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Woman Crush Wednesday

My #WCW goes out to a pretty cool gal.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think that she was all that pretty at first, but she’s one that’s grown on me.

She’s imperfectly perfect and I think that’s what I like so much about her.

She has a way of making people, including herself, belly laugh,

and she’s never afraid of looking dumb for the sake of humor.

She used to be fantastic at getting worried and stressed out over the littlest of things, but she’s mellowed out with age.

When I think of her,

she’s not just a number on a scale,

or a size on a pair of jeans.

She’s sarcastic and witty and charmingly weird.

She’s a lover and a fighter [it just depends on the topic *cough Milwaukee Brewers cough.*]

She’s somebody who tries to make everybody feel like a somebody.

She changes  her mind [often.]

She forgives, but she doesn’t necessarily forget.

She loves love.

She’s not cool by any means, and that suits her.

She makes mistakes. She forgets to call you back. And she sometimes acts first and thinks second.

But she owns it.

She also loves fiercely and loyally.

She’s naturally nervous, a lover of high-fives and bad puns, and is unapologetically herself.

She’s worked very hard to be exactly who she is,

which is why she deserves to be my woman crush every Wednesday day.1560528_10100343285202352_1066313513_n

She’s me.


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