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27 Bad Decisions You’ll Make After Listening To Adele

Oh Adele how I heart you.

My sister from another mister with a voice of an angel basically stopped the world when she released Hello this past October. The hugely successful single was followed by the release of her latest album 25, which (not surprisingly) made music sales history and sold 3.38 million copies in the U.S. in just one week.​


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, wasn’t, am not binging to her newest album on forever repeat. And I certainly do not belt out the lyrics to all of her songs in the shower or car, at my desk or the line at Starbucks. Never ever.

With a voice that’s pretty much flawless, and music that makes us feel all the feels, it’s safe to say that everyone and their second cousin’s brother’s uncle is an Adele fan. And if they aren’t, they should be.

Every single Adele song has this weird way of taking us over, sometimes even leading us to make not the best of decisions. Below are just some of  the Adele-inspired bad decisions we’re all guilty of making at one point:

1. Text our ex.

2. Call our ex.

3. Hang out with our ex.

4. Get back together with our ex.

5. Rethink every past relationship we’ve ever had and where we went wrong.

6. Feel a deep burning sadness inside us.

7. But somehow it feels good, too?

8. Miss somebody we met that one time in that one place.

9. Miss somebody we don’t even know.

10. Use the lyrics to make some emotional Tweets, Facebook statuses and Instagram captions that we’ll definitely regret down the road.

11. Cry just all of the ugly tears.

12. Scream out the lyrics at the most inappropriate times. Like in line at the grocery store. Or when the guy at Subway asks if you want extra pickles.

13. Reclude into our dark bedrooms to analyze every aspect of life.

14. Try to mend all the broken relationships in our lives––even the ones we absolutely shouldn’t.

15. Did we mention cry?

16. Wish we gave that one person a second chance.

17. *Dials old friend* “Hello, it’s me…”

18. Feel sentimental about even the most irrelevant moments. *Remember when I finally got that popcorn cornel out of my teeth? I felt so free, so alive!

19. “I should have cherished that milkshake more…” *Bursts into tears*

20. Wonder where it all went wrong…

21. Attempt to write an album about our own age––and fail miserably.

22. Probably cry.

23. Binge listen to every Adele album in existence on repeat.

24. Feel hopeless about ever finding your one true love.

25. Contemplate why *insert childhood crush’s name here* broke your heart back in fifth grade.

26. Go to town on a pint (or three) of Chubby Hubby.

27. Cry.


Thank you and your amazing winged eyeliner, Adele.


Friday Faves

Bonjour mon amies! Joyeux vendredi!

Fun fact: I took six years of French and have used that skill exactly not at all. Actually, I can’t say that. It does come in handy when I’m trying to read the back of that fancy shampoo or perfume bottle. Which happens exactly not at all because who buys fancy shampoo and perfume? Not this girl (although maybe I should start–it’d give me a chance to put that French to good use).

But I digress. How was your week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

Tonight I’m going out to dinner with some friends to celebrate my baby sister’s birthday. I refuse to believe that she’s 24 because that means I’m 28 and I can’t be that old. Seriously though. How and when did that happen?! Good gravy. I used to roll my eyes when my grandpa and grandma would tell me to enjoy every last minute, every single second because time only speeds up as you get older. Gran and gramps, I think I owe you a “You were right” and some pitted prunes because you definitely hit the nail on the preverbal head with that one.

Other than that, I’ve got the world weekend at my fingertips. I’m hoping to maybe catch some rays by the pool tomorrow (if it ever stops raining) and I REALLY want to see the new Jurassic Park movie. Wicked dinosaurs + Chris Pratt = yes please. I’m also having a cookout with the fam on Sunday. Anyone else think that grilled food just tastes so much better than regular food? It’s probably one of my favorite things about summer. And none of that electric grill crap; I’m all about that bass charcoal.

Whatever you’ve got up your sleeve this weekend, I hope you have a great one! But before you dive into the fun, be sure to check out my funky finds from around the web and more in this week’s edition of Friday Faves!

Favorite Flick: Like I mentioned earlier, I am DYING to see the new Jurassic World! Another fun fact: I was ob.sessed with the first Jurassic Park. So much so that for most of my childhood, I had this dream of becoming a paleontologist. I also reenacted the Jello scene on the regular. I’m hoping that the fourth Jurassic is mucho better than the last three because ugh.

