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The ‘Chad’

Hey guys!!!!

Oh my golly it seems like forever since I’ve talked to you all.

So sorry for that by the way. Life seemed to have laced up its sneakers and run away with me over the past week or so…and it was a blast! Lots of family fun, eating, weddings, eating, work, eating, boat rides, runs with the pup, eating, major book reading, Brewer game watching…and did I mention eating? But that’s what summer is all about in my opinion. Spending time with the ones you love, doing the things you love, eating the oh so yummy and delicious food you love and LOVing every second of it! Ahhh summer…what’s not to love? Except for maybe the over abundance of uberly gross spiders that have seemed to crawl out of the woodwork and taken up residence in my shower or the fact that I have to literally take three showers in said uberly gross spider infested hangout a day because of the crazy sweat-in-places-you-didn’t-even-think-you-could-sweat heat that is a mainstay in the Peach state this time of year. But besides that…ahhh summer!

So how has everybody been doing? Any crazy stories or shenanigans to share with the class?

I guess I can start things off by telling you about….The ‘Chad’.

Hair as dark, silky and smooth as a piece of Dove chocolate.

Eyes as blue as the Aegean Sea.

A smile that could melt your heart and arms that even the Hulk would find enviable.

The ‘Chad’.

I first introduced to this Greek Godly man of a specimen last week. I remember it well…it was a Tuesday night and the sun had just started to say goodbye to the world, leaving in its wake a beautiful sky filled with the deepest purples and brightest pinks that left a stained-glass imprint through the store windows. I was wearing my lovely pink polo shirt, complementing very nicely with Mother Nature (we had coordinated our ‘outfits the night before of course) along with a very chic Panera hat and apron, khaki shorts and my oh so enviable rubber-soled, non-slip shoes. In other words, I looked hot! 😉

As I was just getting ready to start closing up shop for the night, the door to the restaurant opened, and in walked….The ‘Chad’. The moment he walked in, all things suddenly seemed to come to a halt. The girls working beside me took in a heavy breath of anticipation, the fellow dining patrons turned to witness what was happening before them and was it just me, or did there seem to be an actual glowing ora surrounding his head, making him look like the very angel David himself?

Apparently, The ‘Chad’ is a frequent visiter at work, a football player from KSU who comes in to Panera to get his serious grub on.

Apparently, the lovely ladies I work with have HUGE, GIANT, MAGNAMAMOUS crushes on The ‘Chad’.

Apparently, The ‘Chad’ is a pretty big deal around these parts.

And apparently, I was not in the loop.

As The ‘Chad’ placed his order, my girl Haily gave me the quick 4-1-1 and brought me up to speed, including but limited to The ‘Chads’ football position (running back), his age (21), his preference for grilled cheese made with gouda and just a touch of peanut butter and jelly (Interesting. Very interesting.) and that his hair was always perfect. Always.

I was just putting the finishing touches on his grilled cheese, heavy on the gouda with just a touch of peanut butter and jelly, sandwich, he walked to the side of the counter, looked at me with those blue eyes and perfect hair (It didn’t move. At all. Is that weird?) and said with a southern drawl mixed in with a little Ryan Gossling…”Are you a runner?”

Poor Haily who was standing next to me looked like she was going to faint, just fall right over.

As I wrapped his sandwich, I looked at him, rocking my pink polo shirt and dirty green apron and said, “Yeah, actually I am.”

There was a moment, just a second, when I imagined the soundtrack to Pretty In Pink to start playing in the background, a camera panning from his face to mine in a dramatic yet romantic way and terribly corny way, catching our raw emotions. The ‘Chad’ picked up his sandwich, walked over to where he was now standing directly in front of me (Haily was barely hanging on at this point) and said, “I could tell. Nice calves. Very nice.”

And with that, The ‘Chad’ walked out, perfect hair and grilled cheese with gouda and a little peanut butter and jelly and all.

Haily grabbed my arm and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! The ‘Chad’ talked to you?!?!”

Twas true…I had been ‘Chadded’.

I’m not going to lie; The ‘Chad’ was drop-dead gorgeous, and I liked his creativity when in comes to sandwiches, but he just didn’t make me want to fall to the floor the way he did to Haily and as it looked, the whole female population that was in the vicinity that night.

Apparently, I am in the minority.

But, I am also not going to lie, that compliment totes magotes made my night. Made my week even! Yes, my co-workers may now only refer to me as The ‘Calves’ and LOL their bums off every time they say it, and yes, I may have tried The ‘Chads’ sandwich just out of curiosity and had to wash my mouth out with ice cream afterwards because it tasted so nasty. But it was SO worth it!!

