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Tip top shape

“He ate my tip!”

My friend Sarah said that with eyebrow-cirnkling rage while we were out grabbing drinks on a laid-back patio a few nights ago. She shook her head sternly and surveyed our table of belchy beer drinkers for emotional support.

We offered none.

In my defense, I had no idea what she was talking about, so I just took a sip of my strawberry lemonade and whipped my citrustache from the top of my lip. When I casually glanced back at Sarah I saw that she was still steaming so I tossed her a thin-lipped nod and a flimsy half-hearted response.

“Your tip, huh? Boy that is really too bad. I’m sorry, girl.”

I figured we were done but she wasn’t stopping. Nope. Not even close. She slapped her palms on the sloshy metal table covered in soggy beer and peanut shells, coasters and lemon wedges, leaned her head in really close, popped her eyes out like a B-grade actress who’d just been axed in the back in one of those super corny but still super creepy horror movies.

“You know, the tip of my pumpkin pie. He ate the tip of my pumpkin pie! He knows I love the tips! I always talk about how much I love the tips and last night he had the nerve to steal it from me. He ate that perfect, delicious triangle at the front of my dessert. I was SO mad!!”pie

And then I suddenly got it.


“Whoa, whoa whoa…he stole your tip?! What did you do?!” I asked, suddenly sucked into this tale of sugary robbery.

“Oh, you want to know what I did? I’ll tell you what I did! I ate the tip off of every single piece of pie that was left in the pan. There were seven pieces left and I just scarfed down seven delicious tips!”

Now this really got my attention. What a feisty little nibbler, I thought. My pal’s boyfriend jokingly stabs his fork in his girlfriend’s dessert and suddenly she turns into the mad Hulk, lightning bolts flickering in her eyes, her teeth grinding and her lips curling into a clownish smile (we’re talking It here, people. IT!). Not¬† to mention she carried this tip-eating grunge to the next day.

I kind of liked it.

Frankly, all of us sitting at the table that night did. We all laughed at Sarah’s tip-eating rampage and realized that, come on, tips are pretty darn amazing. I mean, let’s think about it for a second here…

1. Slice of pizza. Bubbly cheese, crispy pepperoni corners and tiny drops of hot orange oil swirl around at the center of the pie. It’s the nucleus of the pizza and the core of all the yummy taste. No, there’s no danger of uneven sauce coverage here and the crust is nice and thin. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might score a cheese dangle, which involves your pizza tip using the power of the melt to snag excess toppings from a nearby slice. And hey, if your tip is the one getting robbed of toppings here, no worries. You just scrape up the bits of cheese and sausage from the rest of the box and toss it on top. Everybody gets a great tip.pie2

2. The top of a Dairy Queen swirl cone. Folks in the biz know it’s an art to create that delicate swirl on the top of that cone. It’s the only real baby-nibble on the cone and therefore a nice tease for the next few minutes. Most of the way down you’re licking and biting your ice cream, so that top swirl makes for quite the little appetizer, a per-cursor for the main course. Plus, isn’t it cutest little thing that you ever did see?pie3

3. Quiche. Does anybody but my mom and the Queen of England eat quiche? Well, if you’re in the game for this one, I’m guessing you’re loving that chunky broccoli, salty ham, fluffy egg and oily crust combo at the front of your slice. Tres yummy, no?pie4

4. First crispy nacho from the top of the tower. Full-size triangle chip with crisp corners, bubbly cheese, and a little salsa puddles, waiting innocently for you to dive right in. We’re not talking about bland, lettuce covered shards at the bottom of the heap. No. We’re talking about the tip of the nachoberg here people.pie7

5. The first sip from a bottle of soda or beer. This is the liquid tip. Not as triangular or pointy, but let’s face it: for those who drink that first sip of beer on a Friday afternoon after work can be refreshing, bubbly bliss.pie5

6. Cakes. I saved the best for last. As those tall, wobbly cheesecake towers arrive at your table or you delicately carve out a thick slab of black forest at a birthday party, we both know that you’re eying that delicious triangle tip right up front. And look at it sugar-shining in the light just waiting for you. It’s practically saluting and pledging allegiance to your mouth, am I right? RIGHT?!pie6

So my friend, come on, Let’s all hold our hands today and remember the many great tips that we have enjoyed over the years. Yes. Smile at all those delicious first bites and first sips that surprised your tongue and teased your taste-buds with hints of what’s to come.

