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Soundtrack to your life

One of the things I love so much about music is that there is literally a song to fit every mood, every experience, and every thought. A certain chord, lyric or verse can make you feel all the feels, and serve as a reminder of a particular time or memory. Think about your favorite movie or TV show. Now imagine that same favorite movie or TV show without the music?

So hard, right?!

That’s because the music, while a background character, is very much a central part of the story. Whether it be the jingle that ushers in the opening credits, the love song pulling at your heart strings when the two main characters finally share their first kiss, or the jock-jam that careens through the scene as the team is about to win the championship game, the music sets the tone, it takes the emotions of whatever is happening to a whole other epic level, putting you on the edge of your seat and making you grab for that box of tissues.

Much like your favorite movie or TV show, music has a leading role for each of us IRL.

Okay. Major confession time: I’ve always thought it would be the coolest of beans if we walked around with soundtracks of our own, music playing in the background to heighten whatever it is that may be happening, even if it only involved strolling the aisles of the grocery store. Not only would it make the most mundane a little more exciting, but it would present ample opportunities to break out in song and dance in the middle of the produce section.

I mean, everyone knows that the key to picking out the perfect avocado is simultaneously doing the running man. Duh.

In order to remedy this obvious infraction, I decided to take matters into my own hands ears and create the ultimate soundtrack to your life, a playlist if you will of songs that fit the small, every day moments, proving that there is no experience or feeling too small that can’t be made even bigger by the right tunage.

Those Friday night vibes got you like…

…getting ready to hit the town with your best buds in a fedora and heels…

…and then when you wake up the next morning and realize you don’t have to even put on pants all day long if you don’t want to because it’s Saturday, baby!

That moment when the pair of jeans at your favorite bulls eyed retail store goes on sale the day after you paid full price for them.

Or when you finish reading the last book in your favorite series. JustKidding [Rowling]. My heart will never go on. Like, ever.

When you can finally say bye, bye, bye to that ridiculously annoying popcorn kernel that’s been stuck in your teeth for days…

…And say hello to that giant bag of gummy bears instead.

For those early Monday morning AMs when you’re stuck in traffic on the way into work.

But upon entering the office, realize that there’s free donuts. Chocolate donuts. With sprinkles. Just so. many. sprinkles.

When you just need a good ugly cry sesh (because even though there were free donuts when you got into work that morning, you were too late and ended up getting stuck with the apple fritter. I mean, is it even a part of the donut family? WHERE ARE THE SPRINKLES?!?! )

But then your bestie brings over a pint [of Ben & Jerry’s] and some chick flicks to help cheer you up

…And you are just so damn grateful for that pint [of Ben & Jerry’s]. And for your bestie of course.

When you discover that a giant bug/beetle/spider the size of a small human is crawling up your leg…

…And it ends up falling onto your living room floor where you manage to chase it around your apartment for the next two hours because if you think I will be able to go to sleep knowing that there is a giant bug/beetle/spider the size of a small human running amok, you are crazy. Ca.Ra.Zy!

But then you realize it wasn’t a giant bug/beetle/spider the size of a small human after all,  just that popcorn kernel from earlier.

So now it’s your turn.

Tell me in the comments below what your ultimate soundtrack to your life would look and sound like.


Comments on: "Soundtrack to your life" (1)

  1. A soundtrack that includes Nsync and Taylor Swift? Count me in!

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