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Friday Faves

Well hey there, guys! Happy first Friday of fall! Even though it’s been near 90 and sunny in beautiful Denver the past two weeks, I can detect a hint of the cooler weather to come and it’s kind of making me giddy. I’ve got a closet full of booties and jeans and sweaters that are calling my name.

Before those chilly temps enter the building however, you better believe I’m going to be soaking up every last ounce of this Indian summer, starting with my double-header softball game tonight. Tomorrow, the shenanigans and fun continue with a cornhole tourney my friends and I are competing in. It’s being put on by one of our favorite bars and all the money raised goes directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation which is so very cool. I don’t wanna brag, but I’m kind of a big deal when it comes to the ‘hole. #Kobe

I’m rounding out my weekend on Sunday with an epic shopping trip with my seeeester. Our best friend is getting married in just two weeks up in Estes Park, CO and I am still without the perfect LBD. Of course I’m gonna need some new shoes to go along with that dress. And jewelry. And possible a spiffy new clutch. Obvies. I would just like to apologize in advance to my bank account for the damage I’m about to do.

Whatever you’ve got up your sleeve for this weekend, I hope you all have a blast and a half! But before you get started on the awesomeness, be sure to take a look at my finds from around the web and more in this week’s edition of Friday Faves. 🙂

Favorite face-plant: Chocolate Buttermilk-Frosted Brownies. Between work (leading three writing work shops, end of term madness AND training my work study students), getting pulled over for having a funky tail light (ugh), and just general adulting, it has been a WEEK! Nothing these epic brownies can’t fix though, right? This picture makes me stupid happy!


Favorite wow: I don’t know if y’all have heard, but this Sunday there is going to be a complete Lunar Eclipse aka The Blood Moon aka AWESOME! The last time this happened was in 1982 (pre-Wendi) and it’s not supposed to happen again until 2033. Be sure to get outside around dusk to check out this total WOW moment!


Favorite read: Why It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel About Your Friends. This was such a huge read for me this week. I think about my friends all the time. Like, daily. About how much I love them, how their jobs are going, how their families are doing, what their days are like – but unless I reach out and ask, it doesn’t matter much at all. Must read!


Favorite Blast From the Past: “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?!” Kenan and Kel had a bit of a reunion this week on Jimmy Fallon and it was glorious.

Favorite bite: Cinnamon-Sugar Sweet Potato Fries with Brown Butter Marshmallow Glaze. Ok why have I never thought to toss my Sweet Potato Fries with cinnamon-sugar, and why oh WHY have I never drizzled them with brown butter marshmallow glaze before?!


Favorite fantasy: Venice. Oh, this.

Favorite furball. This picture makes me all kinds of happy. What a sweetie! (And, uh, can I get in on some of that ice cream?)Tracey-Ayton-Photo-Frankie_mini

Favorite Jam: Recently discovered a band called Jamestown Story and my peeps, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH! Check them out ASAP! You can start by listening to this one. #AllTheFeels

Favorite photo. Ahhh, fall. 🙂 Do you have your pumpkins yet?  Hoping to pick some up at the Farmers’ Market next weekend.

Favorite treat: Ooey Gooey Caramel Pumpkin Blondies. Speaking of pumpkin…OMG! The ooo, the goo! 😉


Friday Faves

Howdy dudie, guys—welcome to the frickin’ [three-day] weekend!

I cannot tell you how positively, over-the-moon, do-a-little-dance, get-down-tonight excited I am. It’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful here in Denver this weekend and you can bet your bottom dollar (I never really understood that phrase but we’ll role with it because IT’S FRIYAY!!!) that I will be soaking up every last minute of the unofficial end to summer in style.

I’ve got big plans that include pool time, a Rockies game, downtown Denver shenanigans, a BBQ and some major hikage/bikage action, all with my fantabulous friends of course. The smile is already plastered on my face and I haven’t even done anything yet (always a good sign of a great weekend to come–most likely with a lot of stories to share on Monday Tuesday).

My motto for the next three days: “Let’s do some ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ things.”

Whatever you’ve got planned over the holiday weekend, I hope a lot of fun, food and friends/family are involved! But before we get the party started, check out my faves from around the web and more in this week’s edition of Friday Faves! 🙂

Favorite travel: America’s Best Swimming Holes. Nothin’ better than a good ol’ swimmin’ hole, right? Bahahaha. Seriously though, what an awesome list. I’ve actually included a bunch of these in past Friday Faves. That’d be a fun bucket list – visit all of America’s favorite swimming holes in one summer.

