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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends


Y’all, this whole adulting thing is hard. If I knew I’d have to do things like pay bills, go to work, pay more bills, deal with insurance and 401K’s, finding out what an actual 401K is, pay more bills, navigate the dating scene, do laundry, and attempt to make dinner while perfecting the perfect winged eyeliner look, all while trying to have an somewhat active social life–well, I definitely would’ve read the fine print before signing up.

As much as I like to complain, for the most part, I actually really do love the place that I’m in in life right now. And while this whole adulting this can have its challenges, there are some things that make it a bit easier, a little more manageable, and a hell of a lot more fun.

One such thing: your BFFs.

I am lucky enough to have some of the best friends a gal could ever ask for (you guys know who you are, and I heart you hardcore!). People who understand and get my nerdy, quirky, weird, strange, ridiculous self, and love me all the more for it. People who I know I can rely on to give me advice, support, really bad dad jokes, and the swift kick in the ass during those times when I need it most.

Could I successfully adult without these fantabulous besties in my life?

Maybe. Probably. There’s a good chance I could.

Would I want to?

How about no, Scott!

Here are just some of the reasons why your adulting years are that much more awesome with your friends by your side.

1. Because you would never get through your work day without their heinous, purposely unflattering, quadruple-chin Snapchats.

2. Because they’re willing to be a total waste of life with you when you need a day to relax, stay in your Harry Potter pajamas, and binge watch Netflix for hours.

3. But they’re also willing to light a fire under your ass if you’re being worthless with your life and need a tough kick in the pants.

4. They tell you when you’re being an idiot in your love life – whether it’s because you’re dating someone totally wrong for you, or because you’re letting someone totally right for you get away.

5. Because they’ll make you a PicStitch for your birthday that you actually look good in, too.

6. You can count on them more than anyone else in the world when you’re in need of someone to Gchat with – especially on Monday mornings when everything’s the worst.

7. Because they can instantly sense when something’s wrong with you – whether it’s by phone, text message, or in person.

8. And when you try to say everything is fine, they’re the first to tell you to cut the crap and come out with what’s bothering you.

9. Because even more important than being a shoulder to cry on, they are a body to split a pizza and a bottle of wine with.

10. Because they love you enough to tell you when you’re being a whiny brat about your job and need to just suck it up.

11. But they’re also the first to tell you if they believe you’re being overworked or treated unfairly at your job and deserve something better.

12. Because they’ll let you listen to “Hello” as many times as you need to in order to feel emotionally fulfilled.

13. They’re the only one who will actually tell you when you’re wearing something that you’re going to regret down the line.

14. Because they’re the first person you FaceTime in the morning when you wake up with an adult hangover (read: any night where you had more than two drinks and naturally feel like shit).

15. Because they remind you to do adult stuff that you would never remember on your own – like getting a flu shot, updating your change of address when you move, scheduling a dentist appointment, etc.

16. Their pep talks help you more than those of almost anyone else in your life.

17. They will never let you down when you need someone to get food with you, whether it’s a delicious brunch at noon or a Taco Bell run at two in the morning.

To all of my BFFs, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! I wouldn’t want to adult (or attempt to adult) with anyone else by my side.

Except maybe Oprah.

How to survive an LDR with your BFF


I am so very blessed to have such a great group of friends. If you’re talking about Squad Goals, I’m so on fleek! Some of these people I’ve known my whole life, surviving our awkward elementary and middle school years together, full of terrible fashion choices and even worse hair. (Remind me to never, ever let my dad cut my bangs again. Ever!) I’ve met a lot of my friends in college as we tried to navigate the late-night study sessions, awful dining hall food, and impossible professors; some I’ve met through work or church or simply by happenstance, a combination of serendipity and luck that brought us together forming a forever BFF bond.

Your friends can come into your life in all sorts of ways, but the one thing that is pretty much universal is the impact that they have on your life. They are the people who lift you up, who make you laugh, who inspire and motivate you. They’ve more often than not helped you get through the worst of the worst, and have celebrated the best of the best. They understand you like no one else, accepting you (and loving you even more) for your weird quirks and eccentricities.

One of the things that I value so much about my friends is that no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen or spoken to each other, we’re able to pick up right where we left off, feeling as if time and distance were ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. Which is great because as my friends and I have gotten older, we no longer have the liberties of meeting up at the local diner for disco fries after school or having weekly Bachelorette viewing parties like we used to. While we still are very much a part of each other’s lives, we’ve begun to live our own, moving to different cities/states, careering it up and even starting families.

We’ve heard of the challenges that having a long distance relationship with our SOs can be, but what about those we have with our friends? How do we survive when the person who knows you best lives thousands of miles away? It can be hard not being able to rehash last night’s dating disaster in-person over Appletinis, but there are ways that can help make your BFF LDR a little more bearable.

