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Where’s the beef?

When one thinks of the month of May, they think of flowers blooming, Memorial Day and of course…hamburgers? That’s right, everybody’s favorite fast food find has a whole month dedicated to celebrating the hamburger in all of it’s cheesy, onions, pickles, lettuce, special sauce on a sesame seed bun deliciousness.

While nobody seems to be certain when this meaty month was first launched (I have a hunch our friends Harold and Kumar had something to do with it), it is sponsored by White Castle, the oldest hamburger chain in the US, and supported by other chains and independent burger bars. All kinds of special events are organized each year to mark the occasion, including burger tastings, food festivals, giveaways and even a burger battle between rival chefs in Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale. Now that is one tasty competition.

There are many ways that one can and should celebrate the beloved hamburger this month, including channeling your inner Hamburglar and eating as many as humanly possible.


*Side note: The meat sweats are definitely a thing, and if and only when you get them will you know you’re doing it right.

But besides eating your weight in burgery goodness, you can also celebrate by donning these ahhhmazing hamburger accessories!

1. The hamburger jump drive. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to take a byte out of that!


2. A hamburger laundry bag. Perfect for when you need to carry a load of clothes to the wash–particularly that shirt you got mustard on from eating said hamburger a few days ago. Oops.


3. Have you ever just wanted to curl up in a giant bun and dream sweet, sweet dreams of sugar plum fairies pickles dancing in your head? ME TOO! Well folks, now you can with this hamburger duvet with pillows!


4. With this hamburger ring, I thee wed. I do, I do, I dooo-ooooh!


5. And of course you can’t don that delicious ring without the matching earrings to go with it.


6. For the man who has everything…the hamburger tie.


7. I’ve got a feeling my head down to my tippy toes that these hamburger socks would definitely be a worthwhile purchase.


8. Who says food can’t be fashionable?


9. Talk about fast food! You’ll be rolling in style with this hamburger motorcycle!


10. Call Eat me, maybe? With this super cute hamburger cell phone cover, absolutely!


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Comments on: "Where’s the beef?" (11)

  1. Hamburgers are the ultimate food.

  2. What is up with that creepy new Hamburglar???

  3. This post made me hungry for a good burger! 😀

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