Favorite splurge: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake. I love the looks of this dense and fudgy peanut butter cake. YUM!


Favorite Daily Dose of Sheeran: It’s no secret that I have the biggest, hugest (I’ve just decided that needs to be a word), most epic crush on Ed Sheeran. He’s extremely talented, humble, grounded, has the most beautiful accent and that red hair. Oh that red hair. In an interview he gave recently, he opened up about his past struggles with stuttering and showed us all how to own our own weirdness and be proud of who we are.


Favorite Flashback: 32 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks. “Holy cowing” over this roundup! Seriously shouted YES to every single one. Especially these stamp markers and especially #14. #2 is gave me instant anxiety.


Favorite pooch: Baby Frenchie! JUST TOO MUCH CUTENESS!


Favorite ‘Q: Chicken Beer Sliders. Saucy, scrumptious, and perfect for a summer BBQ.


Favorite LOL: Betty White decided to prank-call James Corden from the Late-Late Show and it was all of the amazing. Still hard-core laughing.

Favorite view. Are you smiling? Me too. 🙂


Favorite fashion: Nellore Blouse. Loving this sweet and flowy blouse, right? Can I please look as cool as this girl does when I wear it too? Pleaseandthankyou.


Favorite bite: S’Mores Dip. No campfire required. Love this!


Friday Faves :)

TGIF, holllla!

Ahem, hello and welcome to the weekend! How’d your first week of June go?

Holy crap! It’s already June! Seriously though. Wasn’t it just April? Maybe because it’s been perpetually gloomy and rainy and cloudy and gloomy and rainy here in Denver, but it just doesn’t feel very Juneish. I’m hoping that changes in a jiffy though because I’ve got some seriously fun plans coming up that will be made a lot better if there is no gloom and rain and clouds and gloom and rain (aka a Barenaked Ladies concert at Redrocks next Wednesday, the Brewers/Rockies series in two weeks, hiking my first 14’er the last weekend in June, kayaking trip, etc.) Just so much fun stuff, I can’t even handle it.

So sun  pleaseandthankyou.

And lot’s of it.

Mother Nature, I’m talking to you buddy.

I don’t have a whole lot planned for this weekend but in a way, that makes it even more awesome. This week was a doozy and I’m looking forward to chillaxing. I’m going to try and hit up the People’s Fair tomorrow and possibly go see Pitch Perfect 2 with the sis–and no judgment, but I fully intend on de-pantsing the second I walk through my door, ploppling myself on the couch with just all of the chocolate and having a mad marathon of Pretty Little Liars. I know. I know, I know, I know. Best night ever, right?!

Whatever you have got planned this weekend, I hope it’s [sunny and] amazing! But before you start funning it up, be sure to check out my finds from around the web and more in this week’s Friday Faves!

Favorite jam: Ob.sessed. I may have ugly danced to this song behind my desk at work all week long. Emphasis on the ugly of that dancing. Just so bad. Unlike Nicki who, well, girl’s got moves.

Favorite DIY: DIY Frame Shelves. Another Shanty-2-Chic project I must try! Love this cool and clever, easy-looking project.


Favorite melt: Fried Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers. I mean, that meltage though! It’s just the start of the grilling season which means I MUST recreate these drippy, ooey-gooey burgers ASAP!


Favorite funny: Wet Dog. Cracking up at these pictures of wet dogs mid-bath. Poor pups!


Favorite what the what: “Tell me one last thing,” said Harry. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?” “Of course it is happening inside your head Harry, but why on Earth would that mean that it is not real?” Mind officially blown. HOLY COW! My childhood is ruined, but such an incredible take on the story! I’m just going to have to rerererere-read the books to see if I can spot all of the clues.


Favorite sugar rush: Cake Batter Monster Cookie Sandwiches. Confession: I’m drooling on my keyboard right now. Confession numero dos: I’m not even mad about it. Yum city.


Favorite feel-good: The senior class at a high school in New Hampshire decided that the money they raised for their senior trip needed to go to their principal who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer instead. What happens next will pull at your heart strings. Incredible! 🙂


Favorite getaway: 42 Perfect Summer Trips. I’ve been thinking of taking a small trip this summer, and I love these ideas! Tahoe will be mine someday. Road trip, anyone?


Favorite reunion: Elaine and Jerry. Together again! So much YESSSSSSS! Timelessly (and hilariously) perfect in every sense.


