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Celebrating one AHHHMAZING 2-Year Moversary

At about exactly this time, exactly two years ago, I crossed the Colorado state line ready and just so damn excited to start a new adventure, to turn a new page in this already crazy and wonderful life I’ve been authoring thus far. My VW Bug was stuffed to the brim with everything I owned (plus a few all of the candy wrappers and empty bags of chips because what’s a cross country, life-changing road trip without junk food), my heart was overflowing with pride, and my stomach was turning a constant rotation of cartwheels, excited yet a bundle of nerves.

What if this doesn’t work out? Am I making the right decision? BUT DO THEY EVEN HAVE A CULVER’S THERE?!

As I stepped out of my car, my legs stiff and my eyes heavy from driving over 22 hours, these questions–and so many more–were running through my head on the repeat.

I was terrified.

But I was also incredibly happy.

Like, eating a giant ice cream cone on a sunny Friday afternoon in a park full of puppies, happy.

I had only been in Colorado for a few miles, but in a very weird way, I already felt like I was at home.

When I decided a little over two years ago to take a giant leap of faith and make the big move, I really had no idea what was in store for me. I did something so very unWendi-like and jumped without looking. I stuck a giant middle finger up to any kind of plan, any premeditated form of action. I felt, and I did. I didn’t have a job lined up, I knew just a handful of people, and wasn’t even sure if I would like living in the Mile High City. All I really knew for sure was that if I didn’t try, if I didn’t take this chance now, I might never get the opportunity to do so again. I also knew that if I fell back on that fear of things not working out, if I chose instead to remain forever in my comfort zone, there would be some serious regretage going on.

And if there is one thing I have learned in my 28 years thus far, it’s that regret is no friend of mine.

So I jumped.

I jumped hard.

And that by far has probably been one of the greatest decisions I have ever made to date.

For two years I have been lucky enough to call Denver my home. For two years, I have been able to call the majestic mountains my playground, my weekend escape. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets imaginable, I’ve hiked some of the most challenging and breath-taking trails, explored the urban jungle that is downtown Denver and tasted some of the best food (And beer! Yes, I am now a beer fan! Well, getting there anyway) I’ve ever had.

Professionally I’ve had some very challenging and rewarding opportunities that have really helped to shape not only me as a librarian boss chic, but also have served as a reminder that I’m damn good at what I do, that I love what I do, and to never, ever never stop pursuing that dream of mine no matter what obstacles may come up. I’ve worked with some strong-willed and big-hearted people, have helped to inspire some incredibly talented and motivated students, and have learned and grown from each and every one of them.

Personally, I’ve broken out of this silly shell I’ve been hiding behind. Moving somewhere new by yourself kind of forces you to put your booty out there and meet people, no matter how you end up doing that. I’ve met some incredible new friends (you know who y’all are and I love you to Reece’s Pieces!!), have reconnected with old ones (you know who y’all are and I love YOU to Reece’s PB Cups!!) and have made too many memories to count.










The late-night conversations, the too-close-to-call softball games, the good first dates and the ones you wish you could Ctrl Alt Delete. The summer baseball games at Coors Field and Packer games at Badgers, the bike rides, snowball fights and Harry Potter movie-marathons. The pool parties, happy hours, road trips and barbeques.

The smiles.

The hugs.

The uncontrollable laughter.

These past two years have made my heart so incredibly full (nearly as full as my ever-shrinking apartment—the number of books I’ve accumulated since I’ve been here is embarrassing, guys) and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next 2, 5, 10 or 15 years to come. I’ve come a long way since making the decision to start this grand adventure—over 8,000 miles and an immeasurable amount of self-growth, courage, spontaneity and a ‘You only get one life so you better damn make it the best possible life there is’ mentality. If I can take just one thing away from this is that it’s never to late to make a change, to face that fear or worry and do the damn thing! You’ll never know the amazingness that awaits you on the other side if you never try.

Cheers to two years, y’all!



Thoughts on a Thursday

1. THISSSSS!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday in Denver we had some really, REALLY, bad storms. There were a reported 8 tornados spotted, one of which was right. above. my. office. building! A co-worker of mine was driving back from lunch when he was able to snap this incredible picture of the menacing funnel cloud directly above out heads. Thankfully it didn’t do any damage and no one was hurt, but yikes-a-bee! The whole office building had to take shelter for a good hour and all I can say is thank golly I wasn’t near any windows because I am pretty sure that if I saw this, I would have had a serious Depends moment (if you know what I’m mean). Or would have fainted. Or perhaps had a mini-heart attach. OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.

I am terrified of tornados.


2. I literally have no other thoughts on this Thursday because I am still trying to fully process that there was a GIANT FRICKING TORNADO ABOVE MY HEAD YESTERDAY!!!!

Have I mentioned I am terrified of tornados?


We’re supposed to get more bad storms tonight right on through to this weekend.

I’m just going to hope and pray that the weathdudes  who are so often completely batty in their predictions, are once again, way WAY off.


Question of the day: Tornado? Thoughts? Have you ever been in or seen one up close and personal-style?




That Time When…Monday Madness Edition

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi woke up, looked out her window, and saw this:


That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi took a shower and got a giant glob of shampoo in her eye, causing her to go temporarily blind and stub her toe on the corner of the tub.

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi took her oatmeal out of the microwave and realized the bowl was molten lava hot (who knew, right?!), burning her hand in the process.

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi, upon trying to shovel off the mounds of wet, heavy snow blanketing her car, locked her keys inside (along with her purse, and coat, and phone).

