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Thoughts on a Thursday

Hey friends! Happy Friday-eve (and first day of October)!

Wait. Hold the phone and shut the front door.

IT’S ALREADY OCTOBER?! Wasn’t it just the beginning of June? I swear 2015 has flown by. Like, Harry Potter on his Nimbus 3000 fast. To my parents and grandparents who always warned me that as I got older, the years would just go by faster and faster (and my young and very naïve self never believed them, naturally), you were right. But have no fear! I think I’ve come up with a pretty solid plan to combat this super-sonic passing of time: I’m just going to stop aging, remain 28 forever. I’ll let you know how that works out.

But that’s not the only thing that I’ve been mulling around in the ‘ol noggin lately….

  1. This morning when I was at Starbucks getting some much needed caffeine and grub, I overheard a dude tell his dude bud that he didn’t like seeing women eat. Oh, I definitely understand, bro! I get totally grossed out when men sleep. Or breathe. Like, WHAATTTT?!!? As I walked past him, I tried to give him my best scone-stuffed face, evil side eye glare.
  2. My mom is the best at sending me pictures of my pup Thunder who is staying with both her and my dad until they come out here with him this Christmas. I got this gem from her two nights ago. Obvies they don’t spoil him at all. 🙂
"Okay, guys. I'm all tucked in and ready for my bedtime story. I'm feeling 'Goodnight Moon with a James Earl Jones voiceover tonight."

“Okay, guys. I’m all tucked in and ready for my bedtime story. I’m feeling ‘Goodnight Moon with a James Earl Jones voiceover tonight.”

3. Is there a limitation on when your fingers stop growing? I swear my digits have sprouted out at least an inch within the past couple of months. And you know what they say about girls with big fingers…they need big gloves.

4. I was guilt tripped into buying two tickets to a Horse Capades show in Denver in three weeks by a co-worker’s daughter yesterday. I have no idea what Horse Capades are, nor do I plan on going. But she was just so sweet and she brought up how much she loved Harry Potter and I couldn’t say no. If this was a preview for what it’s going to be like when I have little kiddos of my own, I’m in trouble.

5. Since it’s officially October, I’m not ashamed to admit that I will be watching Hocus Pocus on the repeat, all day, errr day. *Does anyone know yet if the rumors of a sequel are for realsies? Quit playing games with my heart, Bette.

6. Since it’s officially October (or a day ending in ‘y’), I’m also not ashamed to admit that I polished off a whole bag of Candy Corn within two days. And to all of you Candy Corn haters out there, a couple of things: YOU are crazy pants and can you send all of your CC to yours truly pleaseandthankyou.


7. I’ve got jury duty for the first time next Monday and I’m equal parts excited and annoyed. Excited because I get to live out my Olivia Benson fan-girl dreams (and they’re providing us with free lunch–I am ALL about that free food, much chagrin to Mr. Starbucks dude) and annoyed because if I do get called for a case, it could last for weeks (and I’ve got a wedding that weekend that I’m not missing! You hear me, Judge Judy. Not. Missing!)

8. Speaking of the wedding, it’s only a week and two days until I get to see one of my bestest friends marry her bestest friend and I am SOOOOOO excited! To share and be a part of her special day is such an honor (not to mention there will be cake! And dancing. And cake! And drinks. And cake! And love. And cake!)

QOTD: Candy Corn: Love or hate?

What’s your favorite part of weddings?


Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday" (8)

  1. I always hate to get jury duty. One time they did it right before a trip to Hawaii and I was terrified I would get chosen and have to skip my trip. You have no idea how much I would have killed the justice system and justice if I had to miss my trip.

  2. I love both Hocus Pocus and Candy Corn!

  3. Thoughts on your post: You get free lunch for jury duty? I didn’t get that kind of treatment when I had to go. Your dog is just too cute for words. You should have ordered a muffin at Starbucks and ate it right in front of that dude! And thumbs down to candy corn.

    • At least I think I get free lunch. I better get free lunch, dammit! Awe! Thanks so much, hon! He’s the best! I didn’t order a muffin but I did stuff my face with my vanilla bean scone and made sure he saw. What a D-bag. And whaaaaaatttt??!! You don’t like Candy Corn? I love you, girl. But whaaaaatttt??!!

  4. Candy corn – YES!

    As for weddings – I love everything about them. 😀

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