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Life’s Little Awesomes: Wearing Flip-Flops on the Edge


I went to college in a small, Wisconsin town that got hit hard by weather extremes.

In the fall, the summer winds would quickly cool and sharpen, ripping into your cheeks on your way home from class, leaving them red and finely shredded, almost as if you had applied blush with sandpaper.

In the winter, the roads and sidewalks would be covered in piles of wet slush, little bombs of slippery ice-dirt and road salt that would explode onto your pants and shoes, leaving nasty stains when they dried.

In the spring, the snow would melt away, leaving soggy grass everywhere. I’d see that grass and think it was pretty solid, but my foot would just sink into it, cold little mud bubbles rising around my shoe from all directions, soaking right into my sock. It felt like I was walking on a peat bog covered in smushed worms and last year’s dog poo.


It wasn’t pretty.

My roommate Ashley and I were left with just two choices:

1. Try to predict and adjust for the weather. You know the drill: wear lots of layers, carry umbrellas on sunny days, build a collection of waterproof boots and start using phrases like “bunker in” and “venture out.”

2. Ignore it completely.

Well, we chose to ignore it. And we faced the consequences, let me tell you.

We got wind burn and had sleet slip down the back of our tee shirts. We would get massive dirt soakers and permanently stretch our socks peeling them off of our feet at the front door. We got dry legs, we got bone chill, and friends, we got rain hair hard.

But eventually, we got good at the art of ignoring it all.

In fact, I would dare to “venture out” and say that we were the queens of ignorance, the top dogs, the master of our unpredictable weather domains.

While I did indeed have mad skills, my roommate was the best of the best at ignoring the weather, the biggest proof being that she wore flip flops all year round. And in a northern Wisconsin town where “winter is coming” and “winter is never leaving” were phrases that were heard and uttered and believed on the regular, that was saying something. Wind, snow, rain, it didn’t matter one iota. “The toes need to breathe,” she’d say matter of factly.


She’d emphasize the point with a sturdy lip and a firm slipping on of the flip-flop. Then, she’d slap on her heavy backpack, give me a wink, and trudge out into a blizzard, navigating ice patches and slush piles like a pro.

Sure, there was the occasional bad day that came with being chronically unprepared for Mother nature’s worst blows, generally involving a dirty-puddle splashing all over your feet from a passing truck or maybe being unable to feel your toes until you put them in the toaster oven for twenty minutes. But we made it through.

And come on, there is something really nice about wearing sandals when you shouldn’t be wearing sandals. It’s liberation from shoe shackles, freedom from the oppressing sock, and a violent rebellion against those frostbite warnings Al Roker preaches on the weather channel.

People of the world, let’s face it: if we can come together to take down the shoe, then really, nothing can stop us.



Thoughts on a Thursday

1. THISSSSS!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday in Denver we had some really, REALLY, bad storms. There were a reported 8 tornados spotted, one of which was right. above. my. office. building! A co-worker of mine was driving back from lunch when he was able to snap this incredible picture of the menacing funnel cloud directly above out heads. Thankfully it didn’t do any damage and no one was hurt, but yikes-a-bee! The whole office building had to take shelter for a good hour and all I can say is thank golly I wasn’t near any windows because I am pretty sure that if I saw this, I would have had a serious Depends moment (if you know what I’m mean). Or would have fainted. Or perhaps had a mini-heart attach. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I am terrified of tornados.


2. I literally have no other thoughts on this Thursday because I am still trying to fully process that there was a GIANT FRICKING TORNADO ABOVE MY HEAD YESTERDAY!!!!

Have I mentioned I am terrified of tornados?


We’re supposed to get more bad storms tonight right on through to this weekend.

I’m just going to hope and pray that the weathdudes  who are so often completely batty in their predictions, are once again, way WAY off.


Question of the day: Tornado? Thoughts? Have you ever been in or seen one up close and personal-style?




Life’s Little Awesomes: The Air Just Before a Thunderstorm


I love a good thunderstorm.

Warm wind whips and whistles down the streets sending cigarette butts, crumpled receipts and dry leaves swirling in all directions. Specks of dust glow in deep sunbeam tints as dark clouds shuffle in the sky. There’s a warm and wet sense of electric anticipation as lightning bolts flash silently in the distance. Dogs bark in the background and everyone races for cover.

You hear the nylon swish of umbrellas popping open, the scrape of plastic chairs dragging across patios, and the adrenaline buzzing before the first big boom.

Here come the jumbo drops.


When it Rains, it Pours

Hey y’all!

I am dying to know how your 4th of July was!!

Did you do anything fun? Eat anything amazing? Ooh and ahh over the sparking fireworks? Get stranded on an island for three hours in the middle of a huge lake during an epic monsoon of a thunder/lightning storm and nearly freeze your arse off in the process?

If so…holy moly, Shmoly! We were SO in the same boat!! Pun intended.

Let’s go back a good 24 hours ago…

My mom, dad, pup Thunder and yours truly packed our sunscreen, sunglasses, swimming suits and fishing poles and headed out for a day of 4th of July fun and sun. We decided to explore a new lake hidden among the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of GA. Someone clearly didn’t need to be asked twice and was ready for the trip, tail wagging with even the mention of the words ‘car ride’.

