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Fangirl Moment, Canoes and Nervous Nelly

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a splendiferous holiday weekend!

Mine began bright and early Saturday morning when I flew my way down and over to Georgia. Technically, I rode while the pilot flew, but you get the idea. My mom came and picked me up from the airport and we booked ourselves (pun intended) to the Decatur Book Festival.

And then this happened.

Oh my goodness gracious, this happened.

I attended the book talk/signing of Emily Giffin’s newest book, The One and Only and it was all of the awesome. Not only did she talk about her book and those previous, but she talked about what it really is like to be a writer, to become a writer. At moments, it felt like she was speaking directly to me, offering sage advice on how to not give up, to keep trying, writing and creating. One of the biggest reasons why I love Emily Giffin so much, besides her writing prowess, is because she is so honest, so humble, and so funny!

And then this happened.


I. Die.

I had a total fangirl moment (I seriously thought I was going to start hyperventilating right then and there) when I got to meet her!!!! We got to chat a bit (we’re, like, total BFF’s now); I told her that I recently published my first book and how much of an inspiration she was for me before, during and after that long and sometimes frustrating (but very rewarding and amazing) process. She even plugged my book to the audience and told me how much I should be proud of myself. And then we hugged.

I hugged Emily Giffin!

And she smelled like daisies and freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookies and a Hawaiian sunrise.

I’m telling you.

Total fangirled out.

If that wasn’t enough to brag about this weekend, the next day the fam and I took a three-hour tour canoe trip on Lake Alatoona. I can’t remember the last time I was in a canoe (I’m more of a kayak fan (atic)) so I was bit rusty to say the least, especially when it came to steering the darn thing. But after a while, I got into a kind of groove and by the end of the trip, I was the master of disaster.

Which, thankfully we didn’t have any of (except for the fact that we didn’t pack nearly enough potato chips for the ride).


My sister Lindsay and I post-canoeing doing our best Miley Cyrus impressions.

Monday I drove up to Layfeyette, GA to meet up with one of my best friends from college to do some epic rock climbing and adventuring. My friend Alex is part monkey so he naturally took to the rocks like stink on poo, but I surprised myself with how much monkeydom I had in me as well. It was an absolute blast and even though my arms are still feeling the effects of the past couple of days, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Great friends, great conversation, and great laughs. It really doesn’t get any better than that.


Tornadoes? HA! We laugh in the face of tornadoes! Actually, we climb them.

So I’ve got some potentially big news.

Or at least I am hoping it will be potentially big news.

Yesterday I had a second interview for a library position at a private school here in the Denver area and it went really, really well. So well in fact, that they called me not an hour after I was done to invite me in for a final, four-hour in-person interview on the campus.

Tomorrow morning.

I KNOW!!!!

I get to tour the campus, meet with the rest of the library staff, speak with the school principal and they are even treating me to lunch.

I KNOW!!!!

I’m super nervous but super excited at the same time.

It sounds like such an incredible opportunity, something I have been dreaming about since, well, since I can remember actually. To be able to work with kids, to inspire them to become readers and life-long learners, doers and thinkers? To be surrounded by books everday? To be a part of something bigger than myself, to make a difference and to positively impact the lives of these students?

Well that, my dear friends, is what I call a dream come true.

And I am hoping that that dream starts tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!



Book Hangovers Are A Lot Like Relationships


It’s a real thing, you guys.

The other day my friend asked me, “So, what book are you currently reading?” It took me a moment to realize that I’m not reading anything at the moment. Why?

My only explanation was because I was still reeling from the ending of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, the last book I read. Upon further scrutinization, I realized that the other last books I read were Tempting Fate by Jane Green, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner and Looking For Alaska by John Green.

The gaps and patterns of when I read these were interesting too. I realized I would read books for two to three months straight, stop and then read again. Could this be characterized as a form of binge drinking? Except in my case, it’s reading? But what could have caused this?

I suppose one of the explanations would be is that after reading and enjoying a book, I get a book hangover.

A serious book hangover.

Yes, it’s a real thing!

Falling for a book and its characters, forming an attachment, only to be led to an end; it can take a toll. After reading the last Harry Potter book, all I could think of was, “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” followed by, “That’s it?!?! But what will happen to them now? James, HP’s son is going to Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione’s daughter! Will they become friends, too? Will they end up together? Oh my gosh, my mind is blown! I need to know more! More, I tell you! What am I supposed to do with my life now?!”

To be honest, I’m still reeling the effects.

When a book is so enjoyable, its influence will linger in my consciousness. I try not to, but somehow, I always get attached. Like breaking up with a relationship that wasn’t real, what if, to get over this book hangover, a reader’s mechanism is to read another book?

It can happen. As humans, in this postmodern world, we’re attracted by the allure of escapism from reality, that’s why we love virtual worlds, vacations and other things. Drowning in an imaginary world is fleeting and captivating. But after awhile, you get to a state of burned-outness from reading.

The disappointment from an end of a book leaves you wistful. So much so, that the thought of books makes you gag for a while–much like tuna fish sandwiches or the thought of your high school gym teacher in a speedo–, so you push them away. It’s only when it’s November and you look at your Goodreads account that you realize that you haven’t actually finished your reading challenge, so you finally pick up to start one of the books you’ve hoarded throughout the year.

And the cycle starts again.

So, how do you get out of this funk? I have some suggestions.

1. Have a rebound.
Like in relationships, perhaps you need to read bad literature for a while. You know, the chick lit and other books you hide behind your shelf. Yeah…those.

2. Finish unfinished books.
Don’t tell me you don’t have one! It’s those books you bought for the sake of its pretty illustration cover and then realized it’s just bland. Or those books people gave you as presents. Why do people assume you’d like any sort of book just because you read books, right? I mean, usually I do, but in those rare occasions…

3. Something new.
Admit it, in relationships, someone new is a great distraction to get you back in the dating arena, not in that I would know, I’m only assuming, of course. In the same way, a book from a completely different genre always helps a book hangover.

4. Let it out of your system.
You know how it always feels good to rant about the jerkface who dumped you via text to your girlfriends? Why not spare your friends’ ears and ramble on the Internet? Start a blog, write a ravenous review on Amazon or Goodreads or compose a 146-character, heartfelt yet heartbreaking tweet.

And finally…

5. Wait.
True love waits, and likewise, so does great literature and good writing. A good book, series, characters and plot are bound to come again. They are rare, but yes, like nice guys, they do exist.

Well guys, I think I’ve waited long enough. A girl can only be in a book drought for so long after all. I’ve let it out of my system and am doing some serious rebounding–the greasy bacon and egg sandwich to my book hangover– with Emily Giffin’s The One and Only. I started it this morning before work and while I’m only 65 pages in, I have a feeling this has “Book hangover” written all over it.


Question of the day: Have you ever suffered from a book hangover?

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