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Life’s Little Awesomes: Old School Sugar Cereals #tbtstyle

Let’s go back, shall we?

Sandy pink streaks coat the sky as the sun peeks over your backyard fence and shines on the peeling linoleum of your kitchen floor. The fridge murmurs and hums, the oven burners wobble and pop, as you spend a quiet moment alone with a box of cereal. Now anyone who knows me knows I am a cereal fan, a cereal junkie, a cereal aficionado if you will. With the amount of Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch I put back, one could say I am a cereal killer (*insert terrible but totally necessary cereal pun here*).

I could eat cereal all day, everyday (and often times, I do).

It’s just one of those things that never gets old, that is always super delish and never ceases to put a smile on my face (I double dog dare you to try and eat a bowl of Fruit Loops while maintaining a frown. It’s nearly impossible.)

Let’s count down ten of the greatest sugary cereals we as kids (and let’s face it, as adults) loved to dip our spoons into:

10. Corn Pops. The delayed time release technology would allow sticky yellow chunks to remain in your molars until you needed energy for later in the day. This was super handy because sometimes in the middle of math class, you just gotta have your pops!

9. Trix. I always felt bad for the rabbit. Frankly, it seemed like the toddlers were kind of jerks. “Silly rabbit,” they laughed with their beady eyes, right in his face. “Trix are for kids.” Come on now guys. The poor fellow only wants a bowl of cereal. I think these must be the same punks who stole Lucky’s Charms.

8. Sugar Crisp. Did anyone else think Sugar Bear was related to Chester Cheetah? Think about it–the sunglasses, the long strides, the sneakers. Both are chilled out dudes who ditched the jungle living for the big bucks of Hollywood. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were roommates.

7. Cocoa Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, or Count Chocula. These bowls of chocolate were like speed for kids. You had to pour extra milk so you could guzzle down the glimmer chocolate milk afterwards. it was like, double dessert!

6. Grape Nuts. Okay, this isn’t a sugar cereal, but didn’t you always have a stale box kicking around from that time Grandma came to visit? Nobody could ever explain what a Grape Nut was either. We’d just quietly pass the box around on those cold and dark mornings, when the sugar ran dry and we all took our colo-rectal health seriously for a day with Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, or All Bran. Yes, Grape Nuts made us dream big dreams about tomorrow’s Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They’re on the list because they made the next bowl taste that much sweeter.

5. Honeycomb. Remember the TV commercial where the angry Viking biker storms the kid’s forest hideout and starts a group sing-along with a dancing robot? Combine that with some Smurfs episodes and you’ve got a pretty trippy Saturday morning. “Honeycomb’s big…yeah, yeah, yeah! It’s not small…no, no, no!”

4. Lucky Charms. First off, the gang at General Mills redefined marshmallow to mean rock-hard bits of dyed, packed sugar. And the result was ahhhmazing! Plus, they reinvented new shapes all the time which was equally ahhhmazing! Do you remember pink hearts and yellow moons? These days we’re chomping on hourglasses and shooting stars while doing our best Irish accents. Of course, we can’t forget that Lucky Charms still turns milk magically deliciously orange.

3. Cap’n Crunch. My friend Tyler didn’t know how to spell ‘captain’ until he was twelve. On other news, Cap’n Crunch was one of few cereals to feature an arch nemesis in their ads. Yes, first there was Jean LaFoote and then The Soggies came around and tried to prematurely dampen your cereal. To stop them, you had to scarf down your bowl in forty-five seconds and completely shred the roof of your mouth for the rest of the day.

2. Cookie Crisp. Honestly, it was just a big box of cookies. If your mom fell for this, do you think she’d let us sneak into an ‘R’ rated movie and borrow her car too?

1. Honey Nut Cheerios. Most kids had a good five year run with this faithful classic. Smooth corners made for easy chomping, you could toss a handful in a baggie for a takeout snack and they were healthy enough for parents to keep buying year after year. Of course, like many other cereals, Cheerios were famous for that glimmer patch of sugar powder at the bottom of the box. Remember to play it safe on that last bowl or you could end up polluting your breakfast.

Depending on how you grew up, eating some sugary cereal might have been a little bit of quiet time before the day began. While parents rushed around and the radio blared traffic reports and the weather, you read the back of the box over and over, fished around for the sticker at the bottom, and read about the competitive spirit inside Tony the Tiger and the tragedy of the Trix bunny.

