My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

I Believe


I believe in kindness, openness and love. I believe in boundaries and honesty and saying no. I believe in curiosity and exploration and saying yes.

I believe in the enoughness of the present moment, of you, of me. I believe in living for the right nows.

I believe in finding the good in other people, and second or third chances.

I believe cussing like a sailor, ice cream, and laughter are the best form of therapy.

I believe in girls dressing like boys and boys dressing like girls.

I believe in pie for breakfast and beer as a main course.

I believe in making mistakes, striking out and falling down. But I also believe in getting back up, learning from our mistakes and swinging for the fences.

I believe in being exactly where you want to be–and if you’re not, doing whatever it takes to get there, even if that means venturing out of your comfort zone.

I believe in saying what you mean and feel without hesitation or apology.

I believe in being vulnerable even if it ends in rejection.

I believe in letting my heart be scared and going for it anyway because if I don’t, I’ll always wonder.

I believe in viewing life with rose tinted glasses. Not because I’m naïve to the fact that pain and suffering exist in our world, but because I choose to see love. That’s just what I do; I search for love. And when it’s not there, I choose to create it. Love is a choice, what you see in others is a choice. Choosing isn’t an act of denial, it’s an affirmation of your own personal truth.

I believe all of us are in this together and things only make sense when we are willing to share our stories. I believe I am deeply loved, and worthy of love, and so are you.

What do you believe?


Comments on: "I Believe" (5)

  1. I believe that you have one of the most positive outlooks on life out of anyone I know. I seriously mean that. Your posts, whether it’s on here, FB, twitter, or instagram, never fail to make me smile!

  2. I just loved this – what a wonderful, warm post!

    (I might have to copy the idea at some point!)

  3. […] Today’s writing prompt ties in nicely with the fact that I was just admiring Wendi’s beautiful post ‘I Believe’, which you can read here. […]

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