My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Life’s Little Big Things

If you think that all I did last night was sit on my ass with a glass bottle of Moscato and watch The Bachelor, then you would be wrong my friends. I was also trying desperately to get that piece of tortilla chip out from between by teeth. For a good hour I moved and contorted my tongue attempting to get that damn crumb out. Could I have gotten up to get some floss making this whole debacle a hell of a lot easier? Absolutely. But that would have involved getting up and actually moving and a) I didn’t want to miss a second of the rose ceremony drama and b) I was just feeling lazy AF.

So there I sat…

…until that glorious moment when I  finally, FINALLY got that sucker out.

Suck on that, tortilla chip!

I may have had a crappy day earlier, but at that moment, I was a champion. I defeated the anti-dentite tortilla chip Gods and was sitting pretty. It’s amazing how such an insignificant and silly thing could turn my whole night around. Well, that and watching this amazing ridiculousness.

I realized that there are actually a lot of these seemingly insignificant and sometimes silly things that happen on the regular. Little things that when added up, really change and morph into pretty incredible big things.

Here are just some of my favorite little big things:

  1. The sinfully delicious residue left on your fingers after eating a Dorito. Or Cheeto. Or Frito. Basically any and all ‘Ito/’Eeto product powder.
  2. The smell of rain. maxresdefault
  3. Starfishing out on your bed with freshly-washed sheets.
  4. Getting cutoff by an overanxious driver, then pulling up next to them moments later a red light.
  5. Having the exact change to pay for something.
  6. Happy hour.
  7. Movie previews full of trailers you’ve never seen.
  8. Removing all of the shell off a boiled egg in one fell swoop.
  9. This video. I’m pretty sure this woman is my spirit animal.
  10. Sticking that leg out from underneath the blanket and feeling jussssst right.
  11. Turning on the car radio just as your favorite song comes on.
  12. That first intense full-body stretch right after waking up.
  13. Making babies and any other small human laugh.
  14. Choosing the quickest check-out line at the grocery store, or the fastest moving lane on the road.
  15. The smell of bacon. The taste of bacon. Not to beat a dead pig, but pretty much everything about bacon.
  16. Spontanious adventures. Plans are good; but spur of the moment is mucho better.
  17. Waking up, checking the clock phone and seeing that you have plenty of sleep time left.
  18. Laughing so hard you that you cry. Laughing so hard that no noise comes out. Laughing SO damn hard that you pee a little. If any or all of these happens, you’re living my friend.
  19. Driving over little hills in the car and getting that mini roller coaster feeling in your stomach.
  20. Talking in a fake accent. ‘Ello luff.
  21. 5:00pm on a Friday afternoon.
  22. This
  23. When that party that you didn’t want to go to in the first place gets cancelled.
  24. Finding money you didn’t know you had in your pocket. It’s a gift from my self to myself.
  25. Finishing a chapstick.
  26. Putting in your two-weeks notice at a job you hate.
  27. Landing the gas pump on the precise amount you wanted. Not 10 cents over, or 10 cents under. Right on it.
  28. The additional French fries at the bottom of the bag.
  29. The other side of the pillow.
  30. Taking your bra and/or pants off after a LAD (long ass day).
  31. Pulling a GAW (giant ass weed) out in one grab, root and all.
  32. The bond shared by two people over a mutual disdain/dislike/ickiness for another person.
  33. The first scoop out of a new jar of peanut butter. cropped-heart-in-peanut-butter3
  34. Doing something for hours, then coming back to a phone full of text messages and missed calls.
  35. Late night/early morning conversations with good friends.
  36. Putting on that pair of jeans/hoodie/t-shirt straight from the dryer.
  37. That first moment when you may eye contact with your crush, and you catch them smiling back.
  38. Skinny dipping.
  39. A great hair day.
  40. A really good hug.

Tbh, it’s hard not to get caught up in the stresses of our every days and ignore the little blessings that are all around us. But it’s these little blessings that make this crazy and amazing life so crazy and amazing. From now on, I’m going to really try o not take for granted these things that make my heart smile.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to take this bra off.




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