Sure, old school sugar cereals weren’t the healthiest thing we could have eaten, but those vitamin-fortified sugar punches made for mighty fun childhoods (and let’s face it, adulthoods.)



Life’s Little Awesomes: When you get the milk-to-cereal ratio just right

Things could go a few different ways near the bottom of that cereal bowl:

1. Drowning in white. You poured 2 Fast 2 Furious and overfilled the bowl. Now after you spoon up those last few soggy Honey Nut Cheerios you’re left with a good inch of sloshy, super-saturated, sandy-colored syrup at the bottom. Well, the damage is done my friends so I say bottoms (pun intended) up to that. Just tilt your head, tilt your bowl, and say hello to a peppy morning full of jitters and fast-talking.Cornflakes_with_milk_pouring_in

2. Corn Flake Beach. Here’s where you end up with too much cereal and not enough milk. You first notice it when you’re halfway through your bowl and those Corn Flakes seem a bit too crunchy for their own good. You’re swimming in the wadding pool. Assuming you’re out of milk or are, let’s face it, just too lazy to go to the store to get more that you have to start rationing, aiming for just enough milk on each spoonful to get by. Let’s hope you make it and don’t end up with a fat lump of slightly damp Corn Flakes sitting pathetically in the corner of your bowl.


3. Cereal Bowl Bliss. Oh mama, this here’s the perfect milk-to-cereal jackpot. Maybe you’re like me who has lifted the art of obtaining cereal bowl bliss into a noble, decades-long search for perfection. Yes, I have studied milk absorption for years, and knows that a bowl of Fruit Loops and a bowl of Frosted Flakes have NOTHING in common other than a mascot who lives in the jungle. See, Froot Loops float high and dry while the Frosted Flakes are like crispy sponges that require a lot more milk to make it through. And then, there there’s the matter of the bowl itself. Sure, a big, deep bowl may look great when you pull it out of the cupboard, but watch out for the illusion of size. You may end up drowning in white if you’re not careful. Lastly, if you’re ready for Advanced Milking, you may be interested in the patient art of The Sit, which involves letting your beautiful bowl of cereal just lay on the counter for a good minute or two before eating. This will allow you cereal to soak up a consistent amount of milk, and prevents those dreaded bone-dry first bits of crunchiness which offset your whole ratio. Remember: this is Advanced Milking, folks. Not for the faint of heart or extremely hungry.

Anyway, when you get the milk-to-cereal ratio just right at breakfast, you’re all aces. And when you hit it, you hit it, and you know you hit it because that last spoonful goes down smooth and sweet and without a hint of drowning in white or surfing up onto Corn Flake Beach.

Nailing the perfect amount of milk in that big breakfast bowl of cereal?




Hey dudes and dudets!

Happy hump day! How are y’all doing? Are you hanging in there?

I’ve got some great news! Besides having there be only two days left until the weekend is happily upon us (whoohoo!) AND that by this time next week, I will officially be a working gal again (thank golly) AND that Sonic has half price shakes every night after 8 starting tonight (I am SO there…a cookies and cream monstrosity of deliciousness is calling my name)…

I found out yesterday that This, That and the Other Thang was nominated by my dear friend and overall amazing gal Annie over at What’s Annie Making (be sure to check her out!) for the Versatile Blogger Award!

I am so very honored and grateful for Annie, as well as all of you out there who continually give me inspiration and reason to keep writing. It was a little over a year ago that This, That and the Other Thang was started. I have always loved to write and found this little blog that could was not only a great way to exercise that creative muscle ‘o mine, but it was also a way to reach out and connect with you, the readers, as well as the rest of the blogging community.  I am so very excited and truly over the moon that you all have enjoyed this journey of my somewhat crazy, silly and laughable life shenanagins and I can’t wait to see where the next year goes! Life is most definitley a rollercoaster and I am so glad that I have such an amazing group of people to ride along with with me!

As part of this nomination, I get to pass the Versatile Blogger Award on, paying it forward if you will (by the way…great movie!), to 15 of my fellow bloggers who I have recently discovered or that I have been following regularily. One of the reasons why I decided to start my own blog was largely in part to following a good deal of these fabulous bloggers and I am excited to share them with you! Here are 15 blogs that I love (and that you are sure to love too!).

