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Getting crafty with it: 10 ways to creatively reuse old books

If there’s one thing I love more than books (and baseball. And men in baseball pants. And ice cream. And good hair days), it’s crafting. There’s just something about glue, paper mache, stickers, a great idea, and an endless supply of creativity that gets me excited. Like, really excited! You can imagine then my level of embarrassing delight when I discovered the next best thing since sliced cheese: bookish crafts!


I’m a little obsessed with buying books guys, I’m not gonna lie. New books, old books. Paperback or hardcover. I want, need, gotta have them all. It used to be that I had too many books and not enough bookshelves, but now it’s gotten to the point where I have too many bookshelves and not enough apartment. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Of course there are the books that I will have forever, rerererereading them on the regular (Harry Potter, here’s looking at you kid), but then there are others that while I enjoyed, I sadly haven’t touched in years. They sit on a shelf or in a box, collecting dust and taking up space. These are the ones that would make the perfect canvas for an awesomely awesome book craft. Now there are some literary purists who couldn’t and wouldn’t dream of deconstructing a page-turner of any sort in the name of DIY, however I think that if you can find a way to still enjoy the books you’ve accumulated over the years in a very uniquely awesome way, go for it!

Here are just 10 ways to creatively reuse your books!

1. Do you have a wall in your house/apartment that needs a little love? Cover it in pages from one of your favorite books! No, seriously. How cool is this? It adds a bit of flair while at the same time providing your guests with ready-to-read reading material.


2. Take those old hardcover books that are falling apart and turn them into a colorful headboard! It’s super easy to do and will give your bedroom an instant POP of color and literary inspiration!


3. This book purse would be the perfect accessory to carry all of life’s essentials: keys, chapstick, wallet, chocolate and of course…your book(s) du jour.


4. If you’re feeling particularly crafty and want to create a unique lighting display, convert your old books into a lamp. Find out how to do this yourself here!


5. A bookshelf made out of books? It may be a bit like book-inception, but it’s also the coolest thing ever! I’m always looking for ways to stack, display, and organize my books and this floating bookshelf may just be the thing!


6. What time is it? Time to dig into a fantastic book! No need to worry about running late ever again with this adorable bookish clock. Creating one is as simple as marking the center of the book, drilling a hole, and attaching the clock. Done and done.


7. Another great way to use old book spines that have seen better days is to turn them into bookmarks. Stop dog-earring your pages now with these super cute page-savers. They also make for excellent gifts (although if you’re like me, you will want to keep them all for yourself!)


8. Similar to creating your own wall paper with pages from dictionaries or your favorite books, you can do the same thing with your coffee or end tables. Add a touch of pizzazz and personality with these funky décor pieces, making them the focal point of any room!


9. You can buy literary art like this at dozens of shops on Etsy, but who would want to do that when you can take 5 minutes and make it at home yourself. By using pages of books as printer paper you can easily print any design, image, or quote as a silhouette, creating your own unique handmade literary art. Love!


10. Combining new technology with old classics you can create this awesome DIY iPhone dock by picking out your favorites and using them as the base for your  homemade phone charger. See the directions and how to do this yourself here!


With a little creativity, some craft supplies and a few dusty books, you too can design your very own amazingly beautiful and bibliocentric home!

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some serious crafting to do!

Right after I unstick my fingers from each other. Super Glue is no joke, guys.

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So your fave TV show is on vacation…


I don’t know about you guys, but I am all about [that bass] and my fave TV shows.

And this year, they are goooood.

I mean, really gooood.

I mean, you’ve got your breakout hits like Shonda Rhimes’ scandalous and hold-on-to-the-edge-of-your seat drama How to Get Away With Murder, the hilarious comedy Marry Me starring the charming Casey Wilson, and my favorite fan-girl series of the moment, The Flash (which, coincidentally is what my co-workers call me after that unfortunate ‘very strong wind while wearing a summer dress’ incident). You’ve also got your standby amazingly amazing hits like New Girl starring my girl Zooey Deschanel, the best family drama (in my opinion), Parenthood (does anyone else cry just all of the ugly tears while watching that show?!), Revenge and of course, Once Upon a Time.


With all of that high-quality couch time during the week, one has barely enough time to eat.

Hahahahaha. I kid, I kid.

