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Mayan’s Shmyans

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday Funday to you all! I hope you had an absolutely fantabulous weekend…

…as it is the last weekend you, me and the rest of the world will ever, ever have.

That is of course if you believe what the Mayan’s predicted over 5,000 years ago. maya_cartoon

So what is all the hubub all about? According to “experts”, the people of this ancient civilization were very smart–they had knowledge and wisdom beyond their time. The Mayan calendar is actually based on advanced astronomical knowledge – the ancient Mayans studied the stars and were extremely proficient mathematicians. They constructed the calendar based off of this knowledge; it was made up of 394 year periods with a total of 13 cycles included. The significance of December 21st, 2012 is that it marks the end of the thirteenth cycle, or, as some believe, the end of the world. How this “end” will occur they did not know for certain, but many believe that it would involve asteroids, crazy weather/climate changes and of course Hostess filling for bankruptcy, leading them to sell off all their assets including my beloved Twinkie, which was said to survive a nuclear holocaust (and confirmed by an early Y2K Family Guy episode).


Hostess DID file for bankruptcy.

So, Twinkies, which were supposed to survive a nuclear holocaust, die 3 weeks before the end of the world?! Well played, Mayans. Well played.

I don’t believe a wink of this silly prediction. In fact, news reports claimed today that archeologists have found a new Mayan calendar that refute the world’s end in 5 days, saying now that the world will actually exist for 7,000 more years. You what that means, don’t you? Cubs fans will now be witness to 7,104 years without a World Series win. ūüėČ

No, I don’t believe the world will end on December 21st (how can it?! I haven’t yet invented a cure for folding fitted sheets and Zoolander 2 hasn’t come out yet) but it did get me to think a little bit…keanu-mayan-calendar

How would I want to spend the last five days of my existence? Would I do anything differently?

Well, hypothetically speaking of course, there are maybe a few things that I would like to do.

For example, I would eat ice cream for breakfast (and lunch and maybe dinner); sprinkles, whipped cream, hot fudge, cookie dough and a cherry on top…the whole nine yards. Trying to knock off a whole bucket list in a mere 5 days would be a bit difficult to do, but you can bet your Christmas tree that¬† I would do everything I could to do so: skydive, visit Italy, throw out the first pitch at a Brewer’s game, learn how to finally do the Gangnam Style dance (the words included), publish my book, kiss on the Eiffel Tower and be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune (to name a few). Easy, right? I would also spend every moment I could with my closest friends, family, and dog. I would quit my job, sell the belongings and material things I don’t need and give the money to people who are not as fortunate as me, re-re-re-re-reread my favorite book (s), and finally tell that one special guy how I feel about him.


There are really a lot of things that I want to do, so much of my life that I haven’t yet lived. You know what, just because the Mayans may have goofed on their prediction of the end of the world doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t try to do these things anyway, right? As the horrible events of last week in Connecticut have shown, there is only one person, the big guy upstairs (no, not Santa, the other big guy) who knows what tomorrow will bring. Why should we hold on to these dreams, these goals, experiences and bucket list items? Why not, and go with me on this, why not start right now truly living our everydays and nights as if the world were to really end? Make the most of what we have, when we have it.

If that means quitting your job to do something you love instead, extending a helping hand to someone who needs it, spending more time with your family and friends and eating ice cream for breakfast? Well, I say GO FOR IT!

Woofta! Good thing the world isn’t ending, huh?

Have a great rest of your night everybody!

Start living. Don’t wait. Do it now!

Question of the day:

What do you think of the Mayan’s prediction?

What would you do if the world really were to end in five days?

My “Stay in the Bucket” List

Happy Sunday-Funday everybody!

In my last post, I mentioned¬†that one of the items on by ‘bucket list’ was to one day visit France and Italy. Most of you have all heard about the concept of having a ‘bucket list’ or,¬†rather, a personal list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and life-experiences you¬†wish to experience before you ‘kick the bucket’. I think that everyone should have some sort of¬†list like this, whether it’s written down, emailed to your i-phone, or just simply in that noggin of yours somewhere. Having such a list allows us to be held accountable for what we want to achieve, see and do in our lives, helping us to maximize every moment we have and live life to the fullest.

