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It’s no secret that my list of fictional girl crushes is a mile and a half long (and keeps growing by the minute). Kick-ass chicks like Katniss Everdeen, Hester Prynne, Jane Eyre, Lizzie Bennett, Nancy Drew and Matilda showed us that girls could do just all of the things, that they had a voice, strength and a fierceness that was indescribable. My favorite fictional female characters however, my ultimate bookish BFF, my sista from another mista is the one, the only, the magical Hermione Granger.

My girl Miss Granger made it cool for girls everywhere to be confident bookworms, proving to be one of the best role models for bookish young girls and women all over the world. Hermione’s most important message however may have been her independence. In most of the Harry Potter books, she had a life separate from whatever was going on with her besties Harry and Ron.

For example, in The Chamber of Secrets, she spent hours alone researching the who’s, what’s and why’s of that crazy basilisk in the stacks of the library; in The Prisoner of Azkaban, she literally had a whole time-turned life that Harry and Ron had no idea about; in The Goblet of Fire, she conceived and founded Dumbledore’s Army (yes, it was her idea! You go, girl!).

Of course, she did all of these ahhhmazing things while saving Harry and Ron pretty much on the regular, all with her brains, skills, and unfailing courage. As Emma Watson herself pointed out, Hermione taught us all that girls can fight, too.


Here are just a few of the many things she has taught us over the years. I think she would be happy to know that she has done a sorting hat full of good in the Muggle world too.

Pronunciation matters.


You don’t have to listen to boys, even if they’re famous wizards.


Knowledge is power.


Books save lives, people.


Sometimes you just need to let your hair down.


Especially when an electric personality can make even frizzy hair sound exciting.


This philosophical mind-bomb.


Know your strengths.


Own it, and it has no power over you.


If you want something, you have to work for it.


Priorities: She had then sorted out after all.


Shine so brightly that nobody can call you “just a sidekick.”


I would gladly be a part of your girl gang any day, Hermione!

QOTD: Who are some of your favorite fictional female role models? What life lessons have you learned from them?


Comments on: "12 Times Hermione Granger Taught Us How To Own Our Kick-Assness" (8)

  1. She is the best!

  2. She was definitely no sidekick. It was most of the time that Harry depended on her more than himself. His journey was to learn not to depend on her so much.

  3. Love this! And I read every quote on here in her voice! This makes me want to have a Harry Potter marathon!

  4. I had a photo and a mention of Hermione in my blog post tonight, too!

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