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The Sandersons really are my soul sisters from another mister. Not only are Winifred, Mary and Sarah spunky, fashion forward and down right bewitching (anyone that can ride around on a broomstick and still maintain perfect hair is a hero in my book) , but they really have nailed what it’s like to be a young adulting 20-something and single-ladying it.

Here are just some of the times the Sanderson sisters perfectly summed up being a single gal in her 20’s:

  • When you catch that super cute office co-worker smiling at you from over your cubicle wall.


  • When you go to your favorite coffee shop and that hot barista with the ridiculously amazing mony tail is taking your chocolate-frappe-shaken-not-stirred-caramel-pumpkin-spice-everything-mochiato-with-extra-whipped-cream order.


  • When you wake up the next morning after the world’s worst date and you feel single AF.


  • When you’re about to unmatch with someone on Tinder but then they turn around and surprise you with something witty to say, most likely involving or related to Harry Potter in some way.


  • When you reluctantly (very reluctantly) agree to go on a blind date with your boss’s wife’s third cousin’s son.


  • When someone tries a lame pickup line at a bar (“Want to go back to my place and check out my Dewey Decimal system? Really? Seriously?” and you’re having none of it. NONE.


  • When your friends are unsure about that date you have with your boss’s wife’s third cousin’s son (turns out he is hawwwt!) but he looks like Chris Hemsworth so you go on a second date anyway.


  • When you try to reach out to the person you ghosted on a few weeks ago.


  • When you are trying to pump yourself up for a big date night.


  • When your besties are in fact, the worst wingwomen in the history of ever.


  • When you take an Uber home from a night out but you’re a littttttle too drunk to handle it.


  • When you run into your ex and their new GF.


  • When you get super dupes excited about someone you just started seeing and your friends try in vain to pump the brakes and ground you a little.


  • When you have to unfortunately (but fortunate for you) break the news to your date that there won’t be a second mini golf and fro-yo outing. *Although you seriously considered it just for the min golf and fro-yo because, well, MINI GOLF AND FRO-YO!


  • When you and your best friends wake up after a night out and don’t really remember how you got home or why you’re missing a shoe.


  • When yet another high school/college friend gets engaged.


  • When McSteamy walks into a bar and you and your friends all want a chance with them.


  • When you finally, FINALLY meet someone and they’re nice? And funny?? And charming and sweet and gorgeous as ever???? WITCHCRAFT.


Thoughts on a Thursday

Hey friends! Happy Friday-eve (and first day of October)!

Wait. Hold the phone and shut the front door.

IT’S ALREADY OCTOBER?! Wasn’t it just the beginning of June? I swear 2015 has flown by. Like, Harry Potter on his Nimbus 3000 fast. To my parents and grandparents who always warned me that as I got older, the years would just go by faster and faster (and my young and very naïve self never believed them, naturally), you were right. But have no fear! I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid plan to combat this super-sonic passing of time: I’m just going to stop aging, remain 28 forever. I’ll let you know how that works out.

But that’s not the only thing that I’ve been mulling around in the ‘ol noggin lately….

  1. This morning when I was at Starbucks getting some much needed caffeine and grub, I overheard a dude tell his dude bud that he didn’t like seeing women eat. Oh, I definitely understand, bro! I get totally grossed out when men sleep. Or breathe. Like, WHAATTTT?!!? As I walked past him, I tried to give him my best scone-stuffed face, evil side eye glare.
  2. My mom is the best at sending me pictures of my pup Thunder who is staying with both her and my dad until they come out here with him this Christmas. I got this gem from her two nights ago. Obvies they don’t spoil him at all. :)
"Okay, guys. I'm all tucked in and ready for my bedtime story. I'm feeling 'Goodnight Moon with a James Earl Jones voiceover tonight."

“Okay, guys. I’m all tucked in and ready for my bedtime story. I’m feeling ‘Goodnight Moon with a James Earl Jones voiceover tonight.”

3. Is there a limitation on when your fingers stop growing? I swear my digits have sprouted out at least an inch within the past couple of months. And you know what they say about girls with big fingers…they need big gloves.