Because you know what, I do have pretty dang nice calves! Even when wearing my stylish khaki shorts and black, non-slip rubber-soled shoes.

Sometimes it’s a smile, a simple hello, a person giving you a blush-worthy compliment that can really make all of the difference in your day. I know it made mine!

I think we all should search our inner ‘Chads’ and pay it forward to a friend or even a stranger; a smile, a simple hello, a blush-worthy compliment.

I just might not suggest giving them a gouda grilled cheese sammy with PB&J. 😉

Question of the day: Have you ever been given a compliment that made your day?




Find Your Chocolate Chip

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! Or as happy as Mondays can get I suppose. Mondays to me are like those burnt bits of cookie you sometimes get when you forget to check on them in the oven. Not that I have ever done that of course 😉

Although they may not taste the best at the very beginning, once you are able to get past the brown and extra-crispy parts and get to the ooey, gooey chocolatey goodness that is the rest of the cookie, you’ll find that it’s not all that bad. Mondays are kind of like that; once you get past the having-to-set-the-alarm-clock, going to work/school, the weirdnesses, the stresses, the hecticness of the day, those burnt bits and pieces of that cookie, you can enjoy the rest of the week knowing that the best is yet to come.

Sometimes though, I think poor Mondays get a bad rap. After all, even an overly well-done chocolate-chipper, as brown and crispy as it may be, is still a chocolate-chip cookie. And really, who cannot not smile when eating a cookie, burnt or not?! I know I certainly can’t 🙂

No matter how crazy or weird or hectic a day that you may have had, I believe in always trying to find something that was good about it, the silver lining, a reason to look back the next morning and smile…the chocolate chip of the day. Life is too short not to indulge in your sweet tooth!

Today was one of those days for yours truly. It started off a little crispy, a little burnt, but it ended up being pretty darn sweet.

Let me explain.

I woke up this morning with the headache of all headaches. I’m talking temple-thumpin’, brain-freeze-topping, turn-off-the-lights-and-close-the-shades, kill-me-now kind of headaches. I used to get really bad migraines when I was younger and this was almost as bad as those nasty things were. Ish. After I hit the snooze button once, twice, three times, I decided to get my lazy bum up and out of bed and finally start the day.

As I was walking zombie-like to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I tripped over my dog’s big toe-killer of a bone, sending me into a fit of not so nice words (sorry Thunder–ear muffs). There’s just something about that big toe and your funny bone that when hit or wacked sends your nerve endings into a frenzy. Not the best way to start the day but hey, at least my headache didn’t seem so bad compared to my now throbbing appendage.

After I trudged downstairs, I saw my pup, anxiously waiting to go for his walk. Thunder was waiting by the front door, doing the potty dance he does every morning, so I quickly changed and headed on out. Usually I don’t really think about bringing a doggy bag, a homemade and very cheap pooper-scooper if you will, because he is usually good about not going in the neighbor’s yard, preferring the woods instead. I guess today he decided to switch it up a bit. Just when I looked down to change the tune on my i-pod, he decided to leave a little gift, a BIG gift actually, right in the middle of one of my neighbor’s flower beds.  And then proceeded to step in it. All up in it. Oh that dog! I swear sometimes…

He just looked up at me, those big ‘ol eyes, his tail wagging and happy as a clam. Gotta love him. As crappy as it was–pun intended–I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit. After my pup was happily walked, relieved and clean, I made my way back down to the scene of the crime and picked up the evidence. Gross gross gross.

After a quick shower and change, I made my way downstairs to make myself some breakfast. I had Frosted Flakes on the brain, my still banging-like-a-drum brain, but when I opened the fridge to grab the milk, I saw this…

Oh shoots.

I knew I should have picked some up last night.

And why did I put an empty carton back in the fridge?

Well, so much for Tony the Tiger. I opted for oatmeal instead which sounded great until I had the wise idea of putting it in a glass bowl. A glass bowl that went into the microwave and came out wicked-lava hot, burning my hands and sending me once again into a fit of not so nice words (sorry Thunder). Good news? My headache and throbbing big toe where now just figments of my imagination.

Oy vey.

Again, as silly and as painful a situation that I was in, I just had to laugh. I never cease to amaze myself at, well, myself. After satisfying my tummy with my cooled down oats and bananas, I sat down and watched some Price is Right. Gosh I love that show! Plinko is my game, yo! I never usually have time to just sit back on a Monday morning and watch (and yell at the) contestants spin the big wheel. It was kinda nice. It was really nice in fact. Soon I will be so busy with school and work that these moments of mindless game show viewing, of waking up after 10 am, of taking my pup on a leisurely stroll with no rush because I have to leave the house to get to work on time, no matter how stinky that stroll may be, will be few and far between. I’ve got to take advantage of these opportunities, these little moments when I can.

