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Life’s Little Awesomes: The First Time You Get to Ride Shotgun

You waited a long time.

A longgggg time.

Cruising backwards in your baby seat, strapped into your toddler chair and sharing the bench with your little sister or brother on those long drives to the grocery store with your mom. You spent years putting up with child locks, bad views and barf bags.

So when you finally get to ride in the coveted front seat, you deserve a big, fat congratulations!

You just got promoted to adult status.

You’re feeling…





Oy. Vey.

Before I tell this story of absolute crazy-applesauceness, I ask, I beg, I plead you to not laugh.

Too hard.

Actually, scrap that request. This story is too hilarious not to ROFL*.

*Side note: Every time I see this, I can’t help but think of Scooby Doo talking. Right?

Let me preface this by saying that I was in a frenzied state of exhaustion, worry and stress. Not that it is any excuse for what happened, but it adds just a little bit more cushioning to my ego…

2:00PM. Tuesday, October 23

Me and the pup just got back from a very eventful trip to the vet. Thunder had been feeling a bit sickly the past few weeks; he developed a mean-looking rash on his legs and tummy, has lost a bit of weight and was just not acting his normal psycho-cute self. In fact, it was just last Friday when I had to take him into the ER because he couldn’t stand or walk or sit without whining or wincing in pain (the poor guy). I decided it was time to take him in to see if the doc could find out what was causing all of this not so nice shtuff to happen to my main man.

After a very drooly car ride, three poop bags, a shot and blood test, the super nice veterinarian told me that he would call me in the morning with the results, hoping to see what was going on. He seemed a bit worried that he had an internal infection but would know more after the results came back. This of course made me sprout five gigantic worry worts on my forehead. I absolutely HATE seeing my pup in pain, even more so when I can’t do anything about it.

Shot gun!

I pulled up into my driveway, let Thunder out of the car, and proceeded to walk into the house. Now normally this wouldn’t be a huge thang; I get in and out of my car ALL THE TIME. Typically I park in my garage but do to the big ‘ol boat that my dad recently placed there to store for the winter, I have had to park outside. Again, not a big deal.

The big deal comes in when you take into consider this equation:

My BEAST of a driveway (from the bottom looking up)


My frazzled state of mind


the fact that I, in the mix of all of this, forgot to pull my parking break up all of the way.

What does this equation equal you ask?

A runaway car.

5:45PM Tuesday, October 23

After throwing the frozen pizza into the oven (It wasn’t delivery. It was DiGiorno), I leashed up Thunder and took him to go potty. I walked out my front yard, walked down my driveway and up the street, he did his thang (four times. Man, that guy can pee!) and we walked back into the house.

6:00PM Tuesday, October 23

After just having sat down to eat said perfectly crispified but still chewy pizza, I received a call from my neighbor who lives across the street. To say that it was one of the most interesting phone calls I had ever gotten would be an understatement.

“Yeah, uh, Wendi. This is Dave Penley.”

“Hey Dave. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m pretty good. Hey, listen. If you were wondering where your car went, you might want to look at my house. (laughing) Yeah, um, your car is in my backyard. (laughing)



6:03PM Tuesday, October 23

I charge out of my front door, make like Forest and run across the street and into the backyard of my neighbor’s yard where I find my bug Brewtus, just chilling against a small pine tree. It was almost as if he was winking at me.

“Oh hey girl! Just thought I’d go on a little adventure. Miss me?”

Now there are many crazy points to this story. The first was that I was outside not a mere two minutes before Dave called me, letting me know about his new lawn ornament. I was so used to having my car in the garage, out of sight and mind, that it didn’t even cross my mind that something was missing in my driveway.

The second, and probably most important of all the crazies, was that no one, and hardly anything, was harmed during my car’s escape act. I was SO incredibly lucky that there were no kids or animals in the street or yard that would have been injured by Brewtus’ antics.  With the exception of a few gnomes and decorative garden frogs (and that poor tree that stopped my car from rolling), my neighbor’s yard was pretty much in tact and the only damage that was incurred to my car were a few minor scratches, a broken reverse lense and this giant plastic thingy that fell off (from where I still have yet to find out. If you know anything about anything about cars, VW bugs in particular and could help me out, let a girl know).

If you look at my driveway again, this time looking down at my neighbor’s house, it seems as though my bug should have ended up in their kitchen. It was as someone, or something (one of my many guardian angels, perhaps) was driving my car. It left distinct tire marks that took a varied path, making it seem that someone was steering the wheel, directing it around the bushes and more importantly, keeping far away from the house.

Very weird? Yes.

Very lucky? Heck to the yes!!!

I still cannot believe what happened and have to chuckle when I think about the absolute ridonkulousness of it all.


Oy. Vey.

P.S. I got the results fromm Thunder’s tests this morning and thankfully, all is good under (and in) his hood. He has to take antibiotics for the next three weeks for his rash (which will hopefully start making him feel better very soonly), but other than that he is perfectly healthy pup. Thank goodness.

Question of the day:

Guardian angels: Do you believe in them?

Have you ever experienced a runaway car? Bike? Motorized vehicle of any kind?

How do you discipline a runaway car, anyway?






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