4. I was guilt tripped into buying two tickets to a Horse Capades show in Denver in three weeks by a co-worker’s daughter yesterday. I have no idea what Horse Capades are, nor do I plan on going. But she was just so sweet and she brought up how much she loved Harry Potter and I couldn’t say no. If this was a preview for what it’s going to be like when I have little kiddos of my own, I’m in trouble.

5. Since it’s officially October, I’m not ashamed to admit that I will be watching Hocus Pocus on the repeat, all day, errr day. *Does anyone know yet if the rumors of a sequel are for realsies? Quit playing games with my heart, Bette.

6. Since it’s officially October (or a day ending in ‘y’), I’m also not ashamed to admit that I polished off a whole bag of Candy Corn within two days. And to all of you Candy Corn haters out there, a couple of things: YOU are crazy pants and can you send all of your CC to yours truly pleaseandthankyou.


7. I’ve got jury duty for the first time next Monday and I’m equal parts excited and annoyed. Excited because I get to live out my Olivia Benson fan-girl dreams (and they’re providing us with free lunch–I am ALL about that free food, much chagrin to Mr. Starbucks dude) and annoyed because if I do get called for a case, it could last for weeks (and I’ve got a wedding that weekend that I’m not missing! You hear me, Judge Judy. Not. Missing!)

8. Speaking of the wedding, it’s only a week and two days until I get to see one of my bestest friends marry her bestest friend and I am SOOOOOO excited! To share and be a part of her special day is such an honor (not to mention there will be cake! And dancing. And cake! And drinks. And cake! And love. And cake!)

QOTD: Candy Corn: Love or hate?

What’s your favorite part of weddings?

Thou Shalt Netflix and Chill


Ahhh Netflix, how I adore thee.

Confession: I’ve had Netflix for over three years now and have technically never paid for it. That’s right. All those late night Parks and Rec marathons and House of Cards binge-fests have provided me hours and hours and hours (AND HOURS) of free entertainment. Well, almost free. I’m not factoring in the boxes and boxes and boxes (AND BOXES) of pizza bought and consumed while doing said marathon and binge-festage.

For those of you who have been living under a rock don’t have Netflix and don’t know much about it, it’s a streaming video service that you pay for monthly. Annnnnnd it’s kind of awesome. Every person who signs up gets 5 free accounts that they can share with whoever they’d like: their SO, their mom, their overbearing and over weight cat, and of course, their bestest older sister in the history of ever. These people are #winning at life because they get all the benefits of the ‘Flix without having to pay for it.

Enter in: Me.

*Thank you, sista!

There are no formal rules for the sharing and borrowing of Netflix, however I definitely feel that there is an unwritten code, commandments if you will, of things that should be followed and understood.

I present to you: My 10 Commandments of Borrowing Someone Else’s Netflix Account.

  1. If you ask to borrow someone else’s Netflix account and they don’t text back with a reply for over an hour, take that as a “no.” They probably didn’t want to feel bad for having to actually reject you, so take that digital silence as denial. Don’t double down the potential awkwardness by asking again. No Scotty, no.
  2. If you’re borrowing Netflix, don’t tell anyone else who lent you their account. If Person 1 shares their bag of Red-only Starbursts with you and Person 2 later asks where you got the Red-only Starbursts, you don’t tell them Person 1 gave them to you! You simply say they were yours but your don’t have anymore/can’t share, ya ninny.
  3. If you’re dating the person you borrow from, and the two of you breakup, you have approximately 24 hours to get your own Netflix account before the password changes. But not for giving back all of their sweatshirts/CDs/books they left at your place. Those are fare gamesies. Do not pass GO, do not collect $100. Do not get your ratty but super comfy AC/DC t-shirt back.
  4. Please refrain from streaming any Tyler Perry movies, as watching even one of them causes Netflix to relentlessly, aggressively recommend every last Madea movie they have in their database. And there is a lot. Just so much Madea.
  5. Don’t explore the weird part of Netflix. Watch Human Centipede on your own time, on your own movie streaming accounts.
  6. Giving out the login info to anyone else gets you a lifetime ban. No parole.
  7. Any embarrassing guilty pleasure shows and movies you see the account owner watching in his/her “Recently Watched” section must remain unspoken of and confidential. It goes in the vault. THE VAULT!
  8. If, in the future, you acquire access to an HBO GO account, you must immediately offer to share it with the person who formerly lent you their Netflix as a courtesy. You went from rags to riches biotch! Don’t forget who got you there—it’s the right thing to do.
  9. Don’t add your own “Profile” to the account. That’s like asking to spend the night at a friend’s place, and hanging pictures of yourself all over the wall.
  10. If you’re seen out, spending more than $7.99, that means you can afford your own account, therefor you’re cut off. Immediately.



