fun sugar-rimmed glass. I requested it to be made with the least amount of alcohol that they could do, and I still could only put back about half of it before giving up and retreating to my [alcohol-free] lemonade. I still had an amazing birthday, I just wasn’t SHOT!SHOT!SHOT!ing it up (and I could actually remember what happened the next day. Bonus.)

Most of the time when I go out, roughly 99.9%, I prefer to satisfy my thirst with ice cold water, shaken, not stirred. It’s not that I have anything against drinking, or those who drink. Not at all! Like I said, I do drink. Sometimes. Okay, so it has to taste like a milkshake, come in a super cute glass, be adorned with maraschino cherries and whipped cream, and have a name that contains the name of a color of the rainbow or a flavor of cake. But I technically do partake, generally during lunar eclipses. Or every seven years. Which ever comes first.

It’s all those times in between that seem to cause issues for people.

Take for instance this past weekend. On Saturday night my sister, some friends and I decided to get dressed up and grab dinner downtown. When the waiter came to take our drink order, everyone looked at me like I had suddenly sprouted a second head when I got a diet-Coke. Just a diet-Coke. It only got worse when we decided to hit up a few bars afterwards. Going to a bar when you don’t drink [much] is a lot like going to a bookstore when the last thing you’ve read, the only thing you prefer to read, was and is the back of your cereal box. Of course you can have an awesome time, but it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. When asked if I wanted a drink, and “Aren’t you thirsty?” I simply shrugged and said, “Nope. I’m good. But thanks!” Then I dragged my awkward self out onto the dance floor and busted a very sober move.

As a [mostly] non-drinker, I’ve noticed that there is somewhat of a stigma that comes when you [mostly] don’t drink.

First and foremost, some people who drink are convinced that, because I’m not drinking, I’m judging them.

This is particularly so when at a major sporting event, which is ironic because what I am actually judging is the fact that they decided to put ketchup on their hot dog instead of mustard.

Seriously, I love you just the way you are and I admire your joie de vivre. As long as I have the car keys, everything’s Hakuna Matata.

They also think I’m missing all the fun, which I am totally not. I’m having all of the fun! I just don’t end up having a raging headache the next morning.

And, for some reason, they always want to know the reason I don’t drink. Why? They don’t take a survey when I say I don’t eat lima beans — even though it should be obvious because lima beans.

The truth is, there are many reasons why I choose not to drink [much].

First of all, I just don’t like the taste of alcohol (hence the overly-milkshaked, fruity and sugar-coma-yness). I’ve heard that it’s an acquired taste, and that over time, you will grow to like, even love, it. I’m not sold on that idea. I mean, have you seen the faces people make right after they take a shot? Like they just smelled a dirty gym sock. Or took a swig of milk before realizing it was two weeks past its expiration date.

Second of all, it’s really not all that good for you. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have those calories in the form of a cupcake. Or ice cream. Or cupcake-flavored ice cream.

Thirdly, alcohol is expensive. When we went out last weekend, my friends ended up spending close to $50 just on drinks. $50!!! Just think of how many books I could buy with that kind of money. I’ll tell you. A lot. A lot of books.

Lastly, alcohol, when taken in access, has this funny way of taking over your emotions, your physical abilities and thought processes. I like knowing that I’m in control. I prefer to know what is going on around me. Plus, I have a feeling that if I were a drinker, I would be the lightest of the light weights. I’d start reenacting scenes from Harry Potter and telling the best worst dad jokes. Okay, so I definitely do those things on the regular sans alcohol. Can you imagine how I would get with a few beers in my system?!

Being someone who doesn’t drink [much], I’ve learned that while it’s totally okay to enjoy having a drink or two, it’s also okay not to. Don’t feel like you should drink just because everyone else is doing it, and if they start to pressure you into it, shut that down pronto. You do you.

And if that means sticking with beer, heavy on the root, instead of the real deal, that that’s perfectly alright. If that means not going out every weekend to whoop it up at the club but instead staying in with a pizza and a full Netflix queue, awesome!

Just because you don’t drink [much] doesn’t mean your life is any less fun, any less memorable or amazing. The way I see it, as long as you’re doing what’s right for you, what you enjoy, than you should keep doing that.

I will say in defense of alcohol that Coke-pong just isn’t quite the same.

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Friday Faves

Well hey there, guys! Guess what?

IT’S FRI-YAY!!! I mean Friday.

