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RSVP By Dancing


Embrace your messy.

Embrace your good and embrace, but continue to work on, your bad.

Surround yourself with people that see you as the best version of yourself, even when you’re at your worst. Know that everything that is happening in your life is happening FOR you, not to you. You are not a victim of your circumstances, you’re a constant work in progress.

I’ve never been one for surface relationships, friends, romantic relationships, family…I like the nitty gritty of people, because perfection doesn’t exist. And I hold myself to the same standard. Life is too short to live for saving face.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t make apologies for it.

My life is SO vastly different now than it was just 1 year ago. 2016 has been full of hardships and heart break….but, 2016 has also been, more often than not, full of dancing on rooftops at 3am with my girlfriends, laughing until I cried and couldn’t catch my breath, making friends with strangers and discovering parts of this electric city I never knew existed.

I’ve challenged myself, I’ve grown, I’ve fallen and gotten back up.

I’ve sat in bookstores for hours, just me and my thoughts getting lost in the words, the pages. I’ve taken last minute hiking trips by myself because my head is clearest with an open trail and the incredible Colorado backdrop. I’ve had endless conversations with my friends on my kitchen floor, I’ve yelled at the top of my lungs because it made me feel better and have had countless moments of unadulterated and pure happiness.

I learned a lot about who I am instinctually as a person, and how to be more of the person I aspire to be.

2016 has been heartbreakingly beautiful.

And as much as I’d thought I’d say and remember 2016 as being one of the worst years, I can honestly say that 2016, as hard as it’s been at times, has been one of the best.
I’ve forgiven, and I’ve tried to forget.
I’ve held on, and finally allowed myself to move on. To live in the moment, the heres and the right nows.

But to also be intensely excited for the tomorrows, the soon-to-bes and coming-soons.

I’ve held out my hand, and accepted the invitation to the rest of my life, however messy and good and confusing and absolutely amazing that may be.

I’ve RSVP’d by dancing.

Will you do the same?


Give Me What’s Real


Give me what’s real.

Messy hair.

Mismatched socks.

That scar on your left leg

and the fact that you can never remember where you put your keys.

Poems scribbled down on bar tabs

and rainstorms pouring down while the sun is still shining.

Give me what’s real.

What’s tarnished,

what’s unedited and undone.

The conversations that happen past midnight,

when your eyes are heavy and your walls are torn down.

That’s where you find life.

That’s where you find perfect.

The unedited and undone.

Give me what’s real.

These Moments

women sunsets mountains landscapes photography lakes 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_47

Our lives are made up of a series of moments.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get to have thousands,

even millions of them.


There will be funny moments, sad moments,

moments you’ll want to forget.

Moments of anger, moments of passion,

moments spent deeply rooted in love.


There will be moments that alter you,

completely dwarf you,

moments that show you just how beautiful it is to exist.


You’ll even have default moments.

Moments that fall through the cracks.

Moments where you’re doing something so mundane,

you don’t even realize it is one.


Then there are the big moments.

Your goosebumps moments.

The moments that leave a blue hickey on your life’s neck.

These are the moments that crack you open and leave you wanting more.

These are the moments you’ll want to keep safe.

Hold on to.


This right here, this is a moment.

A tiny pinprick in eternity that is only yours to create.


Here’s to the magic you create.


Here’s to your moment.








A Favorite Feeling


I don’t have

a favorite moment.

I have a favorite feeling.


It’s no alarm clock,

tangled limbs in sheets,

curtains dancing with an open window.


It’s the smell of fresh coffee,

bare feet on blades of grass,

the familiar pages of a favorite novel.


It’s lyrics playing loud on vinyl,

skinny dipping at 2am,

conversations on

the kitchen floor

with your walls turned down.


It’s being held by silence,

and seen in complete and utter wholeness.


It’s in the

undeniable pull,

the infectious laughter and shared smiles.


It’s in a sea of stares,

finding your eyes,

saying without any hesitation,

“I choose you.”


For now.

For always.

“I choose you.”





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