Sawtooth National Recreation Area of Idaho where a red canoe is beached on the shores of Little Redfish Lake

Favorite frosty: Birthday Cake Milkshake. Wow! No need for it to be anyone’s actual birthday to dig into this puppy. In fact, I think it might be mandatory that this be had everyday. Drooling.


Favorite help: 10 Ways to Wear Ankle Boots. I bought my first pair of ankle boots last fall and have worn them exactly once because I have no idea how…until now! This is so helpful for the style challenged (aka me!)


Favorite indulge: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Scotcharoos. I didn’t think scotcharoos could get any better but clearly I was wrong – to the tune of two additional layers of deliciousness. 🙂


Favorite jam: Panic At The Disco’s Hallelujah. Ob.sessed with this song. Like, ugly-dance-behind-my-desk-on-the-regular ob.sessed.

Favorite furball. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Hopefully I’ll be able to do a bit of the same this weekend.


Favorite find: Counter-Height Fire Pit. I have never seen one of these (am I crazy?!) Would love, love, love to have one for the back yard. My future back yard, that is.


Favorite DIY: Map Page Letters. CHEAP and so cute.


Favorite photo. Bright barn + long exposure = wonderful. 🙂


Favorite breakfast: Banana Bread French Toast. Banana bread pancakes I’ve heard of, but french toast?! Come to mama!


Favorite funny. I can’t even handle the cuteness… 😉


Friday Faves

Happy Friday, guys – welcome to the weekend!

As I mentioned earlier, this week I started noticing a change in the air. One of my best friends who works in the school system, went back to work after having the summer off, and that, coupled with less kids floating around the playgrounds and pools makes it feel like summer is really coming to a close. Do you feel it too? Cue eyes shut tight, fingers in my ears, and intense singing of LA LA LA!

Actually, I’m kind of excited that fall is right around the corner. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I’m wishing the good solid few weeks of summer that we have left away. No siry Bob! I will be rompering and summer dressing it up as long as I possibly can!

Luckily I still have one quintessential summer event coming my way—Labor day! This year a bunch of my friends and I are headed down south to the Great Sand Dune National Park for two solid days/nights of camping, hiking, sand surfing, eating and some QT with the besties.


You know what I also CANNOT wait for? This weekend. Three of my friends from Wisco recently moved out to Colorado and we all getting together tonight for some putt-putt action and then tomorrow, I taking me, myself and I to my happiest place on Earth–The Tattered Cover Bookstore. It’s been way too long since I’ve just taken a “me day”, a day to sleep as long as my growling stomach will allow, a day to read, to relax and to of course buy all of the books.

Whatever you’ve got planned for the weekend, I hope that you have a fantabulous time! But before you get a jumpstart on the fun, be sure to check out my faves from around the web and more in this week’s edition of Friday Faves!

Favorite fashion. I adore this whole fall-inspired outfit. The shirt is too cool with the fringe, and I love that bell bottoms are making a comeback…just when I got into skinny jeans. #storyofmylife 😉


Favorite treat: Big Soft M&M Cookies. Delicious cookie pillows would have also been a good name for these babies, I think. YUM.


Favorite DIY: DIY Shelving. I love the industrial, “I didn’t try too hard” look of these shelves, and especially how they’re styled. Awesome find!


Favorite Jam: I’ve always been a fan of Maroon 5 (hellllloooo Adam Levine), and I know that there V album has been out for almost a year now, but I still cannot get enough. Unkiss Me has been my jam as of late and it is all of the amazing. Obsessed.

Favorite Take Me There: Hold the phone and shut the front door. There’s an Airbnb for bookstores. IN SCOTLAND!! Yespleaseandthankyou.


Favorite indulge: Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Cake. Wow. Just, WOW!


Favorite furball. Maddie does it again! Her caption had me cracking up: “Ahhhhh! It’s summer and I’m gonna eat all this water!” Can I join you? : )


Favorite bite: Churro Bites. Oh. Mah. Gah. I was this close to ordering a churro at Costco this week. It smelled sooo good! I got a hot dog instead. I know.


Favorite funny. Story of my life.


Friday Faves

Hey you beautiful people!

Guess what?

Chicken butt.

Also, IT’S FRIDAY!!!