When we got to the lake, it was absolutely breath-taking. The scenery that was sandwiched around us, the greenest of the green woods mixed with the bluest of the blue water reminded me a lot of the amazeball lakes in Wisconsin that I used to spend every summer on growing up. It was nice being back ‘home’ for just a while.

When we first hit the water, it was a cool 100 degrees. I say cool because after five straight days of triple digit degree weather, this temp actually felt cool. Craziness! As soon as we motored over to a lagoon, you betcha the first thing I did was a CANON BALL right off the side of the boat. I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I kinda rock when it comes to the cannon ball. After many years of practice, off of diving boards and boat docks, I think I have mastered the art of the perfect ‘ball’. I’ll let you in on a little secret–all you have to remember to achieve the supreme splash-to-noise ratio is SHATH:  Speed Height And Tuck Hold. You SHATH, and you will ‘ball’ my friends.

AHHHH it felt sooooo good! Well, after I got the water out of my nose. And got the bug out of my mouth that I accidentally ate post-jump. There is nothing quite like jumping into a cold bed of water on a hot, hot, blazing hot day.

Thunder wanted to get in on some of that action so after some trepidation, a little pacing back and forth,  and a ‘should I jump in? No I’ll stay in the boat. But I think I wanna go in. But I’m not sure if I wanna get wet. But it looks so fun. But I…’ thinking, he took one, two, three steps towards the back of the boat and hopped right in.

Best. Swimming buddy. Ever.

Although he did have a habbit of doggy-paddling my back every once in a while. And shooting snot bubbles from his nose directly at my face. But other than that….

Best. Swimming buddy. Ever.

After we both got tuckered out, we got back into the boat, did some fishing (Thunder thought he should ‘retrieve’ dad’s luer), some snacking (FYI: pre-made sandwiches purchased at a gas station may be labeled as “Made Fresh Daily” but they do not indicate what day that was. Sorry mom, but I warned you…) and I was just about to get my tan on when all of sudden, the biggest storm cloud I had ever seen decided to park straight above us and shower us with H2O.

We hunkered down for a bit, hoping that the clouds would soon pass on by but after a good twenty minutes of no change, we decided to move to a different part of the lake, hoping to catch a sunny, or at least rain-free, spot of sky.

My dad: “Oh the sun will be back out in no time.”

It lightened up for a little while but just when we thought blue skies were in our future, the dark ones came rolling on back.

The heavens opened up like I had never seen before, raining cats and dogs elephants and rhinos, thundering booming louder than my mom’s snores (and that is saying something) and lightning illuminating the sky. We thought it best, or at least I did, that we make our way back to the dock and call it a day.

Oh if only it were that easy.

We were a good 6 miles from the boat landing and the weather wasn’t letting up any.

My dad: “Oh the sun will be back out in no time.”

In fact, it was raining harder and harder as time went on. We tried to go as fast as we could, get as far as we could, but the rain came down in sheets, and at the speed we were going, it felt like little liquid bullets pelting us as we zoomed by. we decided to pull up to an island and seek some sort of reprieve from the rain and wind under the trees. I may have been freezing, my mom may have had to pee like a race horse, and we were all wet as wet could be, Thunder was having the time of his life. He enjoyed a nice mud bath, found a tennis ball to play with and even made friends with some giant toads that were just chilling on some logs. I couldn’t help but LOL.  After about a half an hour, we decided to try this one more time.

My dad: “Oh the sun will be back out in no time.”

We had just made it back into the boat and started off towards the boat landing when the storm really began.

Winds were a raging, rain was a falling, lightning was a streaking and thunder was a booming. We lasted a good two minutes on the water before we had to pull of. Again. To another island.

Me: “Yeah. Ah dad? I don’t think the sun is going to be back out anytime soon.”

All four of us, literally dripping wet, stood under what little coverage we had for what felt like forever. All I could think of was that time when I was five and fishing with my dad on Shawano Lake in Wisconsin. We had to get off of the lake due to a tornado warning and take shelter in this abandoned shed (abandoned with the exception of the thousands of spiders that called it home). two of my biggest fears, spiders and tornadoes all balled into one. EEK! I had never been more scared and grossed out in my life.

When the lightning streaks became less and less frequent and the thunder began to sound further and further away, we decided to make our third time a charm and got back into the boat, going as fast as we could before God decided to use his watering can on us again. Thankfully we made it back to the docking sight. Sopping wet. Cold. And bladders very full. I never thought I would be desperate for the heat to be on in the car on July 4th in the state of Georgia but boy was I ever!

All I can say from my 3-hour tour, one that Gilligan and the Skipper would be oh so proud of, is that you could not pay me enough to be on the show Survivor.


It may have rained on our parade (in more ways than one), but that didn’t stop us from having a [cannon] ball. It’s nice to think back on holidays that were perfectly pleasant, but even more fun to remember those that were a bit soggy.

I hope you all had a great 4th of July, even if you did end up getting a little wet 😉

Questions of the day: How did you spend Independence Day?

Could you ever participate in a show like Survivor?


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