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Friday Faves

Well hey there, guys! Happiest FriYAY (and a big ‘ol shout out to my mom who’s celebrating her birthday today!!! Happy birthday, mama!).

How has everyone’s first week of December been so far? I still cannot get over the fact that there is only 37 more days left of 2015. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “WHERE DID THIS YEAR GO?!” Holy Oreos, Batman.

But speaking of Oreos, besides it being my mom’s bday, it’s also #NationalCookieDay, aka probably the best day in the history of ever. But let’s be honest here peeps, everyday is pretty much National Cookie Day in my house.

No, but really. I have a serious problem.

Of course the only way to fix said problem would be to bake and eat even more of said cookies. Obvies. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing this weekend. I don’t wanna brag (oh who am I kidding, I’m totally gonna brag), but I’m kind of a master baker. And if there’s one time I really go gong-ho on my cookies, it’s around Christmas time.

Sugar coma, be damned!

Besides getting knee deep in flour and frosting, I’m hoping to do a little decorating around the apartment and am meeting up with some friends on Sunday for a girls’ day. These next couple of weeks/weekends are going to be crazy pants–which I love–but I’m definitely relishing the calm before the storm.

Whatever you’ve got planned for the weekend, I  hope you have an amazing couple of days! But before you get started in on the fun, be sure to check out my finds from around the web and more in this week’s Friday Faves! 🙂

Favorite Whoa: This. Chocolate. Cake. I saw this cake while scrolling through Instagram last week and my eyebrows shot up into my hairline. EVILICIOUS.


Favorite place: Emerald Lake. I’ve been dreaming about spring break already and think it might be time to make that Canadian Rockies trip I’ve been planning for years. This photo of Emerald Lake in British Colombia made my heart start pounding. Have you ever been?

emerald-lake-c2a9-christopher-martin-7711-2 copy

Favorite Song: I’ve officially crossed over to the dark side, y’all. The country music side. Okay, not completely, but there are a few songs that I don’t hate to listen to. Yours by Russel Dickerson is one of those songs. So. Good.

Favorite style. So adorable! Love the mixing of materials and patterns. Perfect for a holiday party.

Wickford Mariner 4

Favorite indulge: Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese. Yes cheese. I mean please.


Favorite gift: Spin Chill. I still have no idea what I’m going to get my dad for Christmas, but this Spin Chill thingamajig for icing down a can of beer in 1 minute looks pretty cool – bonus that it can chill a bottle of wine in 5 minutes. #priorities


Favorite print: You Cook, I Will Drink Wine. I swear I shared this fun print on a previous Friday Faves but couldn’t find it, so, revel, people! This would make such a fun holiday gift for a roommate or spouse!


Favorite truth. I found this on Insta the other day and died. Give me a shirt long enough to generously cover my rear and I totally agree. #leggingsfolife


Favorite slurp: Sicilian Chicken Soup. Nothing is better on a cold, winter’s day than a hot bowl (or three) of homemade soup. Definitely adding this to my crock-pot regime. YUM.


Favorite DIY: Waterless Snow Globes. Somehow I’ve accumulated nearly 2 shelves worth of mason jars in my cupboard over the past two years – whoops!  This would be a fun ladies craft night project too! PS anyone want to start a ladies craft night with me?


Favorite Cookie: Of course I couldn’t leave this post without leaving you with one of my most treasured cookie recipes. Heeeeeck yes!! This New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (aka the best chocolate chip cookie recipe,) is sinfully delicious. Yep. Will be making by the dozen over the next couple of months!




Comments on: "Friday Faves" (5)

  1. I love Friday Faves!
    I have never been to Emerald Lake but it is on our Bucket List for our Rockies Trip next summer 🙂

    • Doesn’t it look absolutely beautiful? And you’re coming down here?! Ack!!! Me thinks you should make a pitstop in Denver to see the Colorado Rockies. Just saying. 😉

  2. That cake and pizza. I know what I’m having for dinner!

  3. Now I want to bake cookies! Oh and *tries not to giggle* if there is still 37 days in this month, it is going to be a long one! *yes, I am a smarty pants*

  4. OMG, I need that Spin Chill and I need it now!!!!

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