My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Today I thought it would be fun, not at all a drag,

to show you what I have stashed away in my work bag.

This glorious duffle was a gift to myself,

Purchased at the NYC Public Library, sitting high on top of a shelf.

It’s big and sturdy and carries just all the things,

the perfect home for all of my belongings.

Every day I fill it from brim to core, with whosits and whatsits and thingamajigs galore.

The following is a list of just some of the gizmos I carry,

Including that pair of sunglasses that I once bought from a weird guy named Larry.


Let’s begin with the essentials, the things to help get you through your day:

(Lots) of chocolate, a good book and a bottle of nail polish colored 50 shades of gray.

A brush, some chapstick, a headband with polka dots;

And a giant jar of white chocolate peanut butter, because, why not?

A charging cord for my Apple i-Phone, because let’s face it; with zero bars, I feel so alone.

I’ve got your credit cards and cash, your spare change and random checks;

And if you need a pack of playing cards, I’ve got two decks.

There are Band-Aids and dental floss, lotion and perfume spray;

Because having paper cuts, food in your teeth and stinky, dry skin is the worst in every possible way.

So many wingdings of all sizes and shapes,

I think I’ve even got last year’s Halloween costume in there, a pair of Superman’s tight tights and his cape.

In this bag I carry a ton, a lot, just oh so much.

From gadzoocks and wingdings, heck I’ve even got lunch!

It’s a good thing I’ve got this super giant sack.

Can you imagine trying to carry all of this in one tiny fanny pack?

But I better get going, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

After all, I don’t think this jar of peanut butter is going to eat itself.

Do you?


Comments on: "Bag Lady, a Dr. Seuss rhyme" (5)

  1. This was awesome!

  2. You are just so damn adorable! 🙂

  3. This was great! Loved it!

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