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Sweet as Sugar

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all having a splendid Friday-Eve! I don’t know about you but I’ve got a huge evening planned…Pumpkin Pancakes + Project Runway Finale = more fun than a barrel of monkeys (I am team Anya all the way–she’s an uber amazing designer for sure!).

As you know, Halloween is just around the corner and I can’t wait! It is by far one of the most sweetest of all holidays and for good reason. Every year, over 598 million pounds, or $ 1.9 billion worth  of candy are bought, sold, and eaten (now that’s a lot of Snicker bars) by Americans. Growing up, my friends and I would have a contest to see who could fill their trick-or-treat bags up the most, running from house to house, being sure to hit up the coveted few who gave out King Size Twix, Kit Kats and other chocolately goodness. After the night was over, we would all sit cross-legged in the living room, dump out our massive stash of sugary-sweets and count each and every single piece, right down to the last Peanut Butter Kiss. Do you remember those? Grody! They were the nasty orange and black-wrapped candy goo concoctions that always seemed to dominate my bag.

I'll trade ya! Does anyone actually like these?

Those, Bit-O-Honeys, anything black-licorice related and those darn tooth brushes that the neighborhood dentist sneakily handed out every year were the first to hit the garbage right after everything was sorted and stock-piled according to size, variety and preference. I am not proud of this but in my prime, I was a master at bartering and would often connive my poor little sister into handing over her M&M’s, Starbursts and Peanut Butter Cups in favor of my garbage approved stash, Peanut Butter Kisses included. So sorry Linds. One thing am I proud of however is the fact that I am the reigning candy champ; the year was 1999, I was a far-out hippy chick, and I filled my pillow case to the brim! To this day, no one has come close to beating this gal’s record-setting candy score. Thank you, thank you very much 😉

Candy Domination!

Speaking of all this candy, I recently read a reasearch study that I thought was pretty interesting. You’ve probably heard the expression, “You are what you eat” or terms of endearment such as “Honey”, “Sweetheart” and “Sugar Pie”. Well, according to Psychologists at Gettysburg University, these popular metaphors could have more truth to them than we think. A group of researchers led by Associate Psychologist and Professor Brian Meier conducted and analyzed over 5 studies of taste and behavior with over 108 participants and found that those who ate sweet foods tended to be more agreeable, cooperative and kind than those who preferred or ate more non-sweet foods. In two further studies, students given chocolate to eat (either a Hershey’s Kiss or a piece of Dove Silky Smooth chocolate), rated themselves as more agreeable and actually volunteered more of their time to help an unknown researcher, as compared with students given a sour sweet or a water cracker.

So  why does there seem to be this link between sweet taste and personality/behavior? According to Meier, it may stem from whether or not as a child, these people were breast-fed or not. “Human breast milk is decidedly sweet in taste and chemical composition and feeding episodes are marked by a close bond of mother and child,” Meier says. “Thus, one of the earliest bases for later emotional attachments is also marked by a sweet-tasting ingested food.” Very interesting! Of course, future research is needed to explore other potential links between tastes and personality. Do those who put hot sauce and chili peppers on everything have spicy personalities, for instance or how about those who would prefer to kill of bowl of potato chips and pretzels? Do they seem to be more salty in personality? The general point in this study is that taste-related metaphors may be useful in understanding other personality processes than those examined.

As a kid who dominated her bag of candy, eating every morsel of chocolate and bag of Skittles within a couple of days (maybe I should have kept that tooth-brush), and now as an adult who lives by the rule “One for you, two for me” when handing out candy to the kiddos trick-or-treating at her apartment, it is safe to say I have a huge sweet tooth. Actually, make that sweet teeth (no one single tooth could handle all of the sugar this mouth takes in). Not only do I have a deep love of the sweets, but I like to think I have a very sweet personality as well. There is nothing I love more (besides a big ‘ol bowl of ice cream) than making others feel good, making them laugh, putting a smile on their face and putting others before myself (almost to a fault). This is why I particularly found this study so interesting, no matter if it has any validity behind it. Just think if it were true though. Think of all the things we could possibly do with this. Who knows…world peace could just be a matter of handing out King Sized Mars bars and Candy Corn. Now that is what I call a sweet resolution!

Oh these? These are for the "trick or treaters"...

Have a sweet night guys!

Question of the day:

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

My favorites would have to be Twix, Kit Kats, Almond Joys, those cute little vanilla tootsie rolls and Candy Corn 🙂

Are you more of a sweet food person? Spicy or salty?

I am definitely a sweet food gal! Sugar all the way baby!

Never too old

You’re never too old to….

1. Go back to school.

I was just accepted into the Post-Bachelor’s Teacher Program with Western Govenor’s University!!! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to head on back to school (with my trusty Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, pencils and pens, loose-leaf paper and calculator in hand of course), hit the books, and become a bonified certified teacher! The road to get here has been long. I have taken a couple of detours along the way and have had more than my fair share of potholes, but I am finally on the right course and couldn’t be more happy 🙂

2. Sport an uber chic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sweater.

Cowabunga Dude!

Did anyone else have a crush on Donotello?

Growing up, I was absolutely in love with these pizza-eating, sewer-dwelling, butt-kicking reptiles. I remember begging my mom to take me to Blockbuster every Saturday to rent the VHS tapes of the live-action movies, over and over and over and over and, well, you get the idea. My favorite one was the third in the series, you know the one…but just in case you forgot…it was the one where they get transported back in time and go to Japan and train as ancient Samurai Warriors and assist a small village there who where being held captive by the evil emporor in an uprising and…you’ll just have to check it out for yourself because it is AWESOME! Anywhoo, I was at Goodwill the other day and saw this little gem of a sweater and thought to myself, “You know, I am in need of some gaudy but fashionable TMNT wear to adorn my closet.” So, I did what any former (and still) fan of the turtle would do…I plunkered down the $4 and bought myself a sweater. Best $4 I have spent in a long time.

3. Sleep with a baby’s blanket.

Yes I am 24 years old. And yes I still sleep, nay, HAVE to sleep, with a blanket that was given to me when I was just a babe in Pampers. Me and my blanket are tight like Spandex. We go way back and have been through so much together. It was a constant source of comfort and safety growing up–it has shielded my eyes from many a scary movie, kept me warm on those cold winter nights snuggling up on the couch with a good book, was a chew toy for all three of my pups and was, in a way, a friend. It’s because of the memories that it possesses that it remains that same source of comfort and safety to this day. My whole family makes fun of me for still hanging on to the raggedy old thing but I think they’re just jealous.

4. Go to a pumpkin patch

One of the best things about fall is heading out to your local pumpkin farm, taking a hay ride, making your way through a corn maze (I swear I wasn’t lost, I was just taking the scenic route), and of course picking out your favorite orange gourd to take home and carve. I also want to add on to this trick-or-treating. Whoever came up with the idea of going door to door, getting candy from complete strangers was either a) a total genius or b) crazy out of his gourd. I’d like to think he was the former. Any excuse to go out and get a bag loaded with Snickers (king sized if you know which houses to hit), Skittles and Candy Corn is an excuse good enough for me!

5. Watching hours upon hours of Doug and Recess (DVR’d, naturally).

You can learn so much from watching cartoons. I prefer to think of it as educational entertainment.

6. Eating Peanut Butter straight from the jar.


Who needs bread when you’ve got a spoon? Or your hand? Need I say more.

Happy Columbus day guys!

Question of the day: What things do you do or enjoy to ‘stay young’ at heart?

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