My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

The Sandersons really are my soul sisters from another mister. Not only are Winifred, Mary and Sarah spunky, fashion forward and down right bewitching (anyone that can ride around on a broomstick and still maintain perfect hair is a hero in my book) , but they really have nailed what it’s like to be a young adulting 20-something and single-ladying it.

Here are just some of the times the Sanderson sisters perfectly summed up being a single gal in her 20’s:

  • When you catch that super cute office co-worker smiling at you from over your cubicle wall.


  • When you go to your favorite coffee shop and that hot barista with the ridiculously amazing mony tail is taking your chocolate-frappe-shaken-not-stirred-caramel-pumpkin-spice-everything-mochiato-with-extra-whipped-cream order.


  • When you wake up the next morning after the world’s worst date and you feel single AF.


  • When you’re about to unmatch with someone on Tinder but then they turn around and surprise you with something witty to say, most likely involving or related to Harry Potter in some way.


  • When you reluctantly (very reluctantly) agree to go on a blind date with your boss’s wife’s third cousin’s son.


  • When someone tries a lame pickup line at a bar (“Want to go back to my place and check out my Dewey Decimal system? Really? Seriously?” and you’re having none of it. NONE.


  • When your friends are unsure about that date you have with your boss’s wife’s third cousin’s son (turns out he is hawwwt!) but he looks like Chris Hemsworth so you go on a second date anyway.


  • When you try to reach out to the person you ghosted on a few weeks ago.


  • When you are trying to pump yourself up for a big date night.


  • When your besties are in fact, the worst wingwomen in the history of ever.


  • When you take an Uber home from a night out but you’re a littttttle too drunk to handle it.


  • When you run into your ex and their new GF.


  • When you get super dupes excited about someone you just started seeing and your friends try in vain to pump the brakes and ground you a little.


  • When you have to unfortunately (but fortunate for you) break the news to your date that there won’t be a second mini golf and fro-yo outing. *Although you seriously considered it just for the min golf and fro-yo because, well, MINI GOLF AND FRO-YO!


  • When you and your best friends wake up after a night out and don’t really remember how you got home or why you’re missing a shoe.


  • When yet another high school/college friend gets engaged.


  • When McSteamy walks into a bar and you and your friends all want a chance with them.


  • When you finally, FINALLY meet someone and they’re nice? And funny?? And charming and sweet and gorgeous as ever???? WITCHCRAFT.



Comments on: "Being single in your 20’s is just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" (3)

  1. YES! So much yes to every part of this!
    Also, Hocus Pocus is the best 🙂

  2. Love Hocus Pocus and love this!

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