It’s been another busy (and exciting) one over here this past week. On Tuesday I got to sit on a panel of other instructors and deans to judge the 2015 Westwood Scholarship. It was so great to see the hard work that these students put in, the dedication and drive that was so overtly apparent in each and every entry. It was hard to pick a favorite and I am looking forward to seeing who wins. If that wasn’t enough excitement for one week on Wednesday I, along with most of our student body and faculty, spent most of the afternoon down in our campus’ basement due to tornado warnings. Good times, good times. Thankfully no one was hurt or major damage was done, however if I’m being honest, I was definitely more than a little scared. Okay. A lot. I was a lot scared.

Did I mention that I’m deathly afraid of anything tornadic-related?

Good gravy.

It was a good thing I wasn’t blown away Dorothy-style because this weekend is shaping up to be another goody. Tonight the sis and I are kicking off the weekend right by heading downtown to see one of my friend’s band play. Good music, tasty drinks and some pretty awful dancing does a great Friday night make! On Saturday I’m hoping to squeeze in some pool time, possibly hitting up the South Platte River Fest and then on Sunday, we’ve got our second softball game of the season.


Now THAT is what I call a weekend, my friends!

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you do, that you have a wonderful weekend! But in the meantime, please enjoy my favorite finds from around the web and beyond in this week’s Friday Faves!

Favorite YESSSSS!!! Today we got to watch history happen. In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. I think POTUS put it best when he said, “”Those countless, often anonymous heroes–they deserve our thanks. They should be very proud. America should be very proud.” Love wins. Always.


Favorite Surprise: When I walked into the library this morning, I found a beautiful pink carnation sitting on my keyboard. To the very sweet mystery person who left this for me, thank you! What a wonderful way to kick off my Friday! (and it’s kind of perfect timing because I definitely forgot to put on the deodorant this morning!)


Favorite Memory Maker: This past weekend one of my besties came to visit and I’m not even joking when I say that it was probably one of the best weekends ever. Top five for sure! From climbing an ‘F’ing mountain and Brewer gaming (and meeting my future husband Jimmy Nelson!!!!) it up, to meeting great friends and getting down and dirty on the softball field, it was just. so. great! My face still hurts from smiling and laughing so much (not a bad ailment to have for sure)!




Favorite bite: Cinnamon French Toast Bites. Be still my miniature-food-loving heart! How adorable!! Cinnamon-Sugar-French-Toast-Bites-2

Favorite Page-Turner: I had been on my library’s waiting list for this book for weeks (which in my world translates to forever) so I finally decided to just go out and buy it. And ohmygoodnessamigladidid! I was a huge fan of Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies so I knew that her follow-up book, The Husband’s Secret would be just as good, if not more. And boy was it! Let’s just say that if you start reading it, plan on canceling all and any plans for the next four hours. You will not be able to put it down!


Favorite Funny: Pretty sure I laughed until I cried peed. “I’m like regular Mike. Except Magic.” Dead. Jimmy Fallon, you did it again.

Favorite travel: Havasu Falls, AZ. This picture is equal parts barf-inducing (don’t look down!) and exhilarating. Havasu Falls inside the Grand Canyon has been on my must-see list for a few years now, and this is by far the coolest view I’ve seen of it.


Favorite treat: Healthy Greek Yogurt Chocolate Fudge Pops. Oh man, when I was little those Jello Chocolate Pudding Pops were ma JAM. Can’t even imagine how delicious these must be and bonus that they’re made with Greek Yogurt. Must have for the summer!


Favorite fashion. Super cute little summer outfit. Love the coral with the black chevron pattern.


Favorite photo. I am all about the burgers lately! The photo of this Aussie Burger with the Lot stopped me dead in my tracks. I mean come. on.


Favorite furball. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of the same this weekend.



Let’s face it, guys.

I’m probably the coolest uncool person in the history of ever. The fact that I just used the phrase “history of ever” only exemplifies that point. Over the years I have come to accept and love my weirdness, my uniqueness, my utter lack of anything and everything cool, however I didn’t always feel that way. I don’t know about you, but my middle and high school years were chock-full of awkward. There was also this sense of pressure to fit in, to be accepted, to feel included.  I spent so much time and energy trying to fit into this ideal, this image of what I was supposed to be in order to be “cool”. It was exhausting. Not only that, but I slowly lost who I really was. I listened to the ‘it’ music–because that’s what everyone was listening to, I wore the ‘in’ clothes–because you wouldn’t dare come to school dressed in anything but head-to-toe AbercromHollisterEagle, and I laughed at all the wrong jokes.

