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Friday Faves :)

TGIF, holllla!

Ahem, hello and welcome to the weekend! How’d your first week of June go?

Holy crap! It’s already June! Seriously though. Wasn’t it just April? Maybe because it’s been perpetually gloomy and rainy and cloudy and gloomy and rainy here in Denver, but it just doesn’t feel very Juneish. I’m hoping that changes in a jiffy though because I’ve got some seriously fun plans coming up that will be made a lot better if there is no gloom and rain and clouds and gloom and rain (aka a Barenaked Ladies concert at Redrocks next Wednesday, the Brewers/Rockies series in two weeks, hiking my first 14’er the last weekend in June, kayaking trip, etc.) Just so much fun stuff, I can’t even handle it.

So sun  pleaseandthankyou.

And lot’s of it.

Mother Nature, I’m talking to you buddy.

I don’t have a whole lot planned for this weekend but in a way, that makes it even more awesome. This week was a doozy and I’m looking forward to chillaxing. I’m going to try and hit up the People’s Fair tomorrow and possibly go see Pitch Perfect 2 with the sis–and no judgment, but I fully intend on de-pantsing the second I walk through my door, ploppling myself on the couch with just all of the chocolate and having a mad marathon of Pretty Little Liars. I know. I know, I know, I know. Best night ever, right?!

Whatever you have got planned this weekend, I hope it’s [sunny and] amazing! But before you start funning it up, be sure to check out my finds from around the web and more in this week’s Friday Faves!

Favorite jam: Ob.sessed. I may have ugly danced to this song behind my desk at work all week long. Emphasis on the ugly of that dancing. Just so bad. Unlike Nicki who, well, girl’s got moves.

Favorite DIY: DIY Frame Shelves. Another Shanty-2-Chic project I must try! Love this cool and clever, easy-looking project.


Favorite melt: Fried Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomato Burgers. I mean, that meltage though! It’s just the start of the grilling season which means I MUST recreate these drippy, ooey-gooey burgers ASAP!


Favorite funny: Wet Dog. Cracking up at these pictures of wet dogs mid-bath. Poor pups!


Favorite what the what: “Tell me one last thing,” said Harry. “Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?” “Of course it is happening inside your head Harry, but why on Earth would that mean that it is not real?” Mind officially blown. HOLY COW! My childhood is ruined, but such an incredible take on the story! I’m just going to have to rerererere-read the books to see if I can spot all of the clues.


Favorite sugar rush: Cake Batter Monster Cookie Sandwiches. Confession: I’m drooling on my keyboard right now. Confession numero dos: I’m not even mad about it. Yum city.


Favorite feel-good: The senior class at a high school in New Hampshire decided that the money they raised for their senior trip needed to go to their principal who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer instead. What happens next will pull at your heart strings. Incredible! 🙂


Favorite getaway: 42 Perfect Summer Trips. I’ve been thinking of taking a small trip this summer, and I love these ideas! Tahoe will be mine someday. Road trip, anyone?


Favorite reunion: Elaine and Jerry. Together again! So much YESSSSSSS! Timelessly (and hilariously) perfect in every sense.


Favorite twist: Toasted Marshmallow & Chocolate S’Mores Milkshake. Um, omg, YUM. I love me a good twist on a classic and this fab new take on s’mores looks totally dreamy.



Comments on: "Friday Faves :)" (11)

  1. Happy Friday! That Harry Potter mental institution theory is very intriguing. What does JK have to say about it?

  2. The Harry Potter theory definitely reminds me of that one Buffy episode where she they made it seem like everything was a delusion … I always thought that would have been an awesome way to end the series!

  3. Friday Faves on a Thursday. Almost time for another series of Friday Faves. 😉

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