Love tips, love bites, love tips, love life ūüôā

But you best not EVA mess with my girl Sarah’s pumpkin pie. EVA!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite “tips”?

Pizza-gorean Theorem

Thin crust. Deep dish. Extra cheese. Pepperoni. Sausage. Meat lover’s. No meat. Red sauce. White sauce. No sauce. Any way you slice it, pizza is D-lish! So¬†much so¬†in fact that¬†the whole month of October is dedicated to the scrumptious pie…it’s National Pizza Month! Did you know that Americans eat around 350 slices of pizza per second? That roughly equates to¬†23¬†pounds of pizza per person (or 46 slices) every year,¬†helping to make pizza a $30 Billion industry.¬†Wowzas!

I am proud to say that I am one of those 46-slicers (although I could probably do that in a couple of trips to the ‘Hut’). Nothing makes me more happy than digging into a homemade (or delivered) pizza, the ultimate combination of sauce and cheese and crunchy-chewy dough that when upon first bite, engulfs your taste buds in a smorgasbord of amazingness. Mmmm! The great thing about pizza is there is an unlimited amount of choices and options when it comes to choosing your pie. Everything from the type of crust to the sauce and of course the endless amounts of toppings…whatever your inner-italian heart desires, you can basically make it into a pizza (and when I say anything, I mean anything. Some of the more trendy restaurants are now serving their hungry pizza patrons pies topped with mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly and even bacon and eggs—now that’s what I call thinking outside the pizza box).

Having eaten my share of pies over the years (and having witnessed many others do the same) as well as having been to many a pizza place, I started to develop a theory on what your pizza says about you. Yupp, that’s right…move over Myers Briggs, Belbin, Hogan and all those other personality profilers…Hansen has got a theory of her own. Bizarre though it might seem, what you choose to put on top of your pizza ‚Äď and what you choose to leave out ‚Ästseems to¬†reveal quite a lot about your personality and approach to life.

I’d like to present to you…my Pizza-gorean Theorem:

Pepperoni Please-

Those who prefer their pie covered in pepperoni (or any other single-meat topping) are fun-loving and well-liked by most everyone. They are dependable and easy-going, trustworthy and kind. Their friends think of them as their go-to for solving problems and giving a helping hand. These people like to have fun, often spending time with family and friends. They would rather stay in with a movie or game night than go out to a big flashy party or club. Though very outgoing after you get to know them, they can be quite shy at first. They also have a tendency to work too hard and often do not give themselves enough credit for the accomplishments they have achieved.

Smile and say CHEESE-

Those who prefer a simple of pie with just cheese are easy-going, kind and non-judgemental. They take pleasure in the simple things in life, not taking for granted the things they have been given or have.  Cheese-eaters have a lot of friends; they are very loyal and honest and would do anything for them. They often put others before themselves and are often times involved in volunteer work or charities. These people are intelligent and smart yet they might not have the courage to speak up when necessary. They also may have a fear of change and do not like confrontation.

Where’s the beef? And ham? And Pepperoni? And sausage?

Those who are kin to eating a pie loaded with any and every kind of meat are very fun, extroverted and love to be the center of attention. If you want to laugh, saddle up¬†next to them because they are often your Adam Sandlers and Ellen Degenerous’ of the world. These people play hard and play even harder. They sure know how to be the life of the party but don’t always know when it is time to get down to work. These meat lovers love to challenge authority and push boundaries, always stretching the status-quo which makes them great entrepreneurs. Sometimes however their over-zealous personality can be seen as cocky and selfish if taken to the extreme.

