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Life’s Little Awesomes: FINALLY Getting that Popcorn Kernel Unstuck


You know when you can just feel that popcorn kernel stuck back there in the swampy recesses of your mouth and it’s totally infuriating?

Yes, your tongue slides past its smooth surface unsuccessfully, your toothbrush’s flimsy bristles just can’t shake it, and even your fingernail can’t quite unwedge it from the tight molar deathgrip it’s stuck in.

So the fork is dropped and the dessert lays unfinished. The conversation fades to a blurry, distant noise and the world stops around you as you just keep trying and trying and trying to get that darn popcorn kernel out. You close your eyes and squint, you tilt your head and you emit a deep-bass “nnnnnnn” noise as your body directs all available faculties at flushing this thing out. But it just sits there tightly, clogging and gumming up your entire system like a pile of defaulted mortgages.

And then, suddenly, when you think you have almost lost all hope…

it falls out.



Life’s Little Awesomes: Going to a movie by yourself

It happened by accident the first time.

Years ago back while I was in high school, I was staying after class to finish up an art project but had late-night plans later on to meet up with some friends at the downtown movie theater. I grew up in a very small town in Wisconsin so when I say “downtown” I mean, “down the street, up a block and a left at the Perkins.” I figured I’d catch a lift with my parents (only the super cool kids did that) to the theater, watch the latest Freddie Prince Jr. romcom with my pals, and then squeeze into my best friend Jenna’s car (she had just gotten her license and was the envy, and designated chauffeur, of the gang.)

Well, I got there late due to my mom’s snail-like tendencies on the road, and the theater was already dark with hypnotic Fruitopia commercials playing as I walked in. I had no choice but to walk around whisper-yelling for a few minutes before eventually giving up and settling into a cozy seat at the back, figuring I’d find my friends after the show.


After the cheesy (but oh so charming) relationship clichés and dating hijinks faded into happily ever afters (She’s All That is still one of my all-time favorite chick-flicks!), and the scrolling credits illuminated the screen, my friends were still no where to be seen. I almost was tempted to invent a wireless telephone of some sort to send them electronic letters on the spot, but the network infrastructure just wasn’t ready. So I bundled up and walked home before sorting out the mixed up plans the next day.

Sure, it felt a bit strange sitting alone at the  back of the movies for the first time, but you know what? It was actually pretty darn enjoyable too.

1. Dress down for Chinatown. When you’re chilling at home under your Strawberry Shortcake blanket, you can relax in old sweats and classy bedhead, but when you’re on the town it’s time to squeeze into tight denim and well-coiffed hairdos. When you hit the multiplex solo, you can fight the fashion police in your maroon nylon jumpsuit and tank top, sans the worries but with all the comfort in the world.

2. Bag the bucket. enjoy the whole bucket of popcorn and box of Milkduds to yourself without worrying about getting stuck with the oily kernels and burnt bits at the bottom of the bag.

3. Kick open the escape hatch. When you’re lugging your baby brother or sister to a Saturday afternoon cartoon or doing date night in a high-octane, shoot ’em up action flick, that escape hatch is bolted on tight. But if you’re watching a movie alone and aren’t digging the flick, you can just bail and see something else without the guilt. Freedom is always nearby.

4. Squeeze into center seats. You know when you’re looking for seats in a crowded theater and there never seems to be any twos or threes in the best spots? Well, god news friends! There’s usually a single seat wedged in there somewhere! If you’re late, Hakuna Matata! Forget the front row neck killer seats and get into the game!

5. Invest in yourself. Because there’s something sweet about getting quality You Time. Sure, we’re social creatures by nature who love dinner parties, basement hangouts and constant texting…but it’s also good unplugging your braina nd escaping into distant fantasy worlds on your own. No talking, no whispering and plenty of armrests mean you can enjoy the solo trip.


Going out to the movies by yourself is about growing up, growing older and growing more comfortable in your own skin. It fills you with the freedom of just being yourself and letting everything else just slip away for 2 hours…


Friday Fav’s

“It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!”

And you know what that means my friends…


It is time for another rounding addition of my Friday Fav’s (and boy do I have some goodies this week for ya, a lot of newsy stuff actually).  But before I delve into my favorite webby finds, I want to ask a huge favor from you guys. A very good friend of mine is going through a very rough time right now. On top of having lost her father to cancer just a few months ago, she recently found out that she has leukemia and will have to start treatments next week. My friend is one of the toughest people I know, but even as strong as she is, I know how scary and difficult dealing with something like this can be. I believe so very much in the power of prayer. In fact, it was my faith and my daily (and sometimes hourly) talks with God that got me through some of the most trying times in my life. It would mean so much to me, as well as my friend, if maybe you could have a littler shout out to my friend in your chats with God. He may not always has the most obvious ways of showing it, but he is always listening. Always.

Now…on to the fun stuff 🙂

Favorite Weird News of the Week: Jet Blue Pilot goes cray, cray. Good timing that the plane was full of passengers all making their way to a Security Guard Convention in Vegas.

Favorite Good New of the Week: Ron Burgundy is back, baby!

Favorite Food News of the Week: Popcorn in GOOD for you. According to the University of Scranton (shout out to all my Office homies!) in Pennsylvania, everybody’s favorite movie-time munchie actually has more antioxidant substances called polyphenols than fruits and vegetables. So does that mean that some popcorn a day keeps the doctor away?

Favorite Pop-it-to-Me: Birthday Cake batter Popcorn. Snap, Crackle, POPcorn heaven! And since popcorn is apparently now uber healthy for ya, feel free to go the way of the extra-large bucket and dig. in.

Favorite Someday: Portofino, Italy. Sigh.

Favorite Gamechanger: Picnic Pants?!?! Finally!! I’ve always wanted to be able to eat out of my crotch.

Favorite SHE-DID-WHAT?!: I love ya Alicia, but the whole bird feeding thang? Are you really CLUELESS? (see what I did there?) I am however LOVING this idea of Silverspooning Your Kids. Kimmel, you are a genius!

Favorite Funny: Ahhhh….so that’s who did it.

Favorite Gotta Have: Close to my heart, you’ll always be…

Favorite Woah: Sand Painting. I mean. How cool is this?! San Francisco based artist Andreas Amador creates “paintings” in beach sand using only a rake, and time. You should see these pictures!

Favorite View:  Streets of Najac, France. I wonder if these people wake up everyday thinking, “I get to LIVE here!”

Favorite gadget: S’more Maker. No bonfire? No problem! Pop s’more ingredients into the cups of this s’more maker, then place it on the grill or in the oven. Awesome for the summertime.

Favorite Pooch: Show me some skin 🙂

Favorite Bikini Buster:  Chocolate Wasted Cake. I mean!!!

I hope you all have a great rest of your Friday and an even better weekend! I don’t know about you, but I plan on getting chocolate wasted 🙂




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