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We Go Together Like Peas and Carrot [Flavored Chew Toys?]

In honor of National Dog Day, I thought it only fitting to write about the best man in my life: Mr. Thunder.

I’ve heard of couples who have been married for 30+ years–the adorable ones you see walking hand-in-hand through the mall looking so in love, so happy–eventually looking, talking, and thinking the same.

I’ve heard of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters who listen to the same music, cheer for the same sports teams/players, wear the same perfume and even share the same mannerisms (I can belch like a sailor–thanks dad–and have picked up on my mom’s uncanny ability to sense when someone is feeling a bit down, instantly jumping at the chance to make them laugh, turning that frown upside down. That expression is actually something that I learned from my mom as well!

These are all things that are sure to happen when one lives and spends time with another person over an extended period of time; in fact, it’d be weird if it didn’t. You begin to sense when the other is sad, hungry, excited or scared.  You learn and get accustomed to each others weird habits and hobbies (like eating peanut butter straight out of the jar and having to check inside the shower before stepping in because the movie Psycho scarred you for life. I mean, I don’t do these things but…)

But the one thing that I never took into consideration was how much you and your favorite four-legged and furry friend could just act like twinsies.

Case-in-point: Thunder from down under and yours truly.

I’m pretty convinced that if I had a tail and Thunder had boobs, people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between us.


Maybe his hair is a tad more blonde than mine, but other than that…

Here are just some of the things that prove just how in-sync we are with each other:

1. Thunder and I both appreciate great music and are never to shy away from breaking out in a mad karaoke session.t8

2. We LOVE to be active, whether it’s running, hiking, or kicking (or chewing) the soccer ball around.t1


3. But as much as we love to get out sweat on, nothing is greater than kicking back after a long day, just a book, some trashy TV, and the couch.t11

4. And what goes better than some trashy TV/a good book and some serious couch time than with some junk food.  Drooling over freshly made chocolate-chip cookies is mandatory (and perhaps hereditary?)


5. We both have bladders the size of a small pea. “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”


6. Whenever someone mentions a “ROADTRIP!/CAR RIDE!”, we are the first to “SHOTGUN” that situation (again with the drooling! We should really get that looked at.)



7. Every once in a while, we like to get all gussied up in our finest attire. And let me tell you, we know how to party.


8. Nothing says summer than a day on the lake!


9. We are THE CHEESIEST Packer and Brewers fan ever and won’t hesitate to jump on the couch with glee Tom Cruise style when a winning homerun or touchdown is made!


9. We both try to live each day to the fullest, stopping to smell the turtles (?) and not taking advantage of any minute, any second that God has blessed us with.


10. We are appreciative of the beauty all around us, whether that be in nature, in the kind hearts of people, or in ourselves.


11. And lastly, and most importantly, we love to love. We don’t waste an opportunity to spend time with the ones we love, telling them and showing them how much they mean to us.




My Thunder and I go together like peas and carrot flavored chew toys.

Let’s just hope I don’t pick up on my pup’s habit of licking his friend’s butts. Somehow I don’t think that would go over very well the next time my pals and I get together 😉

If you’re lucky enough to share your life with [wo]man’s best friend, be sure to give them an extra dose of love today (and maybe a bone or five). And if you don’t have a dog, I urge you to consider adopting/rescuing one from your local animal shelter. There are so many lovable pooches out there who need a great home. You’ll be making a difference in the lives of these amazing animals, and they will most definitely be making a difference in yours.


Wroof Ruff Woof Wruf Rof!

Hey guys!

It’s me, Thunder!

Mom is busy trying to dig my bone out from underneath the fridge for me. I’d totally get it but, well, it’s just too darn funny and entertaining to watch her do it instead.

Hey mom! You almost got it! Just a bit to your left. A little more…a little more…Oh. Did I say left? I meant your right…hehehe

Oh the things she does for me 😉

Anywhoo, I thought this was the a prime opportunity to introduce myself to you, and the world. I love her to death, but I don’t think momma W shines enough of the spotlight on me here. I mean, I am the cutest dog that you ever did see! At least that’s what mom tells me everyday! Little known secret about moi: Did you know that I was supposed to have been in The Artist? Yeah. That’s right. That mega-award winning, uber good silent film that won the hearts of movie-goers everywhere? Yup. That one. But apparently Uggie, my once friend and now frenemy (don’t let his cute exterior fool you–rumor has it he’s been sent to the doghouse on more than one occasion) knew a person who knew a person who knew once cut Michel Hazanavicius, the director of The Artist’s lawn, and because of that, gave him the Oscar-winning role.

Needless to say, I was not a happy pup. I didn’t chase my tail for weeks after that.

But after a little coaxing from my mom and the rest of the fam, I realized that it was probably a good thing that I didn’t become all big and famous. Let’s face it, being type-cast as the ‘cute dog’ would have prevented me from flexing my creative muscles. And I am too proud for that to happen. Plus, I have a pretty darn amazing life right here and wouldn’t trade that for anything!

One of my favorite things to do is go for walks and runs with mom. It’s a chance for us to get down and dirty, play, have fun, and pee every two steps. Okay. Maybe only I do that. Speaking of which, I don’t get why she gets mad at me for sometimes pooing in the yard of the next door neighbors. I’m just helping them fertilize and cultivate their lawn.

I am also an adrenaline junkie! If it’s a ride, I am on it! whether it’s by boat…

or by car…

there is nothing too fast or furious for me!

And after a long day of adventure, nothing beats a good napperoo on a California King!

I don’t want to brag, but I am one heck of a ball player…

…can beg for people food with the best of them (Please disregard the drool in this pic. It happens. Not my most flattering of moments for sure but hey, I did score me some Doritos that night!)…

…and have been told that I am quite the good kisser–I’ve got references 😉

And ladies, you can have all of this! That’s right. I am also single. Now I know what you’re thinking,” Why is a good-looking, smart, nearly perfect and catch-of-a-dog like you not FB official with a lucky gal by now? I’ve had my flings and hook-ups here or there, but I was young and immature. As I have gotten older, I’ve become wiser and have decided that I want a relationship, not just somebody to sniff bums with, if you know what I’m saying 😉

So if you’re interested, don’t be shy! I’d love to maybe do a date at the dog park or dinner! I know this really great italian joint we could hit up that serves the best spaghetti (Four words for you: Lady and the Tramp). Hit me with your digits, girls!

Oh shoot.

Mom finally got my bone out.

20 minutes. A new record.

Way to go, mom!!

I better go before she realizes I hijacked her computer. Thanks for hanging out with me today guys!



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