Veggin’ Out-

People who prefer to eat the pies piled high with veggies are idealistic, humble and tend to be on the introverted side of things. They place great value in the relationships they have with others and are always there for their friends and family. These people like to look on the bright side of things, are always searching for the positives and are very caring and sensitive. They are empathetic and understanding and make for great listeners. These people can tend to be very shy at times and place too much pressure on themselves to be perfect and caring too much about what others may think of them.

Supreme Me-

Those who like a little bit of everything on their pizza are very adventurous, fun and spontaneous. They have a zest for life and love doing everything and anything that is out of the ordinary. Supreme pizza fans are very easy-going, loveable and care-free, always ready for what may happen next. They like the challenge of learning and trying new things and are very out-going. These people are not afraid to strike up a convo with a stranger and often have many friends. They can however tend to get bored easily and sometimes have a slight temper.

Flare for the Exoctic-

People who choose different and out-of-the-ordinary toppings for their pie (such as anchovies, pineapple and¬†goat cheese) are sophisticated and worldly. They enjoy the finer things in life and aren’t afraid to spend a little extra when it comes to what they eat, wear, drive, etc. These people are also very smart, achievement-oriented and are natural¬† leaders. They place a great emphasis in work and strive for recognition from others. Despite their power and accomplishments however, these people also can be slightly aggressive at times and don’t know how to communicate on a personal level with those around them.

 *Note: The above assumptions are just that and are not based on any quantity of fact.

So what do you think?¬†Do you¬†fit into any of the¬†descriptions above? I know that there¬†is a lot of room for interpretation within this theory and please feel free to¬†disagree with any or all of it, but it is interesting¬†to see and point out some¬†correlations between pizza pie and personality.¬†I myself can see me fitting¬†into a couple of those categories (mostly the pepperoni and vegg) although my favorite,¬†go-to pizza is the simple yet oh-so-yummy Margherita with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. In my opinion, you can’t get any better than that.¬†¬†I haven’t really thought of the personality type for that kind of pie yet but I can assure you, it would fit me to a tee ūüėČ

I am off to indulge in a little National Pizza Month celebration of my own (well, pepperoni bagel bite pizzas but hey, those count, right?) because all this talk of pie has got me craving it something fierce! I hope you all have a great rest of your Tuesday night guys!

Question of the day: What would you have on your ultimate pizza?

Blown Away in the Windy City

Hi guys!

Long time, no chat. I am so sorry for the delay in posts, but this past week or so has been CA-RAZY! Crazy good, crazy busy, crazy exciting and full of crazy changes.

I’ve got so much to catch you up on but let’s start with my amazing girls’ weekend trip to Chicago this past weekend. Every year, my mom, aunt Debby, cousin Rachel and myself all get together for a girls only weekend. In the past, I haven’t been able to make it¬†on too many trips due to school and work, but this year I was all in! Unfortunately however, my cuz Rachel couldn’t¬†join us¬†this year, but it was for a really exciting reason…she is going to be a mommy very soon and wasn’t able to fly so close to her due date. We all missed ya Rach but are all oh so happy and over the moon for you! You can bet next year will be even better, especially because it will include a plus-one to our gal group, another girl (or boy–I guess we can make an exception to the No-Boys Allowed rule just this once).

In the past, these gal-only getaways have taken place all over the country–from New Orleans to Savannah and Nashville. This year we decided to move it up north a bit. I, as well as my aunt and mom,¬†have always wanted to see the windy city so we all decided to hop on board a train and choo-choo ourselves down to Chi-town…and boy am I glad we did!