Favorite twist: Toasted Marshmallow & Chocolate S’Mores Milkshake. Um, omg, YUM. I love me a good twist on a classic and this fab new take on s’mores looks totally dreamy.


Friday Faves

Heyyyyyy Friday. You are looking damn fine if I do say so myself. Is it just me or do short work weeks have a sneaky way of dragging on. And on. And onnnnnnnn.

Good news: The weekend is here my friends, and that makes this girl one happy camper. Another thing that has got me smiling from ear to ear? For the first time in goodness knows how long, it’s supposed to be sunny here in the Mile High City. All weekend long. I KNOW, RIGHT???!!!

Crazy sauce.

You can bet your bottle of Root Beer that I’m going to take full advantage; I’ve got a friend coming into town to visit tomorrow and we’re planning on hitting up some hiking trails, maybe do a little alfresco happy hour/dining and then on Sunday, I’m meeting up with another one of my friends for a day of BBQ and volleyball at Washington Park (aka the Central Park of Denver). I would like to preemptively warn my fellow Coloradans in saying that I am bringing out the shorts/rompers in full force this weekend–should you see any blindingly white glares, do not be scared. It’s only my pasty-white-hasn’t-seen-sun-in-a-month legs.

Any way you slather on the SPF, it is sounding like a great couple of days ahead! And I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you may have planned this coming weekend, that it’s a splendiferious one!

But before you get started on all the fun, be sure to check out my fave finds from around the web and more in the week’s edition of my Friday Faves!

Favorite Binge-worthy show: As I mentioned yesterday, Chasing Life is just all of the ahhhhmazing! I may or may not have plans to spend a pantsless Friday night with my boys Ben & Jerry, some tissues and the rest of season one. I don’t know what is going to make me cry ugly tears harder: the show or the fact that I’m going to have to wait a whole two more months until season 2!


Favorite ‘Q: Chicken Beer Sliders. Saucy, scrumptious, and perfect for a summer BBQ.


Favorite rainy day surprise: I think I’ve seen more of these beautiful guys in the past week that I have in my entire 28 years so far. LeVar Burton, I’m coming for you. Reading Rainbow is MINE!


Favorite wake up: Sugar Crusted Vanilla French Toast. What a decadent way to start a weekend, no?


Favorite pup: Tired Allen. I feel ya’, buddy!


Favorite remix: I am in LOVE with this rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Bootstraps. It doesn’t even sound like the same song! So incredibly beautiful.

Favorite feel-good: This brave student’s graduation walk is all the inspiration you’ll need today.


Favorite why not: Death by Snickers Bars. What a way to go, right?! 😉


Favorite house: Queenstown Home. Hooooly buckets – you have to check out this house in Queenstown, New Zealand. Can you imagine waking up to this view every day?


Favorite fun: “Where I’ve Been” Scratch Map. So, so, so cool! And great for kids, don’t you think? And by kids, I obviously mean me.


Soundtrack to your life

One of the things I love so much about music is that there is literally a song to fit every mood, every experience, and every thought. A certain chord, lyric or verse can make you feel all the feels, and serve as a reminder of a particular time or memory. Think about your favorite movie or TV show. Now imagine that same favorite movie or TV show without the music?

So hard, right?!

That’s because the music, while a background character, is very much a central part of the story. Whether it be the jingle that ushers in the opening credits, the love song pulling at your heart strings when the two main characters finally share their first kiss, or the jock-jam that careens through the scene as the team is about to win the championship game, the music sets the tone, it takes the emotions of whatever is happening to a whole other epic level, putting you on the edge of your seat and making you grab for that box of tissues.

Much like your favorite movie or TV show, music has a leading role for each of us IRL.

Okay. Major confession time: I’ve always thought it would be the coolest of beans if we walked around with soundtracks of our own, music playing in the background to heighten whatever it is that may be happening, even if it only involved strolling the aisles of the grocery store. Not only would it make the most mundane a little more exciting, but it would present ample opportunities to break out in song and dance in the middle of the produce section.

I mean, everyone knows that the key to picking out the perfect avocado is simultaneously doing the running man. Duh.

In order to remedy this obvious infraction, I decided to take matters into my own hands ears and create the ultimate soundtrack to your life, a playlist if you will of songs that fit the small, every day moments, proving that there is no experience or feeling too small that can’t be made even bigger by the right tunage.

