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My Sunday in Numbers

86: The number of hot and sticky degrees it was today. And I loved it! The sun was a shinin’, the birds were a chirpin’ and there was an all around sprummer feeling (it technically is spring but man oh man does it feel like summer aka…SPRUMMER!). I couldn’t have asked for a better start to April!

68: The number of cool degrees it was in my house. After riding around in my car with my bum literally sticking to my seat, sweating in places I didn’t even know I could sweat, I was SO very glad to come back to this. Air conditioning, I love you.

5: The number of miles I got my run on today (hence the hot and sweaty mess. But check out the gun show!) It was the first time that I have run in a good while; I told myself that I wouldn’t do anything too strenuous until I hit a certain weight bench mark and I am happy to say that this chica has hit it! I still have a little ways to go yet, so I am going to keep my running to a minimum and my eating to a maximum (especially anytime I decide to lace up my pumped-up kicks and hit the pavement), but I already feel SO unbelievably great! I can’t believe how and why I didn’t decide to kick ED’s ass to the curb sooner. Geesh!

3: The number of times my pup Thunder WOOPED today. He has mastered the art of walking and pooping at the same time. He’s so talented in fact, I am thinking about signing him up to be a contestant on The X Factor. Simon Cowell, we’re coming for ya!

2: The number of frozen treats I bought and gobbled down from Mr. Swifton (yes, the ice cream man and I are now on a first name basis). The first didn’t even make it back to the car (I was SO excited when I saw Sponge Bob Square Pants!  Ahh it takes me back to fifth grade. [One] eye scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!)…

…and the second I stuck in the freezer for later tonight (what WOULDN’T I do for a Klondike Bar…Rocky Road style?)

3.5: The number of hours it took me to read Catching Fire, the second installment of The Hunger Games series. I. Am. Addicted.

6: The number of inches of the delicious Chicken Terriyaki (with extra extra tomatoes) Subway sandwich that I gobbled down for din-din. There is something about the warmer months that make me crave any and everything sandwich.

4: The number of episodes of The New Girl I watched while eating said delicious chicken terriyaki (with extra extra tomatoes) sandwich. I think this may be one of my new favorite shows. It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s quirky and I love my girl Zooey Daschenel! She is the epitome of adorkable!

Who's that girl...who's that girl? It's Jess!

5: The number of days until THE BREWERS OPENING DAY!!!!!!!!!! We’re under a week folks. Who’s pumped?!?!

Have a fantabulous rest of your Sunday guys and an even better Monday!

Question of the day: What has your Sunday in numbers looked like?


Notes on a Friday

1. I am officially in love with FebruANY. All month long at Subway, any sandwich can magically turn into a $5 foot long. I plan to fully take advantage of this. Bonus? I think the pre-pubescent sandwich maker who is a dead-ringer for Minkus from Boy Meets World has a crush on me. Not only did he throw in a free bag of chips and TWO heavenly white-chocolate macadamia nut cookies for me, but he asked me what I was doing later. I was flattered (and super excited I got free dessert!). My ‘later’ started off by pounding down this lovely diddy 🙂

Get in my belly!

2. Is it me or does your nose do a happy dance every time you step into that restaurant? They should definitely consider making a candle and/or room freshener of that amazeballs fresh-bread scent. Or how about this…Eau de Subway: The Cologne. I’m telling you. It’ll be huge!

3. What is with this weather lately? It’s February and my new bee-utiful friend and I spent the day lounging in the sun,  soaking up the rays and doing a little bit of reading. Mr. Punxsutawney Phil announced yesterday that there would be 6 more weeks of winter, but hey, if this is the winter that he was referring to, bring it on Phil. Bring. It. On.

4. I wrapped up watching the whole series of Friday Night Lights last night. If you have not seen this show, drop what you’re doing, right now, No, I mean it. Stop writing your history paper, step away from your boss’s To-Do list, pause your mean game of Angry Birds or Words With Friends for a moment, and start watching! DO IT! It is one of  THE best shows ever. Full Eyes. Full Hearts. Can’t Lose.

5. I spent two hours last night trying to reach Technical Support at AT&T to help fix my funky internet connection. If I hear robot lady ask me one more time, “Which of the following do you need help with?”  (“Internet connection! Not bill collection. Internet connection!”) or “Why don’t you just tell me what you need?” (INTERNET CONNECTION! NOT BILL COLLECTION. INTERNET CONNECTION!!) I am going to go crazy (which isn’t a far trip for me haha).

6. My mission on once and for all kicking ED to the curb has been going great and I really couldn’t be happier with the Goliath-size strides I’ve been taking.  My body is super excited that it’s finally getting what it needs and wants, getting stronger and stronger by the day, with every piece of pizza eaten and milkshake chugged.  I’ve even started to build some serious muscle (I better start carrying a Gun Toting licence for these babies). Unfortunately however, to feel 100% great, you have to go through a bit of uncomfortableness (the good thing is it doesn’t last long). Needless to say, the heating pad has become my tummy’s best friend (thank you Jenna for the life-saving suggestion) and if I was a car, I wouldn’t have to stop at a Shel Station anytime soon (if you know what I mean). Grandpa, dad, Aaron, Nick, Uncle Scott…basically every male in my family, you’d be so proud. As am I, actually. I wear this ‘Toot Badge’ with honor because it is a sign that I am moving in the right direction, a slightly stinky one for the time being, but the right one nonetheless. Glade room spray is always nearby although…that Eau de Subway would work great! Come on guys, I’m telling you. HUGE hit!

7. Today I sneezed six times in a row. That’s got to be some kind of record.

8. I sneezed six times in a row while driving without ramming my Bug into an innocent mailbox. That’s got to be some kind of miracle.

9. I have recently come to the realization…Major Deal breaker: Ya gots to be a Brewers fan. Or at the very least, be an award-winning actor in pretending to be one. And no eating your cheeseburger with a knife and fork. And wearing skinny jeans that even I couldn’t fit into paired with a purple and pink-stripped sweater. And thinking that Britney Spears is THE best musical artist of all-time. The others I could maybe stomach but that? I have to cross the line somewhere.

10. I am about to settle in with a bowl of popcorn and pop in one of the all-time greatest films ever, Field of Dreams. I don’t know what it is about that movie that always makes me reach for the Kleenex box. Can allergies be submitted through the TV? “Hey dad…you want to play catch” Ahh!!! That gets me Every. Time.

Have a great Friday night everybody!!!!


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