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The 10 Commandments of Dating/Being Friends With an Uber Sports Fan


Y’all, big news. HUGE! OPENING DAY FOR THE MILWAUKEE BREWERS IS JUST 4 (4!!!) VERY SHORT DAYS (and 9 hours and 26 minutes and 15, 14, 13…seconds) AWAY!!!!!!

Not that I’m counting or anything.

Totally not counting.

Okay. I’m definitely counting. For those who don’t know, I’m kind of a big Brewers fan[atic]. Like, the biggest. I’m not even gonna try to sugarcoat it. And this madness, this undeniable fandom that I have? It’s a crutch. Being so emotionally invested in a handful of professional athletes who don’t even know you exist is a torrid addiction. This is a sports fan’s cross to bear. But here’s the thing you have to understand: If we’re going to have this as a vice, it’s much better than any other vices we could possibly adopt. Really. You’re lucky it’s sports we love.

But please don’t ever say it’s “just” a game.

  1. Thou shalt not interrupt the game.

It’s sneaky and disingenuous to ask us to take out the trash, or what we want for dinner, and especially if it’s okay if your mother comes to visit. Please save all questions on how our day was until the final buzzer/inning/quarter. We appreciate that you care, but how we feel about our day is wholly dependent on this game. We will be able to tell you how our day was afterward. Also, if you RSVP or plan an event or date at the same time a game is on — especially when you know the game is on — you waive all rights for being angry when we explain why we just can’t even.

  1. Thou shalt not tell us we’re getting too loud in the bar.

If the bar did not want us to be loud, they would not be playing the game on one of the TVs and encouraging us with loads of alcoholic beverages. WTF!!! ARE YOU CRAZY, UMP?!!? HE WAS TOTALLY SAFE!!!

  1. Thou shalt not record your show when the game is on.

Hulu and HBOgo exist for reasons. The game takes precedence. This is why it’s wise to invest in the kind of DVR that can multitask recording one show while you’re watching another. Really, it’s worth the money for all parties involved.

  1. Thou shalt not call us crazy when we stay up late or wake up early to watch a game.

Sssh, babe, go back to sleep. We need to watch this in real time. It’s not our fault time zones absolutely suck.

  1. Thou shalt not question absurd team-related purchases.*

Such items include: $300 for an autographed picture; a signed ball; a vintage, collector’s jersey; ridiculously exorbitant tickets when our team is finally in town; tickets to the championship, etc. If this is our one chance to spend hundreds of dollars on a playoff game? Yeah, we’re going to do it. When else would we have $900 lying around for no reason? This might not happen ever again!

*This does not apply to cardboard cut-outs of our favorite player as living room decor. Really, it’s for our own good. We’re gonna want to do it, but don’t let us do it, because if you do, pretty soon we’re inviting Lucroy to the dinner table and saying that “Lucroy and I agree” when we disagree with you and really, nobody wins in this scenario.

  1. Thou shalt not try to understand why we are so emotionally invested in a game whose outcome we have no control over.

Look, rooting for sports is like loving movie stars in that there is really less than 0.00005% chance that having a crush on Chris Pratt or Chris Evans (call me!) is going to result in holy matrimony, and there’s less than 0.00005% chance that our undying love for our team is going to help them win a game. But, you know, there’s a chance. We like to think there’s a chance. It gives us the will to go on.

  1. Thou shalt not question our “odd” pre-game rituals.

Up to and including: sitting in the same chair every night; live-tweeting the game like it is the second coming of the Oscars; or wearing the same, grubby jersey/pair of socks every time. We will take care of that sacred piece of laundry when we see fit.

  1. If we are in a fight, thou shalt not begin rooting for the rival team just to piss us off.

And if we go into this relationship already rooting for bitter enemies, well, get ready for some really passive-aggressive, irrational arguments. (And you’re not allowed to introduce us to your friends as “She’s great, even for a [____] fan!”)

