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Ever since I was little, I’ve had this weird fascination with words. Maybe it’s the inner-writer (and very outer booknerd) in me, but there is just something about a particular set of letters and symbols that when strung together, create something with meaning, with power, that gets me really excited.

And by excited, I mean really excited. I have a “Word of the Day” calendar on my desk at work, and I may or may not get an unusually high level of satisfaction when I roll into school every morning, eagerly anticipating the reveal of that day’s word (Ingurgitate: to swallow something greedily–as in “I ingurgitated my morning 2 3 4 cups of java”).

In an age of LOLs, emojis and “baes” (I have a feeling Shakespeare would be rolling over topsy-turvey in his grave if he heard the way we speak today), I think we’ve forgotten what it’s like to use real language, to forgo actual words and instead express our feelings and opinions in a hub-bub of abbreviations and hashtags. There are a billion kajillion (a slight guesstimate) words out there at our disposal, yet we choose to stick to the same old boring verbiage. I mean, Ben & Jerry’s vanilla is great, but every once in a while a girl’s got to dabble in some Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia.

I’m definitely not innocent in this; it’s damn hard to resist a good winky face every now and then and sometimes a quick BRB is necessary. Lately however, I’ve tried to become more aware of how I say things, the words I use, and the context in which I use them (enter in said amazing “Word of the Day” calendar). I’m hoping that by spicing up my vocab a notch, I’ll not only have a stronger language arsenal, but those words will start to rub off on others, in turn spicing up theirs as well, creating this wildfire of awesome verbiage.

To kick things off, I thought I would share just a few of these words that you can start using in your every day convos, words that are so beautifully unique and strange and delicious, you can’t help but get a brain freeze (for all the right reasons).

Think Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia. 

Check out the following 15 weird and wonderful words you can start using NOW:

1. Absquatulate (v.): To leave somewhere abruptly.

Shut the front door. Target’s having a sale on shoes?!?! Let me just grab my purse and we can absquatulate!

2. Borborgymus (adj.): A rumbling or gurgling in the stomach/intestines.

That awkward moment when you let out a echoing borborgymus during your morning meeting. How long until lunch again?

3. Callypigian (adj.): Having a shapely buttocks.

As Megan Trainor so amazingly says, “It’s all about that bass callypigian.”

4. Edacious (adj.): Having to do with eating or fond of eating.

My hobbies include ice cream, cookies, ice cream and copious amounts of Chipotle. I guess you could say I’m a tad edacious.

5. Humdudgeon (n): An imaginary or made-up illness.

Come Monday morning, I think everyone turns into a bit of a humdudgeon. “Sorry boss, I can’t come into work today; it seems I’ve caught that darn Game of Thrones-itis that’s been going around.”

6. Panurgic (adj.): Able or ready to do anything.

Come 5 o’clock on a Friday afternoon however, suddenly we’re just all of the panurgic. “Did I hear somebody say ‘Shots!Shots! Shots! Shotsshotsshots!’?”

7. Quiff (n): Sudden puff or gust of wind.

I was rocking that fantabulous hair day until that quiff decided to get all quiffy.

8. Razzmatazz (n): Meaningless talk; nonsense.

And the award for the most epic razzmatazz pre-coffee goes to Wendi!

9. Saprostomous (n): Having bad breath.

To all the fellas out there, just a word of advice: Before you lay on the romantic first kiss, maybe consider popping a few Altoids. Nothing kills the mood faster than a bad case of saprostomous.

10. Scintillant (adj): Sparkling; to have sparkle.

The way my eyes look when the waitor/waitress brings out my food is simply scintillant.

11. Temporicide (v): Killing and/or wasting time.

Netflix: the best/worst temporicide in the history of ever.

12. Undern (n): Light, midday meal.

To prevent any awkward tummy rumblings (*see borborgymus), it’s wise to have regular underns (preferably in the form of a burrito).

13. Unzymotic (adj): Fabulous.

I just came back from the most unzymotic *vacation.

*trip to Whole Foods.

14. Wanchancy (adj): Unlucky.

How is it that I end up wearing more of my lunch than what actually makes it into my mouth? I guess I’m just wanchancy. Okay, well that, and I’m just kind of really messy.

15. Zazzy (adj): Stylish; with style.

But I’d like to think that it’s the Cheeto dust on my skirt and chocolate stains on my shirt that make me the zazzy icon that I am.

Consider your Scrabble game on fleek.

You’re welcome.

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Comments on: "There’s a word for that…" (4)

  1. Those would be worth a TON of points in Scrabble!

  2. Ha ha ha, I love these! Oh, sorry, I mean they are unzymotic, zazzy words!

  3. My daily vocabulary is really slacking. I wasn’t aware of any of these words. But I do have the loudest stomach in the world. It’s always making noises, even when I’m not hungry. Knowing the word borborgymus will really start to come in handy.

  4. Love your examples! 😆

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