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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Hey guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!! So sorry for the lack in posts but I decided to take a brief break-a-roo from the ‘ol blog to spend as much time as I could with my family and friends.


I had such an incredible time over my holiday break.

I laughed too hard, ate too much and got into quite the shenanigans.

But that’s what life is all about, no? Especially when you’re surrounded by those who love and know you the best.

Here is just a small, itty-bitty glimpse into what went down over the past few weeks, Insta-style 🙂

Sister-sister :)

Sister-sister 🙂

The rents. Aren't they the cutest?!

The rents. Aren’t they the cutest?!

Snuggles with the pup are the best snuggles.

Snuggles with the pup are the best snuggles.





Christmas with my crazy amazing family is always, well, crazy and amazing ;)

Christmas with my crazy amazing family is always, well, crazy and amazing 😉

The lil' sis really does know how to do Christmas presents. Does this not scream, "WENDI!!!!!" ?

The lil’ sis really does know how to do Christmas presents. Does this not scream, “WENDI!!!!!” ?

Okay. This is my last tattoo. I swear. At least I think it's my last one. For now. Maybe. #smile

Okay. This is my last tattoo. I swear. At least I think it’s my last one. For now. Maybe. #smile

I did A LOT of this. Like, A LOT!!!

I did A LOT of this. Like, A LOT!!!

Just ALL the Christmas movies.

Just ALL the Christmas movies.

Here’s to a great end and an even better beginning! Happy 2015 everyone! 🙂


Why it’s OKAY to be single during the holidays


Imagine this.

You’re at a family member’s house. They’re throwing a grand Chrismakwanukkah/New Year’s shindig, and because you don’t want to look completely anti-social, sitting alone in a corner talking to yourself about bills that are due and clothes that need to be washed, you attempt to make small talk. You approach your aunt or second cousin once removed, and after brief introductory conversation, the first thing that comes out of one of their mouth is,

“So…are you seeing anyone?”

There it is.

You knew it was inevitable.

It’s that one question that everyone may not want to ask per say, but it’s the one question that they seem to always want the answer to.

I hate this question. Like, enough-to-spit-out-a-quick-answer-or-circle-around-it-altogether-moving-onto-the-next-forced-question-which-is-most-likely-something-like- “Hasn’t this weather been crazy?”-or-“How about that Aaron Rodgers?”-hate.

Here’s what I’d like to say:

Actually, I’m very happy being single at the moment. I recently started a new job and am living in a new city; it’s been a blast just being able to meet people and make new friends. I’m not on the hunt for a boyfriend right now, but if a guy with the personality of Jimmy Fallon and the looks of Chris Hemsworth walks into my life (or bookstore—there’s nothing more sexy than a guy who reads, am I right, ladies?), I am totally open to seeing where things go.

Here’s what I actually end up saying:

Um…uh..well…the thing is…

Smooth, Wendi. Real smooth.

I hate this question because one, I don’t really have a one-word answer. And two, since when has my singledom, or anyone else’s for that matter, defined who I am? Who anyone is?

I’m turning the big 2-8 in a few months and realize that I am at the age now where a lot most of my friends from grade school, high school and college are getting married or popping out little kiddos. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier for them. I actually cannot wait till I get to that point in my life when I find the man of my dreams, settle down, and start a family.

It’s also a time of year where everywhere you look, couples are sharing cups of hot chocolate, cozzying up by the fireplace, and kissing under the mistletoe. The holidays do bring about an air of romance and love, if not for the super sexy onesie pajamas that are a must-wear, then it’s the beautiful snow landscapes that are reminiscent of any Fabio book cover.

Plus, the with the holidays comes many a party and get-together. And with these parties and get-togethers comes the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet some really great new people. You never know what could happen (especially if you happen to be wearing one of those super cute onesies). I think you should always be open to meeting someone special, to forming a relationship and maybe even falling in the “L” word.

But I also think it’s okay to be a bit selfish.

You need and deserve time to focus on yourself.

