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What’s Your Trademark?

“Dude, I am going to go full-on beast mode on this burrito!”

“Heading to the gym, babe. Gonna beast-mode it up.”

“Did you see what that guy was wearing?! He was totally rocking that polyester suit beast-mode style.”

Beast mode (adj.): A mode of awesomeness; A pure blank state of mind, in which you become greater (more beastly) than anything else that stands before you. Derived from the original beast: Prince Fielder (when he played for the Milwaukee Brewers).

Okay. Maybe he wasn’t the original beast, but he was definitely my favorite. Let us take a moment to remember and respect how amazing this was. The Brewers may be down one of their beasts, but we definitely have a host of others who are about to do a repeat on 2011’s National Championship run. But this time we’re going all the way. World Series, baby.

Beast-mode style.imagesCA6ZIGUUBut back to my story.

I have a dear, dear friend, let’s call him Joe, who insists on beast-moding his conversations as often/much as he can. In fact, I don’t there is ever a time when he doesn’t use the beastly phrase.

“I went all beast-mode vacuuming today.”

“Pumped my gas like a beast!”

“Decided to beast-mode it up on that Harry Potter book. 787 pages ain’t got nothing on me!”

See what I mean?

Now I’ve seen and heard other people use this phrase. Heck, even I have been known to beast-mode it up from time to time, but my good friend Joe does it all. of. the.time.


It’s almost like it’s his signature thing, his trademark if you will.

This got me thinking (like a beast)…

Do I have a signature thing? A trademark?

And if so, what is it?

Tina Fey has her glasses.

Jerry Seinfeld is known to have quite the Superman collection. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Lindsay Lohan has an affinity for mug shots.

Garfield has his lasagna.

But me?

I’m not quite sure what my trademark would be.

I do have the tendancy to reveal my Midwestern upbringing, sprouting out phrases like, “Oh yah knooowww” and “Furrr shurrrre.” The more I surround myself with my Minnesota/Wisconsin people, the more it comes out.

And strong, doooon’t yah knowww?!

Strong as, say, a beast?

I also am known to knock back a pint….of ice cream.

But I’ve got to say, I think that if I could trademark myself in anyway, it would definitely have something to do with books. I’m never without one, am reading at least two at three at once, and have an apartment that is currently imploding on itself for shear lack of space due to said books. Not to mention the fact that everyone over at Tattered Cover knows me by name (think Norm from Cheers, but instead of chugging back beers, it’s books).

Some would venture to say that I am even a bit of a book hoarder, but I would just like to think of myself as an avid booklover, bookworm, book collector, book…well, yes, maybe a bit of a hoarder.


But that’s okay.

After all, it’s my trademark 😉

So tell me, friends. What is your signature? Your trademark?



Things That Make Me Go Hmm…

Hey dudes and dudets! I hope you’re having a great Tuesday so far!

It’s time for another edition of Things That Make Me Go Hmm.

The topic at hand: What crazy shenanigans would you do for love?

Did you guys happen to hear about this story? A man from Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin (way to represent, Wisconsin) somehow decided in that crazy head of his that it would be a good idea to pretend to be an intruder to impress a girl. Yup. You heard me. Apparently, the genius behind all of this, a man by the name of Robbie Suhr, 48, dressed in dark clothes and a mask and  attacked the 26-year-old female exchange student who was living with him and his  family.

According to a police press release, Suhr — who is, get this, married and even has  children — told them he wanted to be in a relationship with the young woman  and that he  “intended to tie her up while masked, leave the area, and  then return as himself to rescue her.” The poor girl had gone out to have a cigarette when she encountered the  masked man in the garage. She brought out her inner Chuck Norris and fought back, causing Suhr to eventually give up the attack and flee from the scene. After causing quite the ruckus in the small town neighborhood, eventually the Police found out that it was the homeowner who had caused all of this and he was later arrested.

