My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)


Alright guys.

Roll with me on this (pun intended).

How about instead of ‘toilet paper’, we start calling it ‘loo paper’?

So sophisticated, so royal, so dapper.

Like, Kate Winslet-esque.

Or Dame Maggie Smtih.

I bet Maggie Smith would use the shit out of loo paper. (Pun intended because, well…)

We should totally make this a thing, right?


*The above thoughts are based on actual thoughts I have on random Tuesday nights, lying in bed after having eaten just all of the chips and salsa.

***Which coincidentally, will  make you go through just all of the loo paper.

This must be what the Lion King meant by Circle of Life.


Comments on: "Roll With Me On This: Loo Paper" (8)

  1. Ha, this made me laugh! But I’m still calling it toilet paper. 🙂

  2. Funny! I’m game to call it Loo Paper! I will put it on my shopping list right now and see how long it takes for someone to ask me what it is!

  3. I also talked about toilet/loo paper in today’s blog post. Great minds think alike I guess. 🙂

  4. Ahem… I often call it loo roll…

  5. Hahaha I love this! Plus you mentioned The Lion King, which is my shit, soooo I’ll definitely be keeping up with your blog 🙂

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