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To My Best Friend, My Rock, My Hero….My Mom.

“A mother understands what a child does not say.” — Author Unknown


What would we do without out mothers? Personally, I’d be more lost than, well, myself on a road trip without Siri “rerouting” me every which way (my mad sense of direction just another thing I inherited from mi madre). They taught us to cook meals far more delicious than that bowl of Frosted Flakes (as if that’s even possible), they love us even when we’re unlovable, they provide encouragement and are our number one cheerleader when we need it the most, and they’re the even crazier versions of our fabulous selves (if you can imagine).

I consider myself blessed, honored and so incredibly lucky for being the daughter of such an amazingly strong, confident, beautiful, kind, loving and independent woman. There are many people out there who aren’t as lucky, who have maybe lost their mom or never really had one in their life. I can’t imagine a world without my mom and am sure to never, ever take for granted the amazing relationship that we have.

My mom and I are so much alike in so many ways, an attribute that I wear with great pride. We both are planners, worriers, and tend to wear our hearts on our sleeves (but I draw the line on those “teacher sweaters” that she is so fond of). We would rather give than take, are always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it, and when we love, we love will our whole selves.

I’ve always had respect and admiration for my mom, but as I have gotten older, that respect and admiration has developed and grown into a much deeper appreciation and understanding, an acknowledgement of the sacrifices she made for both my sister and myself as well as for our family, of the unconditional love that she has, the strength she possesses and the wisdom she has imparted.

Plus, my mom can rock out a pair of mom jeans like nobody’s business.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would celebrate and honor her by sharing just some of the pieces of advice she has given me over the past 28 years.

1. Happiness is far and away the single most important thing in this complicated life of ours… And amazingly, it’s all our choice. 

2. Be sure to always pee before getting into the car, starting a movie (especially when at a theater), and going to bed.

3. Think extensively before making crucial decisions. Make sure that when you close a door, you’re perfectly content with shutting it. And when a new one opens, don’t be afraid of the wonderful things that may come your way because of it.

4. Fall in love as often as you can. Fall in love with songs, with books, with places, and fall in love with people. But above all, fall in love with yourself.

5. There is nothing that chocolate can’t fix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups specifically.


6. Make him chase you.

7. Be worth the chase.

8. Slow down. Life is passing you by. Make the most out of every. single. moment.

9. Rompers don’t work on everyone.

10. Wear the romper anyway.

11. Your friends will give you all sorts of advice. Listen to them, take their point of view into consideration. And then do whatever you want. Because your friends are great, but you need to make your own mistakes every now and then.

12. Make mistakes. Lots and lots of them. But learn from every single one. And never make the same mistake twice.


13. Cherish every moment, for every second spent is a second you will never get back.

14. Be kind to yourself.

15. Be kind to others.

16. Confidence is key.

17. Do not let anyone dictate your happiness.

18. Tissues, a snack, and chapstick: Three things to always have in your purse at all times.

19. When in doubt, don’t text him.

20. But don’t be afraid of texting him every once in a while.


21. Never throw away your receipts.

22. Sometimes walking away is the hardest decision you’ll have to make.

23. You are strong enough to make that decision.

24. Be proud of who you are.

25. Don’t forget to pre-heat the oven.

26. Do. Dream. Try. Never give up.

27. Travel as often as you can. Visit places you’ve always dreamed of going to, but don’t neglect the places you’ve never heard of. Go to that country in Africa whose name you can’t pronounce.

28. You’re never too old to need your mom.

For everything that you are, for everything that you’ve done and will continue to do, thanks mom! I love you more than any words (or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) could say.

This Mother’s Day, and every day, be sure to celebrate all the moms in your life for the amazing women they are! ❤


The MOTHER of all days

She’s my confidant, my mentor, my best friend, my mom.

Words can’t express how much she means to me!

She emulates who I want to be, how I want to carry myself, and how I want to live my life. She taught me to be kind, to laugh, how to be a friend, and to go after my dreams.

If I end up being half the woman she is, I will consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

Today and everyday, I love you mom!

Thunder and Grandma :)

Thunder and Grandma 🙂

Golly, whoever gave you that shirt daddio has amazing taste! ;)

Golly, whoever gave you that shirt, daddio has amazing taste! 😉

"Come on guys! Let's go!" says Thunder with every wag of the tail

“Come on guys! Let’s go!” says Thunder with every wag of the tail

Our BEFORE "We're almost there!" picture...

Our BEFORE “We’re almost there!” picture…

Our AFTER "We're THERE!!" picture. Cue the yawn from momma ;)

Our AFTER “We’re THERE!!” picture. Cue the yawn from momma 😉

I am glad that I got to spend this day with the world’s universe’s greatest mom EVER! God blessed us with the perfect day for a hike. So a hike is what we did. My mom, daddio, the pup (and my little sister in spirit who wishes she could’ve been there too) hit up Kennesaw Mountain earlier today and had an absolute blast.

Thunder of course had a serious case of sensory overload. Apparently all of Kennesaw thought it was the perfect day for a hike as well because they, and their dogs, were getting their hikes on as well. Needless to say the pup went a little cray-cray with all of the smelling and licking and sniffing of his fellow pup’s bums.