Now THIS is a Knight in Shining Armor 🙂

Now, I understand that this guy was maybe going for the whole “Knight in shining armor” thing; every girl likes to be rescued by their Prince Charming. But really? I don’t know about you gals, but pretending to be some wacko kidnapper, who, by the way, ends up getting his butt kicked by a girl, isn’t really something that would make me say, “Now that is one fine piece of man.” Not to mention he already had a family; a wife and two beautiful kids. What a, pardon my french, scum bag! And just think of what could have happened if the girl decided to fight back with some pepper spray or an even more dangerous weapon (I heard gals are carrying around nunchucks and those metal super sharp star thingies in their Prada bags now; it’s all the rage)? He could have been seriously hurt (not gonna lie; I think a little pepper spray would have done him good). And what if his kids saw his ‘act’–if it even was an act. Some are speculating that this was just a cover and that he did intend to actually kidnap the girl but when it went haywire, he decided to blame it on ‘love’. Love makes you do crazy things sometimes, but this?

This is definitely something that makes me go ‘Hmm’.

What do you guys think? Did this guy have good intentions or was he just off his rocker?

To be fair, I personally have pulled a couple of ‘love crazy’ antics myself. There was that time in kindergarten when I threw a block at poor little Sarah’s head just so that I would get in trouble and have to stay after class with my uber crush at the time, Kody. Boy was he a dream boat! There was also that time in middle school when I purposely went out of my way every day to walk past Mr. Greefy’s classroom fourth hour, just to have the chance of ‘running into’ Jason as he was leaving. And then there was that time when I told a guy it would be no problem to swing by and pick him up on my way back to school; that I was in the area and it would be no trouble. What said guy didn’t know (Chris, you SO owe me lol) was that I was in the area, if being in the area meant being over five hours away. I just couldn’t help it; like I said, love can make a person do and say silly things sometimes.

But pretending to be a kidnapper?! Now that is something I would have to say is just too much, too much. This guy in my opinion was plain Cocoa-Puffs, a Looney Toon, a, well, you get the picture.

Just a few more things…

  •  I have some very exciting (and non-psycho ‘man in love’) news to share with you all. You know how I have been a writing maniac the last few weeks (hence my limited number of posts–sorry about that but a girl can only type so much before her fingers start to imprint the letters of the keys on her fingers. Actually, I don’t know if that can really happen but it sounded better than my real excuse which was that, I was just so tired and lazy, yo haha). Well, it is finished! I finally finished my book!! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!! Bucket list item #4 is officially checked off baby! It really was a labor of love. Not only will it hopefully bring strength and inspiration those who read it, but this whole process has been incredibly healing and almost cathartic for me. It allowed me to really go back and piece together my journey of recovery, the battles I have fought, the hard times I faced and the good times I was lucky enough to experience. It showed me how far I have come and gave me the reassurance and the encouragement to finish this race, once and for all, strong and powerful, healthy and happy. I have already been approached by a couple of literary agents which totally blows my mind (they like me! They really like me!) and I will keep you all updated on what happens next!


  • I tried making homemade bread pudding last night. It turned out, well, more like a very soupy and sweet version of french toast. Apparently eggs will turn into the scrambled variety if you don’t first temper them. Who knew? But, like many mistakes that have led to successes, that was probably THE best soupy and sweet french toast I have ever had!

What it was supposed to turn out as/look it...


...What it actually turned out as/looked like.

  • Prince Fielder has just signed a 9-year, $214M contract with the detroit Tigers. Yeah,  I don’t even want to talk about it.

That’s it for today’s edition of Thing That Make Me Go Hmm. I am now off to drown my Fielder sorrows in a bowl full of Goldfish–because how can you not smile when those little guys are just smiling back at ya? I hope you all have a great rest of the night!

Questions of the Day:

Was this guy completely nuts? Or do you think it was romantic?

What are some of the craziest things you have done for love?


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