To discover your passions and talents and goals and dreams outside of anybody else.

After all, you want to make sure that when you do enter a relationship, you’re the best possible version of yourself that you can be.



So ladies–and gents–this year, I give you full permission to be single and ready to mingle (and jingle all the way)!

But if you happen to run into a Jimmy Fallon/Chris Hemsworth mashup in your local bookstore…give me directions to that bookstore STAT!

Friday Fav’s

Well hello there, friends and a very happy Friday to ya!

Cliché as it may sound, this week has flown by. Like, ‘Superman who just drank five Redbulls’ fast! And I’m really not complaining. Work has been slower than a turtle in a sloth’s costume sitting in Denver traffic lately (overkill on the analogies?) and it’s really just all of the worst. Luckily, there are now only 9 more days until I have two whole weeks of sweet, sweet vacation! Only nine more days until I am reunited with my crazy family. Only nine more days until I kick off the most epic of Christmas celebrations to date! ONLY NINE MORE DAYS!!!!

But who’s counting, really?

Because there are only nine more days until I am gone for two whole weeks, I have a feeling that this weekend will be spent packing my life away. I’m one of those weirdos who likes to have everything ready to go well ahead of time (I know, right. So annoying.) Plus, when it comes to packing, I suck. I mean, how does one fit only 4 9 books into a carry-on suitcase?! And I guess I should pack some clothes and maybe a toothbrush too, huh? Ugh. The whole process is just so stressful!

So when you’re out and about this weekend doing some last minute Christmas shopping and cookie baking eating, think of me, knee-deep in jeans and paperbacks.

But in the meantime, please check out my finds from around the web and more in this week’s Friday Fav’s!

P.S. I wanted to share some exciting new with y’all!! A blog post of mine was recently featured on one of the coolest sites around,! You can check it out here. The other exciting news? They asked me to be a regular contributor to the site!!! I’m still trying to process it all, but I am pretty darn excited! And honored! And oh so grateful!

Favorite funny: 21 Actual Analogies Used by High School Students in English Essays.  Speaking of analogies…I found this floating around Facebook the other day and was dyying. #14…I can’t even.


Favorite Christmas breakfast: Cinnamon-Pumpkin Waffles with a Caramel Syrup. I saw this photo on my Instagram feed a few days ago and my mouth instantly began to water. I want to take a swim in that caramel syrup!


Favorite steal/obsession: How I am just finding out about now is a travesty because let me tell you, it’s the best thing since sliced bread! You can find all of your favorite books (gently used) for under $8! I KNOW! I just got myself a couple of early Christmas presents yesterday (okay, it was more like 12). I have a feeling this website is going to be dangerous. Great Christmas gift idea for all book lovers in your life!


Favorite Bookish Find: On those cold winter nights, you can read in bed while bundled up in your fuzzy book blanket! Need. Want. Must have.


Favorite Seasonal Slurp: Homemade White Hot Chocolate. Yummazing. I’m a fan of all things hot chocolate, but white hot chocolate?! Now you’re speaking my language!


Favorite Chrismas Coooookie: Classic. Simple. Tradition. A perfect dunking vessel for that cup of White Hot Chocolate. 🙂


Favorite Take Me There: The spot of the world’s first Christmas tree, the Tallinn Square Market in Estonia is one of the most picturesque holiday locales I have seen! Stunning!


Favorite Lesson: THIS is what Christmas is really all about. The little dude with the blanket was wise beyond his years.

Favorite Fur Ball: Santa Pup! Too much cuteness!


Have a great weekend, guys!

Bookish things that NEED to exist. Like yesterday.

Life goal.

Life goal.

I have a lot of random bookish ideas running around in my head, guys (along with thoughts about lunch. And dinner. And eating said lunch and dinner with Chris Hemsworth while he serenades me with a back rub and a mad game of Scattegories…)


Sorry about that.

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I would share some of these bookish ideas with you all. Consider this a wish list if you’d like. Some of these ideas might not make much sense. Others may seem downright insane in the membrain. But hey, I got big dreams.