By the end of our roughly four mile walk, the poor guy was pooped out (quite literally. Note to self: two poop bags are never enough!)

I couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate this amazing woman than spending it with the people (and animal) I love most, rehashing old memories and making new ones.

To all of the wonderful moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap-Up

Hi guys! I hope you all had a great weekend! Did you do anything special?

I had an amazing couple of days celebrating my fantabulous momma. On Saturday, both my sister and I surprised our mom and drove to Warner Robins to wine, dine and spoil her rotten. It had been a good while since all four of the crazy Hansen bunch were together; we are all working and living all across the peach state now which makes getting together often kind of hard. It was super nice to have the whole fam together once again, silly shenanigans–which you can count on, will be many–and all.

Saturday night, after a yummy dinner of my mom’s infamous homemade chicken noodle soup, Pillsbury’s infamous crescent rolls, and a little custard, heavy on the whipped cream, for dessert, we put on our super chic shoes and went bowling.

True and sad funny story: I used to be the bowling queen. Growing up, we had a bowling alley called Mountain Lanes which was, like, the IT spot in all of Wausau. It was the place to be, and be seen (or at least that’s what I and the rest of my uber cool pals told ourselves). From the ages of 5-8, I literally had the wickedest bowling birthday parties at said Mountain Lanes, corny party hats, streamers, rubbery pizza and monogrammed cake in all. Three years in a row, much to their dismay, all of my friends went to their mailboxes only to receive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Barbie and Power Ranger birthday invitations announcing the date and time of my annual bowling birthday extravaganza. Three years. I later grew up to have more sophisticated birthday parties of course (the Hanson night at the roller rink party of ’98 comes to mind), but I will always have a soft spot for the sweet, sweet days of Mountain Lanes.

Let me preface this past Saturday night’s bowling excursion by saying that I am no longer the bowling queen that I once was. In fact, before that night, I hadn’t hit the lanes since I was a senior in college over 4 years ago. Needless to say, starting off, I was a bita lot rusty.

Big fry, large fry :)

Big fry, small fry

My B-E-A-Utiful momma and I getting our bowl on!

Like mother…

….like daughter

No matter how bad we did (I can confidently say that none of us have any plans of going pro anytime soon), we all had a ball…pun intended. Just spending time with my family–making fun of my sister’s bowling injury (move over football, we’ve got a new contender for most dangerous sport), proudly winning the belching war (thank you, thank you very much) and having a blast–these are the small moments in life that make big memories. These are the moments that count. These are the things that really matter.

Although I have to brag just a little bit…I almost, almost kicked everyone’s bums to Timbuctoo our last game.

But like I said, the score doesn’t matter.

But dudsies!!! I almost beat everyone! 😉

On Sunday, after showering one miss Darcy ‘momma de jour’ Hansen with gifts, we took her out for a lovely Mother’s Day brunch. We went to this quaint little french restaurant called The Back Burner in Macon, GA. In 2009, the restaurant’s chef, Christian Losito was given the Foodie Award (which is basically the culinary equivalent of the Oscars) and upon digging in to our delicious, mouth-watering and smack yo’ momma good food, it was clear as chocolate cake (which by the way, was also to. die. for.).

I am so incredibly lucky, maybe even the luckiest, to have THE greatest mom in the world, nay, the Universe. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for everything that she has done, that she continues to do for me and the rest of my family. In my opinion, everyday should be Mother’s Day, celebrating and giving thanks and adoration for all that these wonderful women do, their big hearts and their even bigger hugs. I can only hope that one day, I will be half the mother, half the woman, my beautiful mom is.

Even if she stinks at bowling 😉

Questions of the day: What did you do to celebrate the mom(s) in your life?

What are some of your fondest/silliest birthday party memories?

To My Mom, My Best Friend

When God set the world in place,
He placed the twinkling stars in space.
He made the land and he made the sea,
He named every animal, from the Lion to the Bumble Bee.
When He was finished, He sat back and saw all that was good,
He saw everything to be as it should.
But he wasn’t done quite yet, just one more blessing He had in store;
God created you, but whatever for?

He knew you would have a special place
to shine His reflection on my freckled face.
You never fail to walk the extra mile
just to see your two daughters laugh and smile.
You work your fingers to the bone,
making our ordinary house into an extraordinary home.
You are there to teach and guide,
No matter the distance, you are always right by my side.

 You have been and will always be there through my pain and strife,
always remaining a true constant in my life.
You are there to teach and to guide, always lending a helping hand
until I have the strength on my own to stand.
You pick me up when I am down.
When I need a friend, you are always around.
Your heart is open, you listen well,
you will keep your word, will never tell.

You are the one person who can be strong
when I desperately need someone to lean on.
You’re more than a mother to me;
a reflection of Him in your face I see, a love that knows no boundaries.
I am so very glad that you chose to be
all this and more to me.
You share a love that knows no end,
you’re more than my mother,
you are my best friend.

To you today, and everyday, Happy Mother’s day momma!

Make sure to let your mothers know how much you love and appreciate them.

P.S. A big ‘ol bear hug, flowers, and a little chocolate never hurts either 😉

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