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Life’s Little Awesomes: Making Someone Laugh When They’ve Got a Really Full Mouth


For a moment, a brief and fleeting second, it looks as if they might burst.

Lips clenched, eyebrows raised, they’re shaking their head and looking away to avoid choking or spraying burrito guts all over the table. You know you dropped a good line when their face turns red and they start frantically waving the “Please stop! Please stop!” signal with both hands.


Life’s Little Awesomes: Laughing at a stranger with another stranger


They’re on every bus we ride, sitting in every doctor’s office, and standing behind every take-out counter. They’re beside us on the sidewalk, in front of us at the ballgame, and behind us at the movies.

Yes, you all know who I’m talking about.


Weirdos are holding kittens on leashes on the bus wearing giant fur hats, weirdos are talking gossip on their cell phones in the library, weirdos are wearing headphones and singing the Step By Step theme song.

And you know how I know weirdos are everywhere?

Because we’re weirdos too, my friends.

I’m a weirdo. You’re a weirdo. So let’s just accept it and move on.

Nothing’s more fun than spotting a weirdo and trading the classic “Do you see what I see?” look with another stranger. When that connection snaps, it’s like you’re suddenly surrounded by a close friend and chuckling at a little absurdity in the middle of the big absurdity of it all. Laughing at a stranger with another stranger makes your sighting a little more real, a little more funny, and a lot more…


Life’s Little Awesomes: Staying up so late that everything becomes funny

Midnight is long gone.

Maybe you’ve crowded around a kitchen table pasting construction paper onto poster board, squirreled into sleeping bags on a cold basement floor, or drinking cold coffee and leaning over laptops before tomorrow’s big deadline (Oy. We’ve all been there).

Either way, it’s time to face facts: you’re up way too late.

Your eyes burn a bit, your head spaces out, random arms or legs start throbbing, and maybe your scalp gets really, really, really, really, really itchy. The point is my friend, you’ve ignored your body’s Go to Sleep signals for hours now. So much so that you’re currently hunched over Quasimoto-style, trying to remember if it was toothpaste or hemorrhoid cream you put on your toothbrush just now. staying-up-late


But don’t worry.

The good news is your brain has developed just the system to charge you up with extra juice to help power you through. Yes, we’re talking about massively lowered standards of hilarity which help make everything, well, ridiculosly funny. Someone steps on the styrofoam Jupiter from your science project, kicks a can of Coke onto the late-night pizza you’ve been noshing on, or accidentally deletes the Powerpoint slides you’ve spent the last five hours creating but suddenly, everyone looks up at each other with tired raccoon eyes and…just starts cracking up.

Late-night laughing is a beautiful moment because we’re letting ourselves stand up and step back from whatever’s keeping us up. Gone are the stresses of the group project, the hanging dread of the looming deadline, and the tensions tying us together. The differences dissolve and we realize we’re all apart of the same bleary-eyed giggling clan–telling bad jokes, laughing until it hurts and smiling until sunrise.


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