Those Friday night vibes got you like…

…getting ready to hit the town with your best buds in a fedora and heels…

…and then when you wake up the next morning and realize you don’t have to even put on pants all day long if you don’t want to because it’s Saturday, baby!

That moment when the pair of jeans at your favorite bulls eyed retail store goes on sale the day after you paid full price for them.

Or when you finish reading the last book in your favorite series. JustKidding [Rowling]. My heart will never go on. Like, ever.

When you can finally say bye, bye, bye to that ridiculously annoying popcorn kernel that’s been stuck in your teeth for days…

…And say hello to that giant bag of gummy bears instead.

For those early Monday morning AMs when you’re stuck in traffic on the way into work.

But upon entering the office, realize that there’s free donuts. Chocolate donuts. With sprinkles. Just so. many. sprinkles.

When you just need a good ugly cry sesh (because even though there were free donuts when you got into work that morning, you were too late and ended up getting stuck with the apple fritter. I mean, is it even a part of the donut family? WHERE ARE THE SPRINKLES?!?! )

But then your bestie brings over a pint [of Ben & Jerry’s] and some chick flicks to help cheer you up

…And you are just so damn grateful for that pint [of Ben & Jerry’s]. And for your bestie of course.

When you discover that a giant bug/beetle/spider the size of a small human is crawling up your leg…

…And it ends up falling onto your living room floor where you manage to chase it around your apartment for the next two hours because if you think I will be able to go to sleep knowing that there is a giant bug/beetle/spider the size of a small human running amok, you are crazy. Ca.Ra.Zy!

But then you realize it wasn’t a giant bug/beetle/spider the size of a small human after all,  just that popcorn kernel from earlier.

So now it’s your turn.

Tell me in the comments below what your ultimate soundtrack to your life would look and sound like.

Rocking Wedding Song Playlist Suggestions From Yours Truly

Well hello there, guys! How are we all doing this Monday morning? I know I am definitely feeling this whole time change thang. The struggle to get out of bed earlier today was very real. Oofta.

On a happier note….let’s talk weddings!!!

Smooth transition, Wendi. Real smooth.

Later on this year, two of my bestest friends in the history of ever, Jenna and Jillian are getting married to their SO’s Chase and Mario–who are equally amazing–and I couldn’t be more happy for them to start this exciting new chapter in their lives. I’m not gonna lie, I’m also mad excited about being able to attend their big days. I’ve always been a sucker for weddings, especially when it’s for people who you love and care about. The bringing together of two lives, two hearts, the romance and love, the cake and of course the dancing…weddings are just all of the greatest, aren’t they?!

But speaking of dancing, I feel it only right as a friend, as a wedding attendee, as a girl who wants to seriously get down on the dance floor Elaine Benes-style, that I offer up my suggestions for your most awesome music playlist ever. These are songs GUARENTEED to get people out of their chairs and doing to the funky chicken (or at least one [myself].)

Feel free to ignore any and all of the following tunage, however I couldn’t in good conscious let you proceed without offering up my suggestions. 😉


Early on in the evening:

This is How We Do It–Montell Jordan

Bye, Bye, Bye–N’Sync

Happy–Pharrel Williams

Turn Down for What–DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon

Marry You–Bruno Mars

Middle of the Evening:


One Week–Barenaked Ladies

Whoomp (There it is)–Tag Team

Getting’ Jiggy Wid it–Will Smith

You Make My Dreams Come True–Hall and Oates

End of evening:

Thong Song–Sisqo

Dirty Little Secret–All American Rejects

Harlem Shake–Baauer

Hello–Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette

Thrift Shop–Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I don’t know about you guys, but just listening to these songs makes me want to get up and ugly dance!

Emphasis on the ugly part.

Things I won’t do

Eat a sandwich without a side of chips.

Go commando.

Stop Facebook stalking certain people.


Simple math without using my fingers.

Stop believing.

Think of the term “meat loaf” without gagging.

Dance (without channeling my inner Elaine Benes).

Wear sneakers without socks.

Wear sandals with socks.

Leave a bookstore without at least buying one two all of the books.

Turn down a cookie.

Or ice cream.

Or ice cream sandwiched between two cookies.

Be a Cub’s fan.

Or a Bear’s fan.

Listen to this (or any song really–it’s a bit of a problem) without singing butchering right along with it.

Anything before I change into comfy clothes after work.

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