This post stays in the vault. THE VAULT!

Love in Action

There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you’re the one that will change theirs.


This morning as I was walking to the coffee shop after a very sweaty workout, I got stopped by a flashing “Don’t Walk” sign at the crosswalk. As I went to grab my phone out of the black hole that is my gym bag to pass the time, something caught the attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked up from my Insta-ing to see that the little girl next to me had let go of her mother’s hand to give her teddy bear to a homeless person who was sitting on the ground beside us. The man’s eyes went from a look of sadness and defeat to pure heart-eye emoji in a matter of seconds.

My heart stopped as I thought to myself—this! This is love in action.

And what a great reminder that this little silly thing called love really is at the center of our lives. Underneath it all–age, skin color, clothing size, language, Google map location and football team choice (Packer, obvies), we’re all nothing but bundles of atoms and energy and molecules with the sole purpose on this planet to love others and be loved in return. We’re here to create and foster awesomely meaningful and ridiculously amazing connections and relationships with the community we share.

Here I was trying to be “connected” via my iPhone, when in all actuality I was disconnecting myself from the world around me. I think sometimes we turn to social media to fill a gap that we have IRL. We spend so much time trying to digitally capture every moment, every experience, that we miss out on what’s really going on around us. We’re so “connected” that is prevents us from being “connected”, if that makes any sense.

I did only get 6 hours of sleep last night so there is very good chance that what I’m saying is kerfuffle. 

My challenge to myself, and to you, is to take a moment away from social media, from all the Facebooks and Twitters and Intagrams and Snapchats, just a moment, and see what real connections you can make. Find love in your surroundings.

And if you can’t find it, create it.

The little girl who selflessly gave her teddy bear noticed something we all didn’t. While we were all busy focusing on our emails, our voicemails and text messages and Facebook statuses, she saw someone who looked like he could use a high-five, a hug, and a bit of sunshine. She took an opportunity to make a connection, to make someone’s day, to give them something to smile about.

Love in action.

You want to know something cool beans?

Love can be found in nearly everything we do.

No, really.

It can be found in someone opening a door for a stranger or in letting someone over in your lane on the highway. Love can be found in a smile, in a “thank you” and in the way you hold someone’s hand. Or maybe, it’s even the actual act of saying the words out loud, or written on paper.

Today, and everyday, let this little silly thing called love be the center, the connector, the driving force in everything that you do. You never know who you will meet.

How they will change your life, or how you will change theirs. :)

Friday Faves

Well hey there, guys! Happy first Friday of fall! Even though it’s been near 90 and sunny in beautiful Denver the past two weeks, I can detect a hint of the cooler weather to come and it’s kind of making me giddy. I’ve got a closet full of booties and jeans and sweaters that are calling my name.

Before those chilly temps enter the building however, you better believe I’m going to be soaking up every last ounce of this Indian summer, starting with my double-header softball game tonight. Tomorrow, the shenanigans and fun continue with a cornhole tourney my friends and I are competing in. It’s being put on by one of our favorite bars and all the money raised goes directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation which is so very cool. I don’t wanna brag, but I’m kind of a big deal when it comes to the ‘hole. #Kobe

I’m rounding out my weekend on Sunday with an epic shopping trip with my seeeester. Our best friend is getting married in just two weeks up in Estes Park, CO and I am still without the perfect LBD. Of course I’m gonna need some new shoes to go along with that dress. And jewelry. And possible a spiffy new clutch. Obvies. I would just like to apologize in advance to my bank account for the damage I’m about to do.

