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As most of you all know, a little over a year ago I packed my bags and drove cross-country to Colorado, just me and boxes (and boxes and boxes) of books clown-car packed into my little bug. I am so very glad that I was given the opportunity to start this new and exciting chapter in my life in pretty much the most beautiful, fun and all-around fan-flipping-tastic state ever. It truly has been such a blast and a blessing. The only negative thing about it, if I could think of anything (besides being so far away from my beloved Milwaukee Brewers; and friends and family of course) is that I had to leave my four-legged and furry best friend and sidekick behind. My yellow lab Thunder is at an age now where the move wouldn’t have been the best thing for him, and while I am comforted in knowing he is getting spoiled royally by his “grandparents”,  that doesn’t mean I miss him any less or that it’s any easier being so far away from him.

Whether you are away at college for a few months at a time, leave on a week-long vacation or are like me and had to make the very difficult decision to leave your pet behind with loving parents to watch over him as you embark on a new journey, it’s just all of the worst.

You form such an amazing connection with your pets; they’re your confidants, your partners-in-crime, your jogging buddies and snugglupagus. They have a kind of unconditional love that nothing can compare to and have the crazy ability to understand what you’re feeling, better than even yourself sometimes.

I was involved in a long-distance relationship for a while once and it sucked like a vacuum. But it didn’t hold a Yankee candle to what it’s like being so far away from my favorite pooch (no offense to said LDR but Thunder does give the best kisses).

If you’ve ever been away from your pet(s) for an extended period of time, you feel me.

Here’s just an idea of what it’s like going through each and every day without him.

You FaceTime with your pets every night. Well, technically you’re FaceTiming your Mom but then you force her to show your pets for more than half of the time. But hey, no shame, no shame.

And you talk to them through the camera, as if they are listening. Your best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate totally judges you for it, but you barely notice because all your attention is on your pet and how adorbs he looks in that smashing new collar he’s sporting.


You screenshot every Snapchat your Mom or siblings send you of your pets. And then internally you start ugly crying because why can’t you be there to take cute pictures, too??


You have an entire album on your phone with your pet’s pictures. And whenever you’re sad you scroll through all of them because only their face makes your day better.


Sometimes, when you really miss them, you visit their Facebook you made for them back in middle school. It’s okay, we all get desperate.

When someone shows you a picture of their pet, it warms your heart… because you know you’re not alone in this. If other people can get through these LDRs, why can’t you?


Usually if you’re homesick, it’s because you miss your pet so dang much. All you want to do is snuggle with them and maