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Oh Adele how I heart you.

My sister from another mister with a voice of an angel basically stopped the world when she released Hello this past October. The hugely successful single was followed by the release of her latest album 25, which (not surprisingly) made music sales history and sold 3.38 million copies in the U.S. in just one week.​


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, wasn’t, am not binging to her newest album on forever repeat. And I certainly do not belt out the lyrics to all of her songs in the shower or car, at my desk or the line at Starbucks. Never ever.

With a voice that’s pretty much flawless, and music that makes us feel all the feels, it’s safe to say that everyone and their second cousin’s brother’s uncle is an Adele fan. And if they aren’t, they should be.

Every single Adele song has this weird way of taking us over, sometimes even leading us to make not the best of decisions. Below are just some of  the Adele-inspired bad decisions we’re all guilty of making at one point:

1. Text our ex.

2. Call our ex.

3. Hang out with our ex.

4. Get back together with our ex.

5. Rethink every past relationship we’ve ever had and where we went wrong.

6. Feel a deep burning sadness inside us.

7. But somehow it feels good, too?

8. Miss somebody we met that one time in that one place.

9. Miss somebody we don’t even know.

10. Use the lyrics to make some emotional Tweets, Facebook statuses and Instagram captions that we’ll definitely regret down the road.

11. Cry just all of the ugly tears.

12. Scream out the lyrics at the most inappropriate times. Like in line at the grocery store. Or when the guy at Subway asks if you want extra pickles.

13. Reclude into our dark bedrooms to analyze every aspect of life.

14. Try to mend all the broken relationships in our lives––even the ones we absolutely shouldn’t.

15. Did we mention cry?

16. Wish we gave that one person a second chance.

17. *Dials old friend* “Hello, it’s me…”

18. Feel sentimental about even the most irrelevant moments. *Remember when I finally got that popcorn cornel out of my teeth? I felt so free, so alive!

19. “I should have cherished that milkshake more…” *Bursts into tears*

20. Wonder where it all went wrong…

21. Attempt to write an album about our own age––and fail miserably.

22. Probably cry.

23. Binge listen to every Adele album in existence on repeat.

24. Feel hopeless about ever finding your one true love.

25. Contemplate why *insert childhood crush’s name here* broke your heart back in fifth grade.

26. Go to town on a pint (or three) of Chubby Hubby.

27. Cry.


Thank you and your amazing winged eyeliner, Adele.



Comments on: "27 Bad Decisions You’ll Make After Listening To Adele" (6)

  1. Haha this is hilarious and strangely true. I am dealing with some not so great boy stuff at the moment. I’m scared to even attempt to listen to her new CD right now.

  2. That winged liner though! She needs to start doing makeup tutorials lol.

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