Usually the week following a three-day weekend is awful, long, and just so awfully long. But this week seemed to fly by. And I am definitely not complaining. It’s going to be hard to top last weekend’s amazingness (I mean, I was 50ft from the Hanson brothers), but I think it’s going to be pretty damn close if not just as great. Tonight I’ve got a date with some serious DVR and couch action and I’m not even mad about it. Speaking of which, have any of you guys been watching Unreal? It’s a scripted drama that basically shows us what really goes on behind the scenes of my [and everyone’s] fave Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. Anddddd I’m addicted. SO good!

Tomorrow the sis is coming over to pool it up and work on our tans sunburns and then I’ve got an actual date with an actual human being later that night. Guys, this is huge! Not only did I make it past the dreaded first date (I’d like to think these babies sealed the deal), but we’re going on a second, a second date in which HE ASKED ME OUT! As the perpetual asker out, this is kind of foreign territory for me, but you know what? I’m kind of digging it. We’re going to dinner and mini golf which should be fun (loser buys post golf froyo, which means that I’m getting just all of the toppings because I’m obvies gonna kick his ass. Obvies.). And then Sunday I’ve got my softball game. My mom is coming to visit next week and is staying with me for two weeks which means I probably should clean my apartment at some point too but HAHAHAHA LIKE THAT’S GONNA HAPPEN!

No, but seriously. I really need to clean. Good thing my mom comes to visit me every six months because that’s really the only thing motivating me to dust off the ‘ol vacuum. I wish I was joking.

Whatever you’ve got planned for your weekend, I hope that you have an absolute blast! But before you get started. be sure to kick off the fun with my favorite finds from around the web and more in the week’s Friday Faves!

Favorite photo bomb: BRB just ugly laugh-crying at this pic of JLaw just being JLaw. Reason 50 million kajillion why I love her.


Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Like I mentioned earlier, UnReal. So. Good. If you ever wanted to see how “real” your fave reality TV shows are, you have to check this out!


Favorite festive: Sparkling Red White and Blue Sangria. Although the 4th of July is over I think this fizzy cocktail can be appreciated all summer long. I recommended it to a friend for the 4th and he reported back, “Welp. The only problem this drink has is that it doesn’t taste like alcohol.” HA!


Favorite tip: 9 Things You Should Do Every Weekend to Reset for the Week Ahead. I’m a firm believer in setting your week up for success by getting a few cleaning/organizing tasks out of the way on Sunday night. I usually do the dishes, pack my lunch (in my very cute Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox because I’m really a 12 year old stuck in a 28 year old’s body), and throw in any remaining laundry before heading to bed. It feels SO good to start the week off on the right foot, and this list has more great little things to do!


Favorite bite: Thai Pineapple Peanut Chicken Satay. The foodie world is going crazy for kabobs lately and these are definitely the most delicious looking ones I’ve seen. I’m such a sucker for all things grilled pineapple!


Favorite decor: Travel Photo Wall. I’ve wanted to hang a travel photo wall for years but never quite knew how to start or anchor it. Duh. A map, of course! Great layout.


Favorite funny. “…I am going to eat it all and enjoy my life here on the couch watching Netflix.” Well said, my friend. I doubt I’d ever wear this out of the house but come on, hilarious! #becauseOITNB


Favorite woah: Chocolate Strawberry Nutella Cake. Talk about delicious points. I saw this cake on the Pioneer Woman’s show a few weeks ago and not only did it look stunning, I can’t even imagine how insane it must taste. Strawberries + chocolate cake + whipped cream + nutella? Yes please!


Favorite furball. When I first saw this picture I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry (out of terror.) I decided to laugh…uncontrollably. HILARIOUS. I want this sweet pooch.


Friday Faves

Hola mi amigos!

Happy FriYAY! And May Day!

This week has made like Harry on a broomstick and just flown by! Actually, all of April has. How is it already May? Crazy hot sauce.

I’ve some pretty exciting plans on the docket for this weekend, starting with tonight. I’m living out my Who’s Line Is It Anyway dreams and going to see some live improve comedy with a friend which will be really fun! Nothing like a little ab-inducing laugh attack to kick off the weekend (my favorite form of cardio bee-tee-dubs).

Then on Saturday, the sis and I are channeling our inner Cal Ripken Jr. and hitting up the batting cages/throwing the ball around. We’ve decided to join an intramural coed softball league this summer (which actually starts in two weeks!! Like I said, just flying by!) and thought it might be best to get some practice time in. I used to play–and not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was pretty damn good–but that was eons ago; to say that I’m a tad rusty would be an understatement. I’m a lot. I’m pretty much the tinman of rusty. But I’m so super excited to get back into the swing of things, pun intended.