1. Have regular phone dates. I know it may seem like a foreign concept, that act of using your phone for something other than updating your Instagram or dominating level 499 on Candy Crush. But that mobile texting machine that’s glued to your hip 24/7 also allows you to, wait for it…call someone. I know, right?! I try to schedule regular phone dates with my besties, giving each other life updates or just to simply talk about last night’s episode of New Girl. This whole adulting thing can make life pretty crazy sometimes with school, work and other responsibilities taking over, but that doesn’t mean your friendships have to suffer. If you’ve got five minutes on your drive home or while you wait for your Eggos to toast, pick up the phone and give our friends a call, even if it’s just to say “hi”. There is something to be said for hearing someone’s voice, especially after not having heard it for a while, that a text or instant message can’t replicate.

2. Send random texts to let them know you’re thinking about them. When you can’t call your friends, texting is a great option to stay connected. Sending random messages or pictures of things that remind you of your BFFs is not only a fun way to break up the mundane of a Monday, but it will bring a smile to their face and act as a replacement “you” when you can’t physically be there.

3. Use social media to your advantage. The best thing about social media in my opinion, besides being able to watch incredibly ridiculous but oh so cute dog videos on YouTube of course, is how all of these various mediums allow you to keep in touch with the people who mean the most to you. I Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook my peeps on an always basis, sending messages, funny photos and links to incredibly ridiculous but oh so cute dog videos on YouTube. While these social media platforms are no replacement for the actual thing, being able to communicate and share special moments (an even the normal, average ones) with them whenever you want, wherever you want is pretty awesome.

4. But also remember how great snail mail is. I think we as a society have forgotten how great it really is to send and receive actual mail. I remember as a young girl, running out to the mailbox at the end of my driveway with anticipation, seeing that letter or package from a friend or family member. It was so personal and unique. You also knew that whoever sent it to you took the time to pick out the perfect card, the most beautiful wrapping paper, even taking into consideration the choice of stamps making it all the more meaningful. There really is magic and power in snail mail, which is why I try and send letters and small care packages to my friends every once in a while. It doesn’t have to be Christmas or their birthday; in fact, the more of a surprise it is, the better. Because as they go out to check their mail on that random Wednesday night after work, among the bills and grocery store flyers, they will find a little piece of you.

5. Reminisce about the past. One of the things my friends and I love to do whenever we talk or get together is remember all of the crazy shenanigans we had together (and there were a lot of them, let me tell you); moments that spurred side-splitting laugh attacks, inside jokes, and a lifetime of memories. Taking a walk down memory lane, the nostalgia of a lifetime of experiences has a way of making you feel closer to your BFF, even if miles and miles separate you. Plus, spending time reflecting on the past makes you even more anxious to start making even more of the same crazy shenanigan memories in the future.

6. And plan for the future. And that’s just what you should do! While it may not be feasible to visit each other on the regular, it’s most definitely possible and should be done as often as you can. Go to each other’s respective towns/cities or pick a location in the U.S. and meet each other there for a long weekend of crazy fun. The anticipation of seeing each other will also make the long months leading up to your visit a lot easier knowing that you have something incredible to look forward to. Plus, there’s nothing quite a long-awaited bestie bear hug.

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Lately I’ve Been Learning…Invest in Your Best Friends

I just found out that one of my bestest friends in the whole entire world got engaged over the weekend. We’ve know each other since we were literally waddling around in diapers and my heart is overflowing with joy for both her and her fiancé.


Me and the bestie/soon-to-be B-E-A-UUUUUUtiful bride Jillian. Love her to Reece’s Pieces! ❤

This momentous occasion made me realize how incredibly grateful I am to have such amazing friends in my life to share these fantabulous life events with. There is something so wonderful about having those best friends in your life, those amazing people who take up a special place in your heart.

Lately I’ve been learning  that one of the kindest things you can do for yourself is to invest in a good great set of best friends.









They say to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I say to heck in a bag of Skittles to that. Keep your best friends close, and the meanies as far away as possible. There is something truly comforting about someone who knows you, really knows you, and doesn’t need any context to understand you and all the stupid, silly, ridiculous things you do. Someone who you can smile with, laugh with, cry with and laugh so hard you cry with. Someone who is always there to listen, to be a shoulder to lean on when things get a bit rocky. Someone who loves you for you (and vice-versa).

I love those someones.

There are people who will come into your life and stay for a very short while. You’ll learn a thing or two from them, and then they’ll leave. But if you’re lucky there will be a few people that stick around for longer than you could have ever dreamed. Those are the people who make you, you. The ones who make you better, and the ones you hope never leave.

To be honest, I don’t know if I “learned” anything today, except for that I am a lucky girl with some pretty cool friends.

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