Because how can one possibly binge-watch without the proper fuel (and by fuel I mean anything in the ‘ito family, chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.)

As most of us are getting ready to merrily head off on our holiday vacations, unfortunately so are our fave TV shows (if they haven’t already done so.) This can be a very hard time for many people. Like any break or break up in a relationship, there are often feelings of denial, depression, anger, frustration and sadness–especially after a shocking and jaw-dropping cliff hanger.

What?! I have to wait until March to find out what happens to [plug in pretty much any character from any of the aforementioned shows]?! In the words of my favorite Tanner, “How rude.”

I know. It can be hard. But you know what? It can also be kind of awesome.

Think about it. You literally have hours upon hours upon hours during the week that are now free to do whatever you want. The possibilities are endless, really. Here are just some suggestions on what you can do with that spare time:

1. Pick up a book. I know what you’re thinking. A book? But that’s so 1999. Here is where you are wrong, my friends. Books are the OG of TV shows. They come in all genres, tell captivating stories, and don’t require a WiFi connection. Bonus points for giving the ‘ol brain some exercise.

2. Get together with friends. Instead of watching a group of Friends on the telly get into crazy shenanigans, call up your own besties IRL and create some shenanigans of your own. Dedicate a night of the week where you get together and catch up, let your hair down and have some good-quality FUN! Have an epic karaoke battle, grab drinks a that funky new bar downtown or even just relax at home with some wine, pizza and board games.

3. Go for a walk. It might be a tad chilly outside, but there is something magical about taking a stroll on an early December eve, the stars above you and the crunch of the snow underneath your boots. Plus, it makes it all the more special when you have that warm fire and steaming cup of hot chocolate waiting for you when you get back.

4. Let your crafting freak flag fly. There is nothing I love more than getting my hands dirty. And by dirty, I mean covered in paper mache, hot glue and glitter. Spend some time perusing Pinterest or the aisles of any craft store to get inspiration , find a fun project to do and get to crafting!

5. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and get your cooking on. Throw that ramen noodle cup away, get rid of that stale Chinese food in your fridge and tell the pizza delivery guy you’ve made other plans. Tonight, you’re making dinner! The kitchen can be a scary and unfamiliar place, especially if you use your oven as a place to store your shoes and live and die by the “reheat” button on your microwave. But have no fear! It can easily be tamed. Grab some of your favorite cookbooks, a recipe or two from your mom/grandma and give it a whirl (or a swirl, or a bake or a broil.)

6. Volunteer. There are so many organizations out there, especially this time of year, who are always looking for an extra helping hand (or two). Spend some time at your local rescue shelter walking and playing with the animals, donate a few hours a week cleaning up parks an other community areas, help with donations and food delivery at your nearest Red Cross. Nothing compares to the feeling you get from making a positive impact on others.

7. Call your mom/dad/sister/brother/Aunt Martha. You know that thing you use to play Words With Friends, take selfies and occasionally text your friends with? Did you know you can actually–wait for it–call people too?! It’s kind of a crazy concept, I know. But sometimes, picking up your phone and giving someone you love a ring can be pretty spectacular. Fill them in on your latest relationship drama, see how their new job is going, and most importantly, let them knowhow much you love them.

So there you have it, folks. Just a few ideas to help get you over those post-TV show hiatus blues. Now if you’ll excuse me, my mom is on the other line and I’ve got a pan of lasagna in the oven that needs to be taken out.

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The Brewers Got SOLE

Hey guys!


There are officially only 13 more days until the Milwaukee Brewers Opening Day!!!!!


Holy hot dogs topped with sauerkraut and mustard, Batman!

I am too excited for words!!!!

Because I am all things Brewer, and all things crafty, and all things nerdy….

I decided to get a little artsy-fartsy and make up some super cool Brewer shoes for the big day (and, well, for any little ‘ol occasion. I wore them to work today and everyone LOVED them! They may have not know what the heck was on them, but they LOVED them nonetheless).

I really have to say guys, I think I may have found my true calling: shoe painter.526784_10100155688562522_1142093469_n

Is that even a thing?

It was so easy, so cheap and SO much fun! I would definitely recommend trying this sometime.

And the best part is, you can design it to accommodate a whole barrel of ideas: your favorite quotes, books, food or song lyrics.