BIG, I tell ya!

One of these days I’m gonna grow a mustache to rival Tom Selleck, you just wait.

Okay. No. That would be weird. Because he’s a dude and I’m, well, not.

But his ‘stache is pretty darn impressive.

1. Scratch and sniff cookbooks. Are you curious what aroma is going to fill your kitchen when you start making that scrumptious lasagna recipe? What about that chocolate cake? C’mon science, catch up. Find a way for me to smell my food before committing. After all, taste is tied to our olfactory senses, right? Deciding what I want to make for dinner would be a lot easier if I could give it a good sniff first.

2. Books that punish you for making bad life decisions. I am a book fiend, and when I skip out on a few hours of sleep (and by few I mean four. Or six.) to lie in bed and plow through 100 pages of Gone Girl, I get mad at myself the day after for not being a fully-functioning adult. Oh who am I kidding? Books > sleep any day! However it does make for a rather longgggg next day. And I’m sure my boss doesn’t appreciate the snores and drooling coming from my office. Just kidding. I don’t snore. Or drool. Just kidding. I totally do. If there were reasonably priced hardcover books that tied into the health feature on my smartphone and only opened if I had gotten my eight hours of zzzz’s the previous night,  I’d buy them in a heartbeat. Again, where you at, science?

3.  A business that competed with Amazon drones based around a system of toy remote control cars that delivered books right to your doorstep. My official Roomba literary army. Bring it, Bezos.

4. Edible books made from some type of sugar paper that you could take on camping trips. That way, your pack is a little lighter by day five, and you have a back up source of sustenance if something’s off with your food supply. I would start with Julie and Julia.

5. A thing kind of like an Advent chocolate calendar where you punch the candy out of the little box each day. Except instead it’s a reward for finishing chapters of War and Peace. I’ve been stuck somewhere around page 400 for about two five years now.

6. A magical bookshelf that would grow and expand as you acquired more books to it. That’s feasible, right?

Like I said, kind of insane.

But totally and 110% awesome!

5 Reasons Why Christmas Shoes is ALL of the Worst!

Well guys, we made it. Another week in the books.

And…we are now only 20 days away from Christmas!!!!!

Which makes it only 19 days until Christmas Eve, 18 days until Christmas Eve-Eve, 17 days until Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve…

I’m may just be the teensiest bit excited.

As much as I love the actual day of Christmas Eve/Christmas and New Year’s, the anticipation leading up to the big day(s) is even more fun. One thing that I’ve been doing lately (which I am 110% my co-workers are loving) is blasting Christmas music from my office. I get one month a year to do it and by gosh, by golly, I am going to take full advantage! Yesterday while going through my playlist of holly-jolly tunes, I came across a song that had been collecting some serious dust in my i-tunes library. I had totally forgotten it was there, but after having listened to it, I remembered why I sanctioned it to the island of misfit toys songs.

Christmas Shoes.

It really is a beautiful song, but it’s also the worst. Just all of the worst. If you’ve never heard Christmas Shoes, I will warn you and say that it makes you feel all the feels. You will also need a box or three of Kleenex by the time the song is over.

The holidays are a time for joyous celebration and reflection, filled with yuletide merriment and cheer.

But Christmas Shoes?

It’s really the Debbie Downer of songs. This is why:

E! Loves, Christmas Shoes Story

1. The Lyrics Are All of the Saddest Things Ever Written Put Into One Song: A dirty, tattered boy tries to pay for shoes with change for his dying mother, so she’ll look beautiful when she meets Jesus. It’s like someone played Mad Libs while watching a Sarah McLachlan commercial.

E! Loves, Christmas Shoes Story

2. Adult Contemporary Music Will Make You Cry All the Tears: The song is padded with soft guitar and what sounds like tiny toy instruments? Are you kidding?!