1. Carrots and Cake– Tina’s blog is chock-full of really yummy recipes, exercise and wellness tiptios, her adorable pug Murphy and of course lots of of fun!

2. Peanut Butter Fingers-Julie’s blog was actually the very first blog that I have ever read and gave me the writing itch to start one of my very own. She is a lover of all things peanut butter and books (a kindred spirit of mine) is is always sharing great food, fitness and fashion advice.

3. The Hungry Runner Girl-Janae is seriously the cutest gal I have met! I say ‘met’ because it feels like we are BFF’s. She loves to write about her marathon running experiences, her love of family and friends and of course…FOOD! I am so glad that my string cheese addiction is shared by someone else besides me.

4. Eating Bender– Jenn is a writer from Chicago who is amazeballs. She loves sharing her healthy lifestyle, traveling, writing and family experiences while at the same time, serving up a whole lot of fun.

5. My Food N’ Fitness Diaries– Ashley is oh so cute! Her blog shares her life’s adventures as she tries to lead a balanced lifestyle that includes delicious healthy recipes and fun workouts (with a few treats thrown in there too)!

6. What’s Annie Making– Annie is pretty much the bees knees! Not only is she the sweetest, but her blog is always full of fun stories and even sweeter and more delicious treats and recipe ideas. You can’t help but smile when reading her blog!

7.  The Awkward List– You know those times in life, those little things that are so awkward, so bathos that you just have to say…”Oh my stars”B? This blog is composed of all of those times in life, those little things. Be ready to laugh your booty off.

8. This is the Food Life– My good friend Mal is pretty darn awesome! Her blog is super fun, full of crazy life happenings, food, family, and her pup Riley and will have you smiling from ear to ear.

9. Iowa Girl Eats– Kristin is so full of spunk and has some amazing and yummy recipe ideas.

10. Peanut Butter and Jenny– Jenny is so very kind and honest and I love her views on living the best life that you can. Both her and I struggled at one point in our lives with eating issues and I am so inspired by her strength and zeal for being healthy and happy. Something we all can relate to. Plus her photography skills are dope, yo!

11.Eat, Live, Run- Jenna’s blog is also one of the first that I stumbled upon many a year ago and fell in love upon first glance. I love her fun personality and great food and fashion ideas. Plus she has mad photography skillz, yo!

12. Reasons Why I’m Still Single– You ever have those moments where it dawns on you just how single you are? This is a page devoted to all of those hilariously tragic reminders. LOL! Too funny for words. And sad because I can relate to many of these…

13. The Problem With Young People Today is– It’s like talking to my great grandma over graham crackers and milk all over again. Super hilarious and pretty much right on the money.

14.The Blog of Unnecessary Quotes– The grammar nerd in me LOVES this blog! And it’s pretty darn funny to boot.

15. A Whole Lot of Nothing– Angie is not afraid to be her funny and crazy and all-around goofy self…and I love her for it!

There you have it folks, 15 of my favorite blogs/bloggers. Be sure to check them out and leave them a little love.

The second part of receiving this award entails me to share 7 things about yours truly.

1. I could LIVE on cereal and cereal alone. My favorite go-to? I love a little  a lot of Tony the Tiger action!

2. I am left handed (shout out to all my fellow lefties out there!) but I am also ambidextrious and use my right hand over it’s counterpart for some things. For example: I write left, golf left and eat left. I throw right and use a toothbrush/hair brush/can opener right. And when it comes to batting, I am both baby. Weird huh?

3. I have a birthmark on my left arm and when I was little, everyone at school used to think it was chocolate.

4. One of my wishes: To throw out a first pitch at a Brewers game. Hey, if Miss America can do it, so can I.

5. I can recite and playout every Seinfeld episode ever, word for word. I’ve even got Elaine’s dance down pat. Probably THE greatest shows of all time.

6. I’ve never been out of the country but my number one bucket list item is to go to Italy.

7. I am getting my Master’s in Library Science. Yup. That’s right. I want to be a librarian. I’ve always been the biggest bookworm ever and can’t imagine a better and more amazing job that this, spending my everydays and nights surrounded by books upon books. Plus, I’ve already got the sexy glasses 😉

Have a great rest of your night guys and thank you again! 🙂



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