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Thoughts on a Thursday

It’s Thursday which means a couple of things…

  • It’s Friday-eve (which means Friday is right around the corner which also means that a glorious three-day weekend is bringing up the rear. I think that deserves a TGIT, no?)
  • In honor of it being TGIT, you most definitely need to go out tonight and celebrate. Or you could pull a ‘me’ and stay in with a box of wine and some Game of Thrones. Both equally awesome.
  • It’s time for the latest edition of “Thoughts on a Thursday.” 🙂
  1. I led a writing workshop this morning and one of the prompts I gave my students to get their creative juices flowing was in regards to their school and work: What is one thing that motivates you to work hard and do your best? I got so many great responses, but my favorite by far was from a student who said that her driving force, her inspiration was….cookies. Obviously I had to epically high-five her (and then nominate her for President 2016. The world needs more people, more leaders like her–and more cookies. Just all of the cookies).
  2. Hot damn, guys! How is it already September?!!? There are only 4 more months left of 2015 which is total crazy pants. My grandparents/parents were right: life really does speed up the older you get. If it’s okay, I think I’m just gonna stay 28 forever.
  3. I just realized that I prefer to chew my food on mostly the right side of my mouth? Is this a thing? Or am I just weird. Wait, don’t answer that.
  4. Speaking of which, there is no greater feeling in the world than finally, FINALLY getting that piece of Snickers bar that was stuck in your teeth unstuck. Rewarding myself with a Twix bar later.
  5. My fall softball league starts in a week and I am way too excited. Like, ‘I’ve already laid out my glove, shoes, and lucky underwear’ excited. I’m playing two nights a week this season which means this girl has got to invest in a really good knee brace. And Advil. Just all of the Advil. My grandparents/parents were right: It really sucks getting old.
  6. I just found out that if you were to sit down and watch every Harry Potter movie, with 5 minutes allowed in between each one for pee/snack breaks, it would take a little over 22 hours. I am going to have to do this at some point. And by some point I mean this weekend obviously. Who wants to come over (and bring popcorn?)
  7. These sunrises never get old. Denver, you’re alright you know that?11059887_10100760119992092_656416317147637831_n

Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday" (5)

  1. 22 hours . . . I might be able to squeeze that in 🙂 Sounds like a pretty goo way to spend the weekend.

  2. Between the pictures you post and the pics my friends post who just recently moved there, I am really falling in love with Denver even though I’ve never been. It just looks so pretty.

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