Everything that I had thought about Chicago was right. It was such a beautiful city; the architecture of the cascading buildings, the many luscious parks and flowers that were scattered across the streets and walkways, the melting pot of cultures, and let’s not forget, the so-good-you’ll-leave-with-a-Buddha-belly food that the city has to offer. I fell in love, I really did. If it wasn’t so gosh darn windy all of the time (I guess they call it the windy city for a reason),¬†AND the Brewers decided to pack their baseball bags and move to Chicago¬†AND if I could afford the astronomical costs of living ($2,800 a month for a simple studio apartment was just a tad out of my price range), I would relocate in a heart beat. It wasn’t so hustle-bustle that New York seemed to be, yet it had a certain sense of wistful energy and positive movement about it that was contagious. All of the people were so nice and welcoming and there always seemed to be something new and exciting just waiting for you around the corner.


I couldn't get over the amazing architecture and city-scape of Chicago. Absolutely breath-taking!


The lights of the city become almost angelic at night. This was the view from our hotel room. Gorgeous!


I can see why Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world!


We were only in Chicago for two days but we made the most of those 48 hours, cramming in¬†a bum load of activities, sight-seeing, picture-taking, walking and of course, eating. Because Chicago has so many wonderful things to see and do, we didn’t get to them all, but that just makes for a great excuse to make a return trip in the near future. Some of the things we did get to do on our trip included…

1. Making a trip down Michigan Ave (aka the Magnificent Mile) for some serious [window] shopping.

2. Walking around the beautiful Millenium Park (and checking out ‘The Bean’–how cool is this sculpture by Anish Kapoor?!)

3. Hitting up the board-walk on the Navy Pier…

4. …and taking a ride on the famous Ferris Wheel (Going 150 ft up in an open-aired metal basket on one of the most windy days in Chicago’s history…maybe not the best of ideas but it was a blast!)


My aunt Debbie and I...almost to the top!

My mom putting on a brave face (even though she was scared out of her gourd--and I don't blame was sooo windy!)


I made it to the tippy top...


...and boy what a view!


5. Riding up the elevator in the 1,451 ft. (that’s an impressive 108 stories) Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) to literally be on top of the world.


Wowsas! You can see four states from the top of the Sears Tower...Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin!

I'm literally standing over the city of Chicago. How cool is that?!

6. Making a quick pit stop by Wrigley Field, home of the Cubbies.

7. And of course, eating our fill of Chicago-style pizza. Our first night in town, we ate at a¬†cute hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Lou Malnati’s, famous for their deep-dish pizza. BEST italian food I have ever eaten in. my. life. It was sooooo good, that on our second night, instead of trying one of the other 5,000 restaurants the city has to offer its hungry patrons, we decided to head on back to Lou’s. Yes, it was that good! And, great news for all of you out there who don’t happen to live in Chicago but still want to have a taste of the city…they ship their award-winning and mouth-watering pies all over the country! Score!

Deep-dish D-elish!

If you have never been to Chicago, I strongly urge you to take a trip. It’s a city chock full of character, excitement and beauty and one that should be seen and experienced by everyone at least once. I had an amazing time, not only because I was in such a fascinating and awesome local and got to see and do so many things that I had never done before, but more importantly, because I was doing those things with two pretty amazing people in my life, my mom and my aunt. Life can get pretty hectic sometimes and it’s hard to find the time to connect with the ones you love, to relax and enjoy each other’s company, to laugh and make long-lasting memories. It is so important that when you get those chances, to really take a hold of them and make them count. Whether that be taking a road trip with your friends and family, throwing the baseball around in the backyard, or eating your weight in ooey-gooey cheesy pizza, soak up those rare moments and treasure them.

Well, those were my basic nuts in a thought shell on my recent trip to Chi-town. It was soooooo much fun and am so glad I got the opportunity to experience everything that I did. I’ve got to run and get ready for the Brewer game coming up in just a bit (hopefully it goes better than last night’s sad performance—eesh), but I promise to be back with the rest of my exciting breaking news that has transpired¬†over the last few days. I promise you, it is something you don’t want to miss (I’m talking DVR material here, something you’ll want to watch, err, read, over and over again–that is, if you could DVR an internet blog post).

In the words of Tony the Tiger, have a GGGrrrrreeaaaatttt rest of your hump day!


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