Whatever you’ve got up your sleeve for this weekend, I hope you all have a blast and a half! But before you get started on the awesomeness, be sure to take a look at my finds from around the web and more in this week’s edition of Friday Faves. :)

Favorite face-plant: Chocolate Buttermilk-Frosted Brownies. Between work (leading three writing work shops, end of term madness AND training my work study students), getting pulled over for having a funky tail light (ugh), and just general adulting, it has been a WEEK! Nothing these epic brownies can’t fix though, right? This picture makes me stupid happy!


Favorite wow: I don’t know if y’all have heard, but this Sunday there is going to be a complete Lunar Eclipse aka The Blood Moon aka AWESOME! The last time this happened was in 1982 (pre-Wendi) and it’s not supposed to happen again until 2033. Be sure to get outside around dusk to check out this total WOW moment!


Favorite read: Why It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel About Your Friends. This was such a huge read for me this week. I think about my friends all the time. Like, daily. About how much I love them, how their jobs are going, how their families are doing, what their days are like – but unless I reach out and ask, it doesn’t matter much at all. Must read!


Favorite Blast From the Past: “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?!” Kenan and Kel had a bit of a reunion this week on Jimmy Fallon and it was glorious.

Favorite bite: Cinnamon-Sugar Sweet Potato Fries with Brown Butter Marshmallow Glaze. Ok why have I never thought to toss my Sweet Potato Fries with cinnamon-sugar, and why oh WHY have I never drizzled them with brown butter marshmallow glaze before?!


Favorite fantasy: Venice. Oh, this.

Favorite furball. This picture makes me all kinds of happy. What a sweetie! (And, uh, can I get in on some of that ice cream?)Tracey-Ayton-Photo-Frankie_mini

Favorite Jam: Recently discovered a band called Jamestown Story and my peeps, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! Check them out ASAP! You can start by listening to this one. #AllTheFeels

Favorite photo. Ahhh, fall. :) Do you have your pumpkins yet?  Hoping to pick some up at the Farmers’ Market next weekend.

Favorite treat: Ooey Gooey Caramel Pumpkin Blondies. Speaking of pumpkin…OMG! The ooo, the goo! ;)


I’m a big, huge, gigantic believer in the power of faking it till you make it. Feeling a tad grumpy cat? Slap a smile on your face and watch your day turn around almost instantaneously. Feeling those butterflies before a first date? Put on a killer pair of heels and that LBD and let your fantabulous self shine! Have absolutely no idea how to get that project your boss just assigned done? Yeahhh no okay, I’d maybe actually ask your boss how to get that project done.

There’s power in believing in yo’self. If you don’t feel confident, if you’re scared or nervous, pretending you are until you gain the skills, experience and confidence you need to overcome that bad day, first date, or work scenario is for real, for real.

Another area that faking it till you make it applies is when you don’t have all of your shtuff together. I’d like to think that I’m a pretty well put together, and somewhat functioning adulting gal. And for the most part I am–ish. Hahahaha! Totally kidding. I’m just kind of winging it as I go. Aren’t we all in some way? That’s what makes life so fun. Making mistakes, first laughing at yourself and then learning from them, forever growing and changing.

I do however enjoy putting out the impression that I in all actuality have my shtuff together from time to time. A little boost to the ‘ol ego never hurt anybody.

Here are 21 ways that you can effortlessly fake having your shtuff together.