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi had to wait in the cold, snowiness for over an hour for a locksmith to come and retrieve said keys from said car still covered in the mounds of wet, heavy snow.

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi had to pay $120 for said locksmith to get unlock said car still covered in mounds of wet, heavy snow.

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi, after finally getting to work over an hour late, slipped and fell in said wet, heavy snow running into the building, splitting her pants wide open and getting a bum full of slush.

That time on a lovely spring Monday morning when Wendi decided she is boycotting all Mondays (just ALL of the Mondays)  from now on.


Moving On Up to the East Side

Hey friends!

Happiest Friday to you all!

I don’t know about you, but I’m so very happyexcitedsuperduperpumpedandecstatic that it’s the weekend! I tell ya, I’m not used to this whole working, 8-5 thang. And before you go all “that’s what being an adult is like, Wendi” and “they don’t call work a 4-letter word for nothing” on me, I know.

I know, I know, I know.

The good news is I am actually starting to get the hang of my new job; three-weeks in and already I’m getting praise from my boss which is a pretty [insert another 4-letter word here] amazing feeling. And I am starting to enjoy what I do, which is the most important thing.

Did I even tell you guys about my new job yet?

My brain has been having a lot of shortages (or should I say more than usual) as of late so I do apologize if I left you in the dark. I am working at a company called Noel-Levitz, right in the heart of the Denver Tech Center. NL is a higher education consulting firm, which in laymen’s terms means they do research for universities all over the country, helping them get an idea of who their current students are, who their prospective students might be, and how to create the best learning and working environment for both the students and the staff. I get to wear my (fabulous if I do say so myself) nerd hat all day and conduct research, run analysis, and talk with some of the biggest and brightest schools in the U.S.

It’s pretty great.

Plus the people I work with are really, REALLY nice. Which, if anyone of you have worked in an office (or any real professional job environment) know, makes ALL the difference in the world! Although, just between you and me, there is a lady in the office directly across from me who insists on eating a tuna sandwich EVERY fishing DAY. I love her to death, I do. But I think it’s time I had a tuna-intervention. #Gross.

But enough about my job….

Let’s get to the real reason why I am so happyexcitedsuperduperpumpedandecstatic that it’s finally the weekend…

I’M MOVING INTO MY NEW APARTMENT TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past month or so, I’ve been staying at my aunt and uncle’s house, giving me time to get settled and used to the area. Moving to a new state and basically starting from scratch is terribly awesome but also a little daunting at first. Having family has definitely made the transition a lot easier. Don’t get me wrong; I have absolutely LOVED spending time with them and am so very grateful that they allowed me to crash their living space for a few weeks, BUT I am so frogging excited to have a place to call my own, my bachelorette pad, my crib (MTV, if you’re reading this and you’re still producing that wickedly addictive but ridiculous hit show from the late 90’s, get at a girl–one can never have too much pimping. Yep, definitely just realized how bad that sounded).

For what seems like forever, I’ve really been living in a sort of limbo; not really sure where I was going to end up due to the not-having-a-job-thing-but-on-the-constant-search, half-living out of a suitcase, half-not. It will be so nice to settle into a routine, decorate, make friends with my local produce guy, maybe join a kickball league? Who knows what I’ll do, but the thing of it is, the options are there for my taking! Moving to Denver was by far one of the craziest things that I have ever done; I didn’t have a job, no real clue as to what I would be doing once I got here, and there were no real guarantees which if you know me, are ALL things I hold near and dear to my ticker. I like having a concrete plan, a set goal, a way of knowing that everything is going to work out in the end.

Packing up my VW-Bug with just some clothes and an over-abundance of books, I made the solo trip across the country and haven’t looked back since.

Yes, moving to Denver was probably one of the craziest things I have ever done, but you know what? It was probably one of the BEST things I have ever done. Sometimes you have to throw a little caution to the wind, take a chance, and rely on the faith that in the end, everything will be OK.

Speaking of having faith, that is something I most definitely will have to have when I try to attempt to put together my furniture tomorrow.

Yeahhhhh…this should be interesting.

Have a great rest of your Friday my peeps and an even better weekend!

So that little thing…

…that I have been meaning, itching, DYING to share with you all?

Hold on to your britches folks (because I nearly lost mine when I find out) because…








And not just any job. My dream job!

I officially accepted the position of head librarian at Denver’s Bruce Randolph Middle School this afternoon. I honestly am still in a bit of shock, sweating and shaking and smiling like a maniac! I cannot wait to get started working with a great group of kids, getting them excited and interested in reading, inspiring them to think outside of the box and become the great life-long learners that I know they can be. I am on a mission to break the commonly held stereotypes of libraries and librarians! No longer is it going to be a stuffy and scary place to go, no siry Bob! And the great thing about this position is that I get full reign to do and make and create whatever space and educational (and fun) programming that I want.

And boy do I have big plans. HUGE!

I have a bunch-a-crunch of things on my ‘To-Do’ list (Moving across the country in two weeks? No problem. I got this.) before I make the big move but I just HAD to take a second and tell you guys!

I can’t even begin to express how grateful and thankful and lucky I am for having such a great group of friends and family (THE BEST) all supporting me through this whole process. Over and over again, God has shown that he has a great plan for me mapped out, and even though sometimes I question these plans (or diverges in the road as they may be), he always shows me that with a little faith, and a little hope, things will work out amazingly.

I cannot wait to see what this wonderful opportunity may bring and know that whatever lies ahead, it will be amazing!

Thank you all!

And happy Friday!




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