Just when Drew Carry announced the prizes for the epic showcase showdown, I got a call from Panera Bread offering me a position as a part of their team and that I would start orientation later this week. Whoo hoo! Tutoring has been wonderful, but it’ll be nice to have a little something extra to do. Plus, it’ll be a great way to meet people and make some extra moolah (grad school is sadly not cheap). Of course the added benefit of all-I-can-eat delicious Panera Bread food whenever I want doesn’t hurt all that bad either.

My Monday started off a bit burnt, a bit crispy–the headache, the big toe, the way too hot oatmeal and don’t even get me started on  my stinky pup–but it was most definitely salvageable. I was able to find those moments of sweetness, those parts of the cookie that made me smile. Those parts that I just had to laugh at and really relish.

No matter how burnt your day may be, remember to look for that chocolate chip. I know it’s there somewhere 🙂

Unless you’re eating a Snickerdoodle…

Question of the day: Mondays-Are you a fan? What do you do to help get you through the day?


Friday Funnies

As my former middle school (word up to all my former Fighting Highlanders!)Principal used to yell over the loud-speaker every Friday morning….


Whoop whoop!

Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? I don’t know about you, but I have a hot date planned tomorrow night at Barnes & Noble, just me, myself and I. Oh and my nook and a big ‘ol one of these babies:

I only wish you could see the smile that was on my face. Although my mouth was full of bagely goodness and I don't know about you, but I am not necessarily a fan of see-food 😉

Oh. My. Bagely goodness! If you have not had a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera Bread, you simply have not lived, my friends. I have been one with the bagel for quite some time now, but have just recently discovered this wonderfully doughy and sweet and all-around amazeballs confection last week. It tastes like a mix between french toast and a cinnamon roll with white chocolate chips mixed into the already heavily bunch. YUM! Let me tell you, once you devour this snack, you won’t go back! Is it fate that two of my loves, Barnes & Noble AND Panera Bread are next door neighbors? I think yes. Although it does make for some awkward situations when they see me spending time with the other one; who knew Panera was the jealous type? As part of my Mission 2012, I stated that I would try to pamper myself a little bit more, so every week, I do something just for me. I can’t believe how I didn’t think to pick up on this habit earlier! It’s nice to once in a while have a little R&R time, to treat yourself, even if it’s just a nice bagel and book-filled night.

Whatever your plans might be this weekend, I hope that you have a wonderful and relaxing couple of days and get a chance to have your ‘me’ moment. And might I suggest doing it with one of these?

Do it now, thank me later.

Now that that’s settled, it’s time for another rounding addition of Friday Funnies!

When I first saw this, I laughed, and I was kind of scared at the same time. I am sure you all know Beavis and Butthead, our favorite pair of socially awkward, rock and metal-loving, nose-picking and caffeine-drinking teenage delinquents. Oh yes, role models in every sense of the word. Despite their lack of intelligence and all things, well, good in this world, you can’t deny that they are “hu-hu-hu-hu-hu, pretty cool.” They are just one of those things you can’t help but love because of how ridiculous and crude they are. See below and try not to laugh…

We’ve all seen them in this form, but have you ever wondered what these two hooligans would look like in real-life? It’s a pretty scary thought, isn’t? I mean, even in 2-D form, they are strange-looking creatures with pretty exaggerated features. Well, I am happy to report that you can now see what these guys would look like if you saw them walking down the street.

Holy guacamole!

EEK!!! Totally creepy, right!?!?!  Special effects make-up artist Kevin Kirpatrick decided to take these characters off of the television screen and recreated them as they would be in real life, acne and all. It is truly remarkable really, when you look at the detail and craftmanship that he put into these works of art (?). However, I have to say, I am probably going to have nightmares tonight. If any of you want to check out his amazing work, and happen to be in the Santa Barbara area, Kirpatrick is currently displaying them in the Sculptural II show at the Copro Art Gallery.

Looking at these pretty cool (and somewhat freaky) sculptures got me thinking, however. We didn’t really need to have a sculpture made to see what Beavis and Butt Head would look like in person. We already have real live walking and talking versions….

Beavis... Conan.

Butt-head.... Lyle Lovett.

Case and point.

Am I right?

I hope you guys have a “hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu, pretty cool” weekend!


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