  1. Drink designer, bottled mineral water. The harder the brand name is to pronounce, the stronger the illusion is you actually know what you’re doing with your life. Or, pull a me and just find a fancy shmancy water bottle and fill it with H2O from the tap.
  2. Use a planner. Okay, so you don’t even really have to even write in it, but if you can confidently and honestly say the words, “Let me see if I can (literally) pencil you in,” nobody will ever doubt you again.
  3. Sleep in pajama sets.
  4. Pull your comforter over your messy sheets so that it looks like you actually managed to make your bed.
  5. Own a coffee table book. Preferably one about coffee table books.
  6. Hang up to-do lists on your fridge of things you’ve already accomplished and cross those mothers off.
  7. Prop a yoga mat up against your dresser. Even if you have never or ever plan on taking a yoga class in your life.
  8. Own an iron. Even though you just use your hair straightener at the last minute when you realize how obvious the creases in your shirt are, owning an iron looks like you at least have minimal domestic capabilities.
  9. Read The Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet or get The Skimm emailed to your inbox every morning, so that you gather a gist of what’s going on in the world, sans the hilariously amazing cat YouTube video you watched on the repeat for two hours. And only refer to the sources of your news knowledge as “this article I read.”
  10. Play classical music (the Harry Potter soundtrack totally works).
  11. Own a phone that doesn’t have a cracked screen.
  12. Ladies, match your undies to your bra. Even if no body knows but you (and your creepy AF neighbor who you caught looking through your window this morning), it’ll give you a much needed pep to your step.
  13. Drink wine out of a real wine glass instead of a mug.
  14. Own stationary. An elegant fountain pen is a plus.
  15. Read a book in public places—preferably a beaten up, softcover copy of something like Franny and Zooey. 100 bonus points if you do so wearing glasses and a scarf.
  16. Put spices and herbs into trendy mason jars. Sure, they won’t go well with the cereal you definitely eat almost every night out of a paper bowl (or box), but think of the **aesthetic.**
  17. Actually, even if you just own herbs and can identify them, you’re already impressive.
  18. Place some throw pillows on your couch. Avoid cushions with pom pom fringe.
  19. Have at least one decorative bowl in your house filled with lemons.
  20. At minimum, one potted plant (like a fern) should sit daintily on your windowsill. Confession: even my flowers are fake.

Trust me, guys. Fake it till you make it.

QOTD: What are some of the ways you FITYMI?


As I was running checking my phone on the treadmill this morning, I caught a segment on Good Morning America that definitely made me chuckle a bit–which almost caused me to fall off said treadmill. I don’t multitask very well. Or at all, really. The struggle is real.

Anywhoo, back to my story. A correspondent went to an elementary school in upstate Pennsylvania and interviewed a bunch of the students there, asking them what they thought love was. I have to say, I had a hard time disagreeing with any of them. In fact, the next time I have dating/relationship/bae issues, I’m seeking out advice from kiddos like these.

Incredibly honest, innocent, wise and HIL-arious beyond their years, yo!

Below are just some of my fave responses:

“Love is when you kiss a girl for the first time and then you know that you’ll never be bored again because you can always just think about kissing her.” —Justin, 11

I know what love is. Love is when someone loves someone else…and then they whack each other.” —Owen, 5

“Ewwww! Love? Ew.” —Malik, 6

“Dad not farting.” —-Poppy, 8

“The warm feeling when someone hugs you.” —-Vince, 7

“When you wanna kiss a boy you’re friends with. But I’m not friends with any boys cuz they have cuties.” —-Keri, 6

“Well, I know I love my girlfriend because when I think about her making out with another guy, I want to punch a wall.”            —-Robbie, 13

“Kissies.” —-Uma, 5

“I don’t know! Maybe….no, never mind. I don’t know.” —-Jessie, 7

“Squishy cheeks.” —-Ivan, 6

“I’m not sure because everyone who says they love each other also acts like they hate each other.” —-Wyn, 8

“When you share your French fries even though you really love French fries.” —-Noah, 7

“When my brother goes to sleep over and I cry because I miss him.” —-Lola, 6

“Love is what grown-ups feel when they kiss each other and get married.” —-Kelly, 8

“Love is what happens when you really, really like someone and you want to spend all day with them and nobody else. Except for maybe your friends and family and dog because you love them too.” —-Matty, 9

“I love my family because they’re my family. And when I’m older I’ll probably love someone else because I love them.”             —-Jaqueline, 10

“I know my mom and dad love me because they give me food and let me play games and give me a hug when I’m sad. So I love them too.” —-Inigo, 5

“You tell me! You’re old.” —-Lee, 7

I think I have been overthinking this love thang. Maybe, just maybe, love is really just as simple as that.

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