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Friday Faves

Well hello there, guys!

And a very happy TGIF to ya!

It is a dreary, icky, gloomy, rainy/snowy mess here in Denver today, but that’s not going to put a damper on the fact that a) IT’S FRIDAY!!!, b) I’m wearing my good-butt jeans, c) it’s my birthday tomorrow, and d) IT’S FRIDAY!!!


Channeling my inner-Gossip Girl on the steps of the MET with my favoritest Jenna! 🙂

This time last year I was in NYC, ringing in my 27th year with one of my best friends, and while I may be missing her and the city like crazy sauce, I think that I’ve got some things up my sleeve this year that will be just as much fun. I’m meeting up with some dear friends of mine tonight for some celebratory dinner and hijinks fun, tomorrow I’m hanging with the sister–getting our retail therapy on and possibly checking out my another one of my friends’ band play, and then on Sunday, a family cookout. It’s going to be a jam-packed couple of days and I am so super excited!

After all, a girl only turns the big 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 once, right?!

What about you?! Have anything scandalous planned for this weekend? And by scandalous I mean eating Chunky Monkey from the carton, with a fork, on the newly cleaned couch, in your underwear.

Actually, that sounds like my kind of Saturday night. 😉

Before you get your ice cream on, be sure to check out my finds from around the web and more in the week’s Friday Faves!

Favorite Comeback Kid: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Okay. I will admit that I am not nor have I ever been the biggest fan of Star Wars. I know. I KNOW, okay?! But, watching this trailer gave me chills. CHILLS! And when Han Solo and Chewy graced the screen. I maybe choked up just a little bit. I may or may not have to re-evaluate my stance on all things George Lucas and have a massive Star Wars movie binge.

Favorite Library Love: This week was National Library Week, seven whole days celebrating the absolute awesomeness that is libraries and librarians. I am so very proud to be considered a part of this amazing group, opening the doors to discovery, creativity, and magic to people everyday. This post did a wonderful job of highlighting the importance of and wonderful power that libraries have.


Favorite Breakfast of Champions: It’s my birthday week, and I will cry eat cupcakes for breakfast if I want to. And boy do I want to.


Favorite Ball Boy: I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s just. too. darn. funny! I have watched this meme probably close to a hundred times and each time, it just even more hilarious. But I’d totally tush-bump anyone in my way for a game ball.

Favorite Meme Maker: Speaking of memes, if you are a fan of baseball, and watching ridiculously awesome and perfect baseball memes, do yourself a flavor and start following @MLBGIFS on the tweet machine. You may end up wasting 16 hours of your day, but they will be 16 hours well spent, my friends.

Favorite BESTNEWSEVER: Staying with the baseball theme for a quick hot second, it just so happens that my Brewers are coming to Denver this summer once again for a three-game series against the Rockies. And it just so happens that I scored tickets right behind the Brewers’ dugout. And it also just so happens that my brother from another mother and Brewers bestie for life, Chris is coming out to visit me and take in all three games. WHAT!?! Like I said, BESTNEWSEVER!


Favorite funny: 32 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks. DYING over this roundup! Seriously shouted YES to every single one. Especially these stamp markers and especially #14. #2 is gave me instant anxiety.


Favorite fashion: Nellore Blouse. Love this sweet and flowy blouse, right? Can I please look as cool as this girl does when I wear it too?


Favorite DIY: Personal S’mores Roasters. Start with a patio project, end with one, too! I think these personal s’more roasters made out of mini terra cotta pots are so adorable – plus, no bon fire required!


Favorite pooch: Dapper Dog. What a gentleman!


Favorite place: Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. Seriously the coolest.


Favorite indulge: 7 Layer Cookies a la Mode. Are you KIDDING me! I think one bite of this luscious, indulgent dessert would send me straight into a blissful sugar coma!

Comments on: "Friday Faves" (7)

  1. Like always, awesome round-up of Friday faves. Now I really want a cupcake. Happy Birthday again! Sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned. Enjoy!

  2. Have a FANTABULOUS weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday Eve, Wendi!

    That new Star Wars trailer was pretty awesome!

  4. Good stuff!
    And – hope you had a Fantabulous Birthday. 🙂

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