It’s not unusual to feel pressure to conform to what society (or your peers) deems “cool”. Everyone wants to feel like they are a part of something, to feel included and liked. And don’t think that just because the hallways of high school are long behind us that this need to fit in suddenly disappears. Everyday we are constantly bombarded with messages, telling us what we should wear, how we should eat, the cars we should drive, even the kinds of toilet paper we should use.

This noise can be overwhelming, and it can be hard to ignore sometimes for sure, but I think that one of the coolest things you can do, the epitome of cool, is being who you are, listening to your own voice, and rocking your uniqueness, your weirdness. Life is way too short to not be who you are, to hide your passions, your talents, your true you.

Here are just some of the things that are more important than being “cool”:

1. Falling head-over-heels-collision-with-the-ground in love with someone.

2. Being vulnerable, even if it’s terrifying and makes your stomach do somersaults.

3. Choosing that bag of *Doritos over that bag of kale chips. *When deciding between kale chips and literally anything else, choose anything else. Always.

4. Busting a move and ugly dancing in the middle of the room, even when no one else is.

5. Choosing to stay in on a Friday/Saturday night to read your favorite book instead. Again.

6. Wearing that 80’s hair band t-shirt because you actually like the band, not just because it’s ironic.

7. Cheering for that baseball/football/hockey/basketball team because you actually like them, not just because everyone else is/does.

8. Volunteering your time to something bigger than you.

9. Apologizing to people you have hurt.

10. Forgiving those who have hurt you.

11. Having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie marathon.

12. Being ‘Don’t Give A Flying Fudgcicle’ about what anyone thinks about you.

13. Giving every single ‘Flying Fudgcicle’ known to mankind.

14.Learning all the words to Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

15. Disconnecting from the interwebs/smart phones/social media every so often.

16. Wearing what makes you happy, comfortable, and confident.

17. Attempting to understand the perspectives of people whose values, beliefs and opinions are different than yours.

18. Respecting the values, beliefs and opinions that are different than yours, but not being afraid to standup for what you believe in.

19. Dad jokes. Just all of the dad jokes.

20. Puns. Just all of the puns.

21. Going on an adventure with no real plan.

22. Trusting again after losing faith in someone or something.

23. Going to a movie theater by yourself.

24. Going to dinner by yourself.

25. Approaching life with a sense of humor.

26. And a sense of wonder, excitement, and hope.

27. Liking stereotypically “cool” things.

28. Liking stereotypically “uncool” things.

29. Liking whatever the hell makes you happy.

30. Being unapologetically yourself.

I may be the coolest uncool person in the history of ever, but you know what?

That’s pretty damn cool.

I think it was my favorite doctor who said it best:


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If there’s one thing I love more than books (and baseball. And men in baseball pants. And ice cream. And good hair days), it’s crafting. There’s just something about glue, paper mache, stickers, a great idea, and an endless supply of creativity that gets me excited. Like, really excited! You can imagine then my level of embarrassing delight when I discovered the next best thing since sliced cheese: bookish crafts!


I’m a little obsessed with buying books guys, I’m not gonna lie. New books, old books. Paperback or hardcover. I want, need, gotta have them all. It used to be that I had too many books and not enough bookshelves, but now it’s gotten to the point where I have too many bookshelves and not enough apartment. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Of course there are the books that I will have forever, rerererereading them on the regular (Harry Potter, here’s looking at you kid), but then there are others that while I enjoyed, I sadly haven’t touched in years. They sit on a shelf or in a box, collecting dust and taking up space. These are the ones that would make the perfect canvas for an awesomely awesome book craft. Now there are some literary purists who couldn’t and wouldn’t dream of deconstructing a page-turner of any sort in the name of DIY, however I think that if you can find a way to still enjoy the books you’ve accumulated over the years in a very uniquely awesome way, go for it!

Here are just 10 ways to creatively reuse your books!

1. Do you have a wall in your house/apartment that needs a little love? Cover it in pages from one of your favorite books! No, seriously. How cool is this? It adds a bit of flair while at the same time providing your guests with ready-to-read reading material.


2. Take those old hardcover books that are falling apart and turn them into a colorful headboard! It’s super easy to do and will give your bedroom an instant POP of color and literary inspiration!


3. This book purse would be the perfect accessory to carry all of life’s essentials: keys, chapstick, wallet, chocolate and of course…your book(s) du jour.


4. If you’re feeling particularly crafty and want to create a unique lighting display, convert your old books into a lamp. Find out how to do this yourself here!


5. A bookshelf made out of books? It may be a bit like book-inception, but it’s also the coolest thing ever! I’m always looking for ways to stack, display, and organize my books and this floating bookshelf may just be the thing!