E! Loves, Christmas Shoes Story

3. A Choir of Kids Will Guilt You Into Losing It: Oh, if this “Butterfly Kisses“-wannabe lead singer dude hasn’t cracked you, there is literally a choral army of sad, innocent voices, wavering on the edge of tears, who will wear you down. Children’s choirs represent emotional extremes—hey can be used to be scary, joyous, or devastating. In this ballad their sole purpose is to crush your darn heart.

E! Loves, Christmas Shoes Story

4. The Song’s Backstory Is Internet Heartbreak: It’s been reported that the song was inspired by a sad story found on the Internet or an email chain letter that had been circulating in the late ’90s. Email chain letters are like why moms bothered learning how to use AOL. They’re scientifically proven to make you feel feelings. For some, poignancy. For others, seething rage.

E! Loves, Christmas Shoes Story

5. The Guy Makes It All About Him: “I knew that God had sent me that little boy to remind me what Christmas is all about.” After this whole emotional mess, a boy’s mother is allegedly on her deathbed, the guy who had a couple extra bucks on him makes the message about what he learned. What happens to the kid? The mom? THE SHOES?! Over it!

Bonus Clip: For my final piece of evidence, I’d like to present comedian Patton Oswalt‘s “Christmas Shoes” rant, where he breaks down the elements of this awful, awful song:

Not if you don’t mind, I am off to listen to some Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (because what is sure to turn that frown upside down faster than some frosted-tipped, pre-teen boyband goodness?!)

Have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂

Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I’m in full-on Christmas mode, my friends. I’m talking ‘listening to Bing and Trans-Siberian 24/7, having a little cocoa with my marshmallows, sweater-wearing, and candy-cane-eating” Christmas mode.


2. Speaking of Bing Crosby…swoon. His Christmas songs are so good it’s like I’m eating a warm chocolate-chip cookie, wearing my most fuzziest of slippers and getting wrapped in a bear hug all at the same time

3. I made a dentist appointment for week and it’ll be the first time I’ve been back since…wait for it….9 years. I know. I. KNOW! But to my credit, my last experience with the dentist was horrific–I had my wisdom teeth out and the dentist/ortho/doctor completely and royally fudged up my mouth. He damaged a nerve in my lower jaw and because of that, I have no feeling in my bottom lip. I know. I. KNOW! Suffice to say, I’m NOT looking forward to my visit, however seeing as I am a little OCD about keeping my chompers clean, I really don’t think I should have anything to worry about. With the exception of maybe losing feeling in my upper lip. Oye.

4. You know how when you half-hazardly throw your hair into a messy bun right before you go to bed and it looks red-carpet fabulous, and then when you try to recreate that red-carpet fabulousness the next day for work and it looks like a rat’s nest? Yeah. I hate that.

5. I have been putting off going to the grocery store for almost a week now (because that job is all of the worst). It’s amazing how creative you can get when you only have frozen waffles, peanut butter, Life cereal, whipped cream and marshmallows.

6. Because I had been putting off going to the grocery store for almost a week now (because that job is all of the worst), and because I ran out of frozen waffles, peanut butter, Life cereal, whipped cream and marshmallows on Tuesday, I decided to swing by Subway on my home from work last night. I specifically asked for extra pickles and the gloved dude behind the sneeze guard puts three on my sandwich. Three. I don’t know what he constitutes as “extra” in his book, but three just doesn’t cut it in mine. I had to repeatedly keep asking him to add “a couple more,” and “just a few more,” like a complete goober. It may have taken all night, but I got my sandwich, and my extra pickles.

7. Note to self: WHEN I go to the grocery store, get pickles.

8. Happiest birthday to this crazy cat! You don’t look a day over 30 (which is a good thing seeing as you are only 30***)! I love her to the moon and back–and then to the moon and back again! She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, a smile that’s contagious and can give the greatest of bear hugs. Can’t wait to celebrate with my momma in just a few short weeks! 🙂

***30 is forever the new “anything over 30”


Have a great Thursday, guys!

To Do…

Because this is how you do Christmas 🙂


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