Other than that, I’m looking forward to kicking back with a good book, my queue of Netflix and getting my chillax on. Because that’s really what weekends are all about, aren’t they? Well, that and pizza. One must consume an ungodly amount of ‘zza. Hey, I didn’t make the rules, I just follow them.

Whatever it is you’ve got planned, I hope that you have an amazing weekend! But before you dive head first into that pepperoni, be sure to check out my favorites from around the web and more in the week’s Friday Faves!

Favorite Funny: I am still LOL’ing so hard at Kristen Wiig’s Daenerys impression on Jimmy Fallon. She KILLED it! I don’t know who I’m crushing harder on, my girl Kristen or Mr. Fallon.

Favorite place: Elan Valley, Wales. Which is the sky and which is the water?


Favorite GETINMYMOUTH: $!utty Brownies (respelled for spam purposes). I MEAN!!

Slutty Brownies

Favorite Reunion: Boy Meets World is still my favorite of show in the history of ever (well, besides Seinfeld of course) so you can imagine how excited I got when I saw this mini-reunion photo taken on the set of Girl Meets World that Ben Savage aka Corey Matthews posted on his insta the other day. My inner 13 year-old self was flipping out! Okay, okay. My outer 28-year self was flipping out!


Favorite Read: Run, don’t walk, to pick up a copy of Before I Go, by Colleen Oakley. I am about two-thirds of the way done with it right now and holy buckets…of emotions that is. Such a beautiful story of love, life and living every last moment like it truly is your last. But you’re gonna want to buy stock in some Kleenex.


Favorite flashback: Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread. My Mom used to make me Cinnamon Sugar Toast all the time when I was growing up. This updated twist is making my mouth water!


Favorite idea: Light Switch Time Capsule. Leave a note hidden behind a light switch when you move for another owner to find sometime in the future. Super clever.


Favorite Pick-up line(s):Are you a horcrux? Because I think you just stole a little piece of my heart.” I can’t with these right now, especially 8, 12 and 15!


Favorite view. Ohhhh, I hope I have a chance to do this someday!!!


Favorite personalized gift: Thumbprint Heart Pendant. Perfect for husband/wife, mom/dad/children, grandparents/grandchildren. I think this would be such a neat gift to give my momma this Mother’s Day!

*Mom, if you’re reading this, start preparing your surprised face now! 😉


Favorite print: Holstee Manifesto. Must. Have. ASAP. Love, love, love, this – I want it front and center somewhere in my house!


Friday Faves

Well hello, friends! And a very happy TGIF to ya!

How is everyone doing today?

This week has been a doozy, let me tell you. But a doozy in the best possible way. The end of the spring term here at the college is inching ever closer which means stressed out students, cranky professors and a very jam-packed library. WHICH I LOVE! Not the stressed out students or cranky professors part, but the whole party-in-the-library part. I hate to admit it, but it’s usually pretty quite in here, which makes it all the more exciting when they stop on by, even if it is to use the computers to do research Google.

I have to take the little victories when I can.

We also had a huge book drive today which went really well! I absolutely hate the idea of throwing away books; in fact, if I could take them all home, I would in a heart beat! But something even better than taking them home myself is giving them to people who could really use/need/want them. We ended up donating over 100 books to local area high schools which was amazing! I’m so glad that we were able to give back and truly make a positive difference—and what better way than through books! 🙂

This is the first weekend in a long time that I really don’t have a lot planned, which is SO GREAT! I’m telling you, the pants are off, the Netflix is queued up and the pizza guy is on speed dial the moment I walk through the door of my apartment tonight.

I hope you guys have a fun-filled and relaxing weekend ahead of you, but before you get started on your very own pantsless pizza fest, be sure to check out my finds from around the web and more in this week’s edition of my Friday Faves!

Favorite OMG Moment: This week my new BFF Zooey Daschenal shared one of the articles I wrote for HelloGiggles over on her Facebook page. I’m still in a state of “holy-guacamole-did-that-just-happen-oh-my-gosh-how-frickin’-cool” shock. WHAT?!


Favorite treat: Easy Homemade Funfetti CupcakesNormally I’m a 4:1 ratio of cupcake to icing kind of gal, but holy buckets I would totally reverse the rule for these babies. Mouthwatering, and adorable!


Favorite woah: Once in a Lifetime Shots. I’ve seen a bunch of these slideshows before, but this one is pretty cool and includes a flock of flamingos in the shape of, wait for it, a flamingo!


