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“It’ll happen when you least expect it.”

“You’re just too picky.”

“You should try looking online. It totally worked for my brother’s wife’s second cousin twice removed!”

“There are plenty of fish in the sea. You’ll find your perfect fit someday, I’m sure of it!”


I think we’ve all been there, and heard that, at some point. And our friends and family standing by with these little snippets of inspiration really are trying to be supportive, they are. But I don’t think those who have it realize how ridiculously hard it can be for those of us who don’t….

…have the right pair of jeans that is.

You thought I was going to say Mr./Mrs. Right, didn’t you?

Actually, trying to find the right pair of jeans is a lot like trying to find the right SO.

The process itself is just all. of. the. worst.

But once you do find it, that pair that compliments you, that pair that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful and is the perfect fit, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.

Here are just some the reasons why trying to find the right pair of jeans is exactly like trying to find Mr./Mrs. Right:

1. It’s a good idea to know what you want before diving in.

In order to find the perfect pair of jeans, you must first have an idea of what you like, the characteristics and traits you expect from and hope to see. After all, we’re talking about something you plan on having for a very long time, a lifetime if you’re lucky. Things like comfort, dependability, of course the overall look come to mind, but more importantly, how do these jeans make you feel? Do you get the warm fuzzies every time you put them on (not just when they’re fresh out of the dryer)?

The same line of thinking applies when trying to find your ideal SO. Before you can meet your perfect match, it’s a good idea to have in the back of your mind the characteristics of someone you could see spending time with, for a short or forever period of time. Intelligence, a sense of humor, family-oriented and a kind heart are just some of the things that come to mind for me, but more importantly, how do they make you feel? Do they give you the warm fuzzies every time you’re with them (not just when they’re fresh out of the dryer. Oh…wait…)?

2. You have to be open to looking for the perfect match in unconventional places.

In order to find the perfect pair of jeans, you might have to broaden your search scope. When it comes to my denim of choice, I have always been an American Eagle fan, however it wasn’t until recently (when my trusted pair of AE bootcuts suffered a tragic rip in the lower groin region) that I discovered the plethora of other great denim choices out there. Not finding that right pair in stores? Or maybe you need a little outside help? Hakuna matata, guys! There are a multitude of other resources to help you out! Online searching is a great option, as well as is asking a friend for recommendations.

This goes for when you are tying to find a potential partner in crime as well. You can’t expect to find your Mr./Mrs. Right if you stay in every Friday night, pajama-clad with a pizza and a queued-up Netflix (although let’s be honest, a night in with the Chris’es–Hemsworth and Evans–does not a bad night make. Ever). Get out there, hang out in places you enjoy and take up your bestie’s offer of setting you up with their super cute co-worker. Finding your SO may involve you stepping out of your comfort zone a bit, and it may be terrifying as all get out, but you never know if you don’t try, right?

3. Don’t be afraid to try on as many pairs as your denim-loving heart desires.

Finding the right pair of jeans takes serious work, my friends. You can’t expect to find love at first rack  sight, although how awesome would that be if it happened that way?! And I guess if you’re lucky, it does happen that way. But for the most part, you will end up going through pairs upon pairs of jeans. You will step foot in many a dressing room, testing out things like comfort, fit and whether or not they make your butt look great. *Note: Life is way too short to not wear anything other than pants that make said butt look amazing.

When looking for your person, you may have to “shop around” a bit. That’s what dating is all about; meeting different people, getting to know them, and seeing if they match what it is you’re looking for. A part of dating is also figuring out who you are in the process.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve, both in terms of jeans and potential SOs.

4. And in doing so, you may find what seems to be something with potential.

You think you’ve found the pair. They seem to fit perfectly, are just the right shade of indigo blue and could easily pass for your fave pair of sweats, they’re that comfy. You dig out the ‘ol plastic, walk up to that store counter in confidence, and you make that purchase. You feel on top of the world, until that is when you get home and, standing in front of your floor length mirror realize that these pants aren’t exactly what you thought they would be. They’re itchy, have a small hole in the knee and give you the worst wedgy in the history of wedgies.

You will date. You may date a little, or you may date a lot. Some of these dates will be great, and some will make you wish you did stay home pajama-clad with your pizza and queued-up Netflix after all. You will meet someone for coffee or happy hour one random Tuesday night and you will really hit it off. So much so in fact that you begin to think, “Hey, I really like him/her.” They are sweet and kind and funny, not to mention the fact that they don’t live with their parents and know the difference between they’re/their/there. You begin to think you may have found “the one”…or someone who has serious potential to be “the one”…

5. But always keep your receipts.

…until that is, you discover you haven’t. It’s okay to purchase that pair of jeans, to date or even begin a relationship with someone. But it’s also okay to recognize when that pair of jeans, or that person, is not working out. It’s healthy, even. On the road to your perfect match, you will most often than not try on many pairs of jeans, and meet a lot of different people. Each one I believe comes into your life for a purpose, to teach you about yourself, to show you what you want, what works and what doesn’t.

6. And just when you think all hope is lost…

You’re walking through Target one Saturday afternoon, not looking for anything in particular, when you spot them. They’re sitting on the top shelf, folded perfectly, all crisp and wrinkle-free. You’re trying not to stare, but you can’t help it. They’re just so beautiful and blue and 50% off! You pick them up off of the shelf, walk to the dressing room, your heart all a flutter, and try them on.

You’re walking through Target one Saturday afternoon, not looking for anything in particular, when you spot him/her. They’re standing in the checkout line, a red basket full of Oreos, socks and toilet paper. You’re trying not to stare, but he’s/she/s just so beautiful. Your heart all a flutter, you take a step towards them and say hello.

7. When you find that perfect pair, you just know.

 Many people are asked when the first time they knew they had found “the one” was. Was there a specific moment, something that was said or done that told them “This is it. I’ve found my match.” The answer given by most: I just knew.

From the moment I put on that pair of Levi’s, dark denim-blue with the perfect amount of stretch, long in the legs and high in the waist, I knew. Their comfort, their price and the way they made my butt look amazing, I knew. I just knew these were the ones.

And while I have yet to find Mr. Right, when that happens, it’ll be unexpected and amazing and beautiful. How will I know when I’ve found my person?

I think I’ll just know.

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Comments on: "Finding the Right Pair of Jeans is a Lot Like Finding Mr./Mrs. Right" (8)

  1. Yes!
    I am still mourning the loss of my favourite jeans, fitted but not skinny, comfy and worn in all the right places.

    • I have a pair of jeans that are about 15 years old; they’re holey and dirty and are barely hanging on by a thread (literally), but I cannot for the life of me give them up. Finding a perfect pair of jeans is such a rarity in this world and I refuse to replace them haha!

  2. When Mr. Right makes an appearance, I’m sure those jeans will turn his head. 😉

  3. This is great! I literally have only one pair jeans in my closet that fit me well and that I really like. Every time I’m out I’m in search of a good pair of jeans but I can never find any that I like.

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