  1. Thou shalt not complain when all of our friends always come over to watch the game.

The rules of Sportsfanship™ clearly stipulate that the house with the biggest TV and appropriate cable package hosts any and all game viewing. If you really want to see less of the rowdy couch cheering section, get a smaller TV… actually, no, please don’t do that.

  1. Thou shalt order the pizza and wings to show that you care.

Truly clutch people also buy the beer, but really, if you just respect that this time is sacred time between us and a motley crew of athletic spectacle, that is more than we could ever, ever ask for, amen.

**Cubs and/or Cardinals fans need not apply.


Why EVERYONE should be a Packer’s fan

This coming Sunday, the Green Bay Packers will travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks, battling it out on the gridiron for the NFC Championship. It’s sure to be an exciting game, and if this past season has taught us anything, it’s that the Green and Gold are a force to be reckoned with. With a stellar head coach, an indestructible defense and a powerhouse of an offense lead by the one and only Aaron Rodgers (*sigh*), the Packers hold a solid place in not only the standings, but in the hearts of people everywhere.

Growing up in the great state of Wisconsin, being a Packers’ fan was a birth right, an honor and a privilege. Wisconsinites like to say there are two seasons: Packer season and the off-season. Churches schedule their services around game time on Sundays, people walk around with cheese on their heads and fans think nothing of freezing their keesters on a -36 degree weather day when it means taking in a game at the Frozen Tundra aka mecca.

There are many teams in the NFL, many great and wonderful teams (or so I’ve heard.) But there is only one team that’s America’s team, and that team is the Green Bay Packers, my friends. Here are just some of the reasons why everyone should be a Packer’s fan.

1. Have any of the other teams in the NFL had a coach who was immortalized in a Broadway play based on his life? I think not. Vince Lombardi was just one of those few coaches (and human beings) who really knew how to build a team up. He was a leader, a visionary and a true icon in all senses of the word. Vince, you were and always will be the man!

2. The Packers are all about community. In fact, they are the only publicly-owned major sports franchise in the country. People invest in the Packers out of football love, not profit. I mean, how American is that?!

3. Speaking of community, the Packers have a tradition (one of many) where every summer during pre-season training, young fans line their bikes up across from Lambeau Field in the hopes that they will get to chauffer their favorite sport heroes into the stands. get the chance to give their favorite sports heroes a ride into the stadium for their pre-season practice. How cool is that?!


4. Tailgating is an art my friends, and no team or fan base knows how to do it better than the Packers.  At Lambeau Field, you can get a brat, a cold beer (or five) and a lively chorus of “Go Pack, Go!” while smooshed next to a guy wearing a large cheesehead and bright orange hunting overalls. You tell me what sounds like more fun.

5. Lambeau Field. The Fenway of football stadiums. The Grey Poupon of mustards. The Apple of all phones. Where a game isn’t just a game; it’s an experience. If you have never been to the frozen tundra, make it a point to plan a visit. Like, yesterday. The crowd, the food, the field and the overwhelming sense of being in the exact place where legends once stood, where legends are made is a pretty surreal feeling. Take it from personal experience, a game at Lambeau Field will never be forgotten.

6. The Lambeau Leap.

7. Two words: Aaron Rodgers.

8. Two more words: Clay Matthews. #ThatHairThough1381182356000-AP-PACKERS-CHIEFS-FOOTBALL-58722388

9. Oh, and let’s not forget the wicked chops (and dance moves) the defensive line has OFF the field. Pitch perfect indeed, fellas. 😉

This Sunday as the Green Bay Packers take the field in Seattle, be sure to don your finest Green and Gold, your cheesiest of hats, and cheer on with your bad self. After all , it is the American thing to do.

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Hey guys.

So for those of you who know me, you know that besides books (and ice cream. and good hair days. and cuddling with my pup.), my other true love is the Milwaukee Brewers. But even more than that, I am a baseball fanatic.

I can’t help it.

I was literally born into it.