Favorite gift: Hand-Stamped Gold Disc Charm. Wouldn’t this be a cute Mother’s Day gift? A chain with the first initial of all her children looped through?


Favorite breakfast: Banana Bread French Toast. Banana bread pancakes I’ve heard of, but french toast?! Come to mama!


Favorite #TBT: Goo Goo Dolls. I was OB.SESSED with this band in middle/high school and even got to seem them in concert twice (ahhhmazing show, btw). This whole week, the GGDs have been on repeat–at work, in the car, rocking out with me at the gym. I almost forgot how much I loved these guys. Almost. P.S. Iris makes me cry every. damn. time.

Favorite furball. Call me crazy (go ahead, we’ll wait) but I have always thought dog noses and mouths are so CUTE! Right?! Awww. 🙂


Favorite guide: 101 Places Every Traveler Should Know. I’m a big fan of crossing off and highlighting the places I’ve been to and seen in my 1,001 Places to See Before You Die book, but I really like this easier to manage list.

Famous Acorn Street in Beacon Hill, Boston Massachusetts USA. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

Favorite bite: Cinnamon-Sugar Sweet Potato Fries with Brown Butter Marshmallow Glaze. Ok why have I never thought to toss my Sweet Potato Fries with cinnamon-sugar, and why oh WHY have I never drizzled them with brown butter marshmallow glaze before?!


Favorite place: The Oasis – Lake Travis, Austin, TX. What a view! The Oasis is a popular restaurant perched on a bluff 450 feet above Lake Travis in Austin, TX, Would you dare?


Favorite Funny: If you haven’t been watching Lip Synch Battle, you are losing at life. The show, based on a hilarious Jimmy Fallon sketch is my new favorite thing ever. And it will soon be yours. Trust. I mean, John Krazinski in a dress, people!

Friday Faves

Well hey there, guys! Happy TGIF! I woke up this morning with a spring (pun intended) in my step and a giant goofy grin on my face. It could be due to the fact that it is absolutely GOREGOUS out–have I mentioned how incredible springtime is here in Colorado? It also could be that I’m wearing my super cute summer dress, am rocking a good hair day (this happens on the rare so I be sure to take advantage of it when it does), it’s Friyay and that in just three days, my baby sis is MOVING TO COLORADO!!! Just so mannnnny goooood things!!! I’ve also got a pretty great weekend lined up, most of which involves enjoying this amazing weather.  Seeing as my mom is coming into town and will be staying with me next week (YAY!!), I should probably clean my apartment at some point as well, you know, make it seem as though I do that sort of thing on a regular basis. Before you get started on your weekend funness, be sure to check out my finds from the web and more in this week’s edition of my Friday Faves! Favorite furballs. BEST FWENDS FOREVER! Heart. Melted. dog-kitty-best-friends_mini Favorite treat: Butterscotch White Chocolate Wonderful Krispie Treats. Everybody’s favorite sweet treat, on ‘roids! Plus there’s only 3 ingredients! ButterscotchWhiteChocoateWonderfulBars_mini Favorite reminder: Have Fun! (Seriously). But seriously though. 🙂 HavefunSeriously_mini Favorite h[APP]y: This app lets you send actual feelable feels via text. Virtual hugs are now a thing and they are amazing! Hugnow1-700x525c Favorite sweet: No-Bake Peanut Butter S’mores Bars. Clearly, very few words are needed to express my deep gratitude for this recipe, but I do just love the fact that these bars are no-bake (in addition to everything else!) NoBakePeanutButterSmoresBars_mini Favorite travel: Man-Made Structures that will Fry Your Brain. Must. Get. To. Petra. petra_mini Favorite funny: 18 Most Epic Dog Beards of All Time. This montage made me laugh uncontrollably in a way that usually only Jimmy Fallon can. dogbeards_mini Favorite jam: Honey I’m Good by Andy Grammar has got me ugly dancing in all the best possible ways. Favorite lick: Oreo Pudding Pops. The love child of my favorite ice cream, Cookies ‘n’ Cream. and my favorite childhood treat, Jello Pudding Pops. YUM!! Oreo-Pudding-Pops_mini Favorite News: Did I mention that MY SISTER IS MOVING TO COLORADO NEXT WEEK?!?! Colorado better hold on to it’s tighty whities because the Hansen sisters are back, Jack! 10406373_10100486408886342_1599872745069254214_n Have a great weekend, everyone!

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