6. What time is it? Time to dig into a fantastic book! No need to worry about running late ever again with this adorable bookish clock. Creating one is as simple as marking the center of the book, drilling a hole, and attaching the clock. Done and done.


7. Another great way to use old book spines that have seen better days is to turn them into bookmarks. Stop dog-earring your pages now with these super cute page-savers. They also make for excellent gifts (although if you’re like me, you will want to keep them all for yourself!)


8. Similar to creating your own wall paper with pages from dictionaries or your favorite books, you can do the same thing with your coffee or end tables. Add a touch of pizzazz and personality with these funky décor pieces, making them the focal point of any room!


9. You can buy literary art like this at dozens of shops on Etsy, but who would want to do that when you can take 5 minutes and make it at home yourself. By using pages of books as printer paper you can easily print any design, image, or quote as a silhouette, creating your own unique handmade literary art. Love!


10. Combining new technology with old classics you can create this awesome DIY iPhone dock by picking out your favorites and using them as the base for your  homemade phone charger. See the directions and how to do this yourself here!


With a little creativity, some craft supplies and a few dusty books, you too can design your very own amazingly beautiful and bibliocentric home!

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some serious crafting to do!

Right after I unstick my fingers from each other. Super Glue is no joke, guys.

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There are only a few things that are slightly more terrifying than diving head first into a new relationship, like realizing you’ve run out of Oreos or finding a nest of giant spiders under your bed–both of which happened to me last week and I’m still having nightmares, mostly about the Oreo situation.

But there’s also few things as exciting as starting a whole new adventure with someone you really, really like (such as going to the Magical World of Harry Potter for the first time or finding out the third season of New Girl is on Netflix). Being scared and excited for a brand new relationship isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary thing by any means; I think that everyone has these feelings at some point.

New relationships are kind of like a new pair of shoes. The first few weeks after you make the big purchase on those beautiful sling backs or super cool running shoes, you are all about those new shoes, wearing then with anything and everything that’s in your closet. You are also very careful anytime you are wearing or are around your new shoes; you don’t want to make a wrong move or take the wrong step [into dog poo] for fear of getting them dirty or damaged.

The same goes for relationships.

Whether it’s a promising first date or three weeks down the line, the chances of those oh-my-gosh-what-if-I-do-something-to-royally-embarrass-myself feelings are very real. You’re going to constantly be nervous: trying not to burp [too loud] in front of them, specifically not eating BBQ ribs around in front of them (there is NO cute way to eat ribs), and always worrying about how many ‘dad jokes’ are too many (trick question: you can never tell too many ‘dad jokes’). There is a subconscious fear that you will say or do something that will make the other person think differently of you, change their minds about you, wonder why they had ‘swiped right’ in the first place. As it turns out, those feelings are completely warranted. According to article by Lisa Daily called “Dating Averages: What’s Your Normal?”, the most common time for break-ups is between three to five months. For the first part of your relationship, being dumped is like the very large pink elephant in the room, the awkward third wheel who keeps eating you and your dates’ fries.

On the flip side this however, is the incredibly amazing feeling you get when you first start a new relationship. It’s more exciting that Christmas morning. More exhilarating than going down that roller-coaster with your hands up in the air. More thrilling than finding out that shirt you were coveting drooling over for so long finally went on sale. Those permanent butterflies will never get annoying, the feeling of their hand in yours will always make you smile and the way they look at you will continuously make you melt. Everyday with them is the beginning of some new, thrill-seeking ride. The mystery, the intrigue, the newness of it all is enthralling; you aren’t yet in a routine and you aren’t so in-sync yet that you’ll know what they’ll do or say next–it’s the unknown! And it’s so very exciting!

I’m not saying that taking the plunge isn’t easy by any means. Not knowing what’s going to happen, what the outcome will be, if he/she will reciprocate our feelings for us? That can be scary. Really. really. scary. But that fear of losing a relationship shouldn’t ever deter you away from trying, from leaping into what could be a beautiful thing. As Babe Ruth taught us: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Putting yourself out there and opening up your heart is always a gamble, a risk, but in my opinion, it’s a risk worth taking. It could be one of the greatest things in your life, or it may not work out. But either way, you’re learning, you’re growing.

Nerves are normal, expected even.

In fact, I think it’s in a way crucial that you have those butterflies, those palm sweats, those oh-my-gosh-what-if-I-do-something-to-royally-embarrass-myself feelings about a person. It means you like them, you’re invested in them, you care enough about them to butterfly, sweat, oh-my-gosh yourself.

So get out there! Put on that new pair of shoes, take a deep breath, and jump!

You never know what you might find waiting for you on the other side.

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