I already have, like, 20 more ideas for twenty more pairs that I want to get started on.

For a brief tutorial, check out my YouTube video I created.

Please feel free to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Martha Stewart I am not.

Have fun guys and be sure to send my pictures of your designs!


Friday Fav’s

Ho-ho-ho-how are you guys doing?

Holy cow!

Guess what?! There are exactly four more days until Christmas! That means there are three more days until Christmas Eve. Two more days until Christmas Eve Eve and only one more teeny tiny itsy-bitsy day–24 hours–until my most favorite of days….Christmas Eve Eve Eve.

Holy cow! Where did the time go? Where did this year go? I swear it was just yesterday I was wrapping up the last of my gifts, baking the last of my cookies and putting up the last of my Christmas tree ornaments. Okay. It was just yesterday, but you know what I mean. Whoofta! I absolutely LOVE me some Christmas! I love to give, I love to sing carols, I love tacky sweaters and I love the lights. I love the snowmen (and/or women), I love the lights, I love the stockings and the trees. I love the cookies and cocoa and candy canes and egg nog. I LOVE me some Christmas!

But you want to know a little secret?

The real reason why I love this season, this special time of year  so, so much?

I love what Christmas represents. I love how it brings people–family and friends and complete strangers–together. I love the precious time spent with loved ones, long-lasting memories made, laughs shared, smiles given and bear hugs exchanged. Beyond the presents and bows, the fancy parties and delicious food, Christmas is a time for reflection, a time to remember the miracle that occurred in Bethlehem oh so long ago. It is a time to be grateful for what we have and generous to offer what we can to those who aren’t as fortunate. It is a time to believe, to hope, to give. It truly is magical.

But you want to know another little secret?

Christmas is FUN!

To help shed some of that joy, I decided to share with you some of my favorite finds from around the web and more…all Christmas themed!

So grab your hot chocolate and your ginger bread man, sit back and relax and enjoy my fantabulous and festive Friday Fav’s 🙂

Favorite furball: Snowball. OMG CAN YOU EVEN HANDLE IT?! Puppy_mini

Favorite frozen: Peppermint Ice Cream Cake. The other day one of my dear pals told me that snow always makes him crave ice cream. I thought about it for a second and realized I feel the same way! (Although, if we’re being honest, a lot of other things do too.) Must be why this frozen chocolate & peppermint cake looks so dang good.Peppermint-Ice-Cream-Cake-via-Bakers-Royale_mini

Favorite dip: Peppermint Crunch Cookie Dough Ball. OH YES!!! A wickedly delicious cookie dough ball laced with peppermint, slathered on top of Oreos. This would be such a hit at a holiday party. Or, you know, on a Friday afternoon. By yourself. Watching Ellen.Peppermint-Crunch-Cookie-Dough-Ball-7_mini

Favorite cozy: Hello Pullover. So adorable, and perfect for lounging around the house on those cold winter mornings. hellpSweatshirt_mini

Favorite spot. Sigh! So cozy. :)Christmas

Favorite place: Barcelona, Spain. One of my bestest friends just recently got back from studying abroad here, and I’ve always been a little jealous. I love the mix of old and new in the beautiful city. Plus, how beautiful and picturesque does look all dolled up for Christmas?!Barcelona_mini

Favorite sip: Cinnamon Bun White Hot Chocolate. This is soooo happening!cinnamon-bun-hot-chocolate-2_mini

Favorite Song: The one, the only. Adam Sandler ladies and gentlemen 🙂

Favorite project: Holiday Woodland Wrapping. Not only is this a super cute way to wrap holiday packages, but I also think it’d be really cool to “wrap” different sized shoe box lids or cheap frames then prop them on the mantel for the holidays.Evergreenwreath_mini

Favorite cookie: White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies. Two of my faves – white chocolate and peppermint – in one cookie! Love the chewy, gooey center too.WhiteChocolatePeppermintCookies

Favorite funny: Dear Santa…Oh snap! 😉updo

I hope you guys have an amazing start to your Christmas celebrations! Eat a ton, laugh a lot and don’t forget to leave some cookies and milk for the big guy.

Oh…and don’t forget the reindeer! Carrots are always a good choice 😉



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