What do you want to do before you die?

My bucket list is a mile and a half long, filled with things like “Kiss somebody in the rain”, “See a baseball game at every stadium in America”, “Write and publish a book (currently working on that one as we speak!)”,¬†“Swim with the dolphins”, “See New York at Christmas time (check!)”, “Run a marathon”, “Send a message in a bottle” and “Make a positive difference in someone’s life”. The thing about this bucket list is that each and every item is completely do-able and is a stepping stone for me to go out and make these things actually come to fruition. Slowly but surely, I hope to cross off each and every¬†item, bringing with¬†them unbelievable experiences and incredible memories.

Along with my ‘bucket list’, I also have another list, one that I would like to call my “Stay in the bucket list”. This list is full of items that I hope¬†I don’t¬†ever have to do, see, hear or experience in my lifetime (again).¬†After all, life is just too short to repeat ¬†what didn’t work for you the first time, right?

Yeah...that can just stay in there.

Here, in part, is my “Stay in the bucket list”…

1. Drive my manual VW bug (or any stick shift vehicle for that matter) through the HILLY streets of San Fransisco. My stick shift and hills¬†are most definitely not on good speaking terms…nor do I think they will ever be.

2.¬†See any “show on ice”.

3. Eat squid.

4. Wear apparel, cheer for or have any positive inclinations for the Chicago Cubs.

5. Sit through any movie starring Gerard De Pardieu. Ditto for Pauly Shore.

6.¬†Attend a youngster’s birthday party at Chuckie Cheese, no matter how tasty the pizza is.

7. Attempt to curl my hair. Or cut my hair. Or straighten my hair. No, it’s not rocket science but, well, for me, it kind of is.

8. Ever give a rat’s batooty about actual rocket science.

9. Go ice fishing. Sorry dad, but I just don’t see the point of sitting in sub-zero temperatures for hours on end, freezing your hat off, just waiting for a fish that will most likely never even attempt to take your bait because they, unlike us, don’t want to risk getting frostbite and hypothermia. In fact, I bet they all get a good laugh, watching us from below wondering what in the world we are thinking.

10. Work at Victoria’s Secret. Do you know how tiny those pairs of skivies are? It’s like trying to fold floss.

11. Run up Trail Ridge¬†in CO like it ain’t no thang but a chicken wing. Talk about altitude sickness. Blechk.

12. Mistake sugar for salt on my Cheerios.

13.¬† Own a pair of gladiator sandals. There have been plenty of fads that I have succumbed to in my past: the jean overalls, the scrunchie, the baby doll dress with leggings.¬† It‚Äôs understandable.¬† But I don‚Äôt get the gladiator sandal.¬† Celebrities can‚Äôt even make those puppies look good.¬† I am neither a Gladiator or an actor in ‚ÄúSpartacus‚ÄĚ.¬† I will pass.

14. Go for a run in my spanking new running kicks through a dog park. There are poo land mines everywhere which are sure to be stepped in.

15. Throwing peanut M&M’s up into the air and trying to catch them in my mouth. They always inevitably end up making direct contact with my front teeth.

16. Driving through Nebraska. Or Kansas. Or Oklahoma any time between March – October. I didn’t like the movie Twister and I certainly don’t want to reenact it.

17. Not do something just because I am afraid.

18. Have a super-duper clean house. It’s just not happening for this chica.

19. Shoveling 20″ of snow to uncover my car with a mere ice scraper.

20. Ignorantly ignoring the waiter’s warning when they say that the food and plate are hot.

This was a just a snippet of what I don’t want to do before I kick the bucket, and I am sure¬†that¬†as I learn and experience new thing, yet¬†another item¬†will be¬†tacked on to this list. Although both lists¬†can be beneficial, it’s important to balance both what is in, and what isn’t, in your bucket to ensure¬†that you have a great day and an even better tomorrow.

So what are you waiting for? Start crossing those items off (or keeping them on, especially if it involves eating squid…gross!).

Question of the day: What are some of the things you want to do before you die? What are some of the things you don’t?

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