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I love school. In fact, if I could get paid to be a forever student, I think I would. Epic nerd status, I know. In fact, I think that’s a big reason why I became a librarian; I literally get to surround myself with opportunities to learn something new everyday. I also have the chance to pass on some of that nerd-energy to my students, getting them psyched up about their education.

It’s kind of really awesome, guys.

That being said however, there were some classes that I had to take in college that did not make a mole hill of sense. I mean yes, I understand that Calculus is relatively important, and okay Biology is good to know from time to time, but what about the classes that help us young adulting adults navigate the every days and every nights IRL, the classes that will help prepare us for whatever life throws our way outside the confines of the campus quad.

Here are just some of the college classes [that need to exist yesterday] that might actually help you survive in the real world.

  1. Sociology 171: How to Make Friends Sober
  2. Communication Studies 10: How to Say No To Things You Actually Don’t Want to Do
  3. History 103: How To Recover From Accidentally Liking Someone’s Instagram Picture From 2010
  4. Cosmetology 101: How To Look Like You Weren’t Just Crying In The Bathroom
  5. Life After Your Meal Plan: How To Eat On A Budget
  6. Poli Sci 50: Policies For When Your Psychotic Roommate Keeps Stealing Your Stuff (Those Oreos Didn’t Eat Themselves, Angela!)
  7. Chemistry 20: Convincing Your Hook Up That You Two Have A Stronger Connection Than Just “Netflix And Chill”
  8. European History: How To Not Be Intolerably Annoying When You Come Back From Studying Abroad
  9. English 114: Analyzing and Interpreting Drunk Texts From Your Ex
  10. Criminal Law: How To Stop Yourself From Watching 37 Hours of Law & Order: SVU
  11. Astronomy 29: Understanding That Your Zodiac Sign Doesn’t Actually Control Your Life
  12. Theater 141: How To Feign Confidence In ALL Situations
  13. Economics 102: Understanding That If You Stopped Buying Drunk Food After You Go Out You Could Actually Afford To Go Grocery Shopping
  14. Intro To Psychology: Analyzing Different Meanings Behind The “K” Text
  15. Business: How To Fake Being Ready For A Real Career In A Job Interview When In Reality You Spent The Last Four Years Of College Signing Up For 3pm Classes Because You Hate Waking Up Before Noon
  16. Musicology 109: Finding Emergency Cool Playlists To Put On Your Phone Just In Case Someone Asks You To DJ Or When Driving In A Car Because The Last Time That Happened All You Had Downloaded Was The “Shrek” Soundtrack

QOTD: What are some of the classes you wished you had in college?


Comments on: "Life 101: College Courses That Need to Exsist Yesterday" (11)

  1. I could definitely have used a few of these!

  2. That could be a whole class, figuring out the multiple meanings of k, couldn’t it? I totally want to be a librarian, but realized that you would have to get a masters and that sounds really hard. You sound like you love it though huh?

    • It really would haha. Being a librarian is the best! I’m extremely lucky that I get to go into work everyday excited. And actually, grad school was easier than my undergrad (which sounds really weird but it really was). You can totally do it! It’s never too late to go after something you love or are interested in! Do itttttt! 😉

      • Any suggestions on good places to go? Any online ones? Fairly inexpensive?

      • Absolutely! I went through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s online program and I loved it! Very flexible, great professors, awesome internship and networking opportunities. I’ve also heard that University of Illinois and Syracuse’s online programs are excellent! In terms of cost, you’re looking at paying roughly the same amount no matter where you go.

  3. You should start a college!

  4. Omg these classes are essential! I need them all but I am convinced that there is no way to recover from liking a person’s Instagram photo from 2010. You need accept you fate and delete all social media and move to another country.

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