In 1987, the Brewers had the longest winning streak that they had ever had. As my dad anxiously paced the Wausau Hospital hallways on April 18th, waiting for his soon-to-be daughter or son to be born, he couldn’t help but also be a little nervous about the current game that was being played in the waiting room, a game that would continue or end the ‘Crew’s’ 15 (15!) game winning streak.

At 4:13pm that day, yours truly was brought into this amazing world a mere hour after the Brewers had solidified their record-gaining winning streak.

Needless to say there were a lot of happy tears that day.

Growing up, I played tee ball. I played softball. I cheered on my dad, uncle, cousins, and friends who all played baseball. Some of my fondest memories were of long summer nights spent at the local ball park, the cold bleachers under my tush, a hotdog in my hand, and two teams battling it out for nine innings.

It wasn’t heaven; it was Sunnyvale Park.

And it was what I knew. What I loved.

I can still remember the time my dad took me to my very first Brewers game. I was five, wearing a baseball hat that swallowed my head and a glove that made Mickey Mouse’s hands look miniscule. As we walked into County Stadium, the sounds of the fans cheering and loud speaker booming, the smell of freshly cut grass and hot buttered popcorn, and a view of the most beautiful field that lay before me, so gigantic in my little eyes, completely overtook me, enveloping me in the magic that it presented. 72608_10151503324493116_1969820868_n



I admit that when I consider the role baseball has played in America’s cultural history, I get a bit choked up. And when I think of the unmatched elegance and grace that define what was once referred to as “the national pastime,” I become emotional.

There is just something about it, something that I can’t quite explain. Yet anyone who loves baseball as much as I do knows what I am talking about.

Yesterday, as some of you may have seen and/or heard about, Alex Rodriguez, along with 12 other MLB players, were officially suspended for the remaining of the baseball season, all being found guilty of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). A. Rod was the only one given a suspension that continues over through the 2014 season, a hefty 211 game suspension which is the longest given to any MLB player, one that in my opinion, is not long enough. After far more than 3 strikes, these players finally were given the out.

One of those 12 other players was none other than Ryan Braun, a Brewer’s namesake and former MVP. I lost a great deal of respect for this man. Not only did he disgrace himself, his friends, family, teammates and fans, but he also tarnished the greatest game there is: baseball. I realize people make mistakes; no one is perfect.  What saddens me is that he lied continuously and cheated his teammates and components, basking in the fame he had received when he knew all along he was obtaining it unfairly. He’s an unbelievable baseball player, but he needs to do some serious growing up.ryan-braun-meme

They all do.

Thinking about all the great names that have been involved with the South Florida anti-aging clinic Biogenesis such as Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcgwire, Jason Giambi, Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, it puts a significant dent in the sport itself. With the increasing popularity of steroids being distributed among baseball players in the Major and Minor Leagues, no one knows what to expect.

There is no doubt about it that the use of steroids in Major League Baseball have tainted the sport. Just think about all the questions that will remain unanswered specifically because of steroids.

Questions that come to my mind are: Would Barry Bonds still be the all-time homerun leader if he didn’t take steroids? Would the Giants have even gone to the World Series in 2002 if Barry Bonds didn’t take steroids? Would Alex Rodriguez have 583 career homeruns without the help of steroids or would Ryan Braun been rightfully deserving of the MVP in 2011?

With that being said, another argument can be brought up. Should steroid users be allowed in the Hall of Fame?

To me, the answer is a simple no. If someone is caught cheating, there is no way their names should be next to the greatest of all-time.

The world of baseball views steroids as cheating, therefore a player who cheats by using illegal substances wouldn’t fit properly in the Hall of Fame next to players like Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, etc., who had tremendous careers without any help from drugs. Maybe the question should be, “Do steroid users DESERVE to be in the Hall of Fame.”

Different fans might have different opinions on the issue, but in reality, steroids have changed the game of baseball.

My wish is that these recent events will change, or at least make a dent in the use of steroids in the MLB (and other professional sports).

Let’s get back to the great game that it was.

The game that I know. The game that I love.




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