My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Books are…well, they’re amazing.

And as we’ve previously seen here and here, they can be all of the ridiculous.

Ridiculously amazing that is! It’s been a hot minute since I took a trip to the WTF book store, which is why I’m happy to present you guys with 17 MORE books that are so ridiculously bad, they’re good.

Trust me, y’all. Your bookshelf will not be complete without these winners.

  1. This super dupes helpful tip for how to increase your smarts.


Wheaties shmeaties.

2. Only the most im-poo-rtant how-to guide you will ever have.


Don’t do it. Like, ever. Never let them know you poo.

3. This book will just burn a hole in all of your pockets.


But can we talk about those overalls for a second? Need, want, gotta have.

4. These goldfish are fancy and cultured AF!


They eat the expensive chocolate.

5. Those are some efffing phenom fences, yo.


That’s some nice looking wood. #ThatsWhatSheSaid

6. A purrrfect addition to any cat-lover’s library.


Reason number 538 why people should not eat cat nip brownies.

7. Geeze, finally! The answer to this age-old question.


Because the obsession with One Direction and pleated bow ties didn’t give it away.

8. Smocks are the new black. Calling it now.


This guy is totally Tim Gunn-ing it! #MakeItWork

9. The only dating handbook you will ever need.


Forward written by Mrs. Robinson.

10. Rolling with my homies…


Party at Jean Jefferies house this weekend!



Duct tape and WD-40. Solves everythingggggg.

12. Walter White’s second fave book.


So what’ll it be? Cheese, pepperoni, veggie or the meth, I mean meat lover’s pizza.

13. Now this just seems like a bad idea.


Just so many Pillsbury croissant tubes!!!

14. Is that a fly in your mouth or are you just happy to see me?


Nope. It’s definitely a fly.

15. Because even terrifying puppets deserve a chance to find religious enlightenment.


Hozier’s inspiration.

16. The truth hurts sometimes, dude.


Follow-up to the best-selling book, “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open.”

17. These guys just need a good hug.


And a lot of duct tape and WD-40. Just all of the duct tape and WD-40.


Comments on: "17 MORE books that are so ridiculously bad, they’re good: Part III" (15)

  1. I love how the How to Pick up a Teenage boy book has the little sticker that says, “Finally!” the 50,000 copy Best seller, like they had been in the office pushing refresh, hoping, waiting and pleading for the next Cougar to happen buy it in Barnes and Noble and buy it. They were probably there to surprise her with a prize to Hawaii for being the 50,000th customer. Probably like how I would be if my book ever sold that many copies.

    • Oh my stars you noticed that too?! Haha! My grandma still to this day treasures that book (and had one hell of a trip to Hawaii!) But wait a tick…you’re writing/wrote a book?! Do tell!!!

      • Yeah, that was so funny. I’ve been writing one for years now(since 2009), but I haven’t been able to get more than maybe 5 hours a week at my peak and it has been an on and off affair for the last few years. It will happen one day whether it is one copy or a million. And I’m gonna sneak it in school curriculum so people are forced to buy it.

      • That’s so incredibly awesome, Ben! It’s definitely a process, but when it’s done, and you can say you’ve written and published a book?! It’s the greatest feeling in the world! Put me on the pre-order list! 😉

  2. Love this. Posted it on my Facebook cause I think we all need a laugh today!

  3. Please come run my local library, Wendi!

  4. I … Don’t want to read these …

  5. How people who don’t know they’re dead attach themselves to unsuspecting bystanders and what to do about it…is oddly specific. These books are pretty fantastic.

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