My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)


You are not delicate.

You are skinny dipping at 2am.

You are jumping out of airplanes, swimming with sharks and dancing to Tom Petty on top of tables. You are reverberating the echoes of a curse word ricocheting off the steeply sloping side of a mountain as you make your way up, and then back down.

You are “windows rolled down and sun roof open on a summer day”, “ice cream for breakfast”, and “getting a tattoo on a random Tuesday night”.

You are “kissing a stranger under the stars”, “dancing like everyone is watching–and not giving a rat’s two-step that they are”, and “buying a plane ticket to anywhere for a weekend getaway.”

Delicate things are pretty, cute even.

But you are not delicate. You are wild, lewd and unpredictable.

So move! Love! Travel! Adventure!

Go take risks.

Life is a beautiful blank canvas and it’s up to you the amount of paint you want to throw on it.

You are not delicate.

You are living an amazing life full of color and polka dots, stripe and zigzags.

So get out there!

Get your hands dirty!

Do epic shit.

Live a life worth remembering.


Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday: Do Epic Shit." (3)

  1. Excellent pep talk. Thank you!

  2. This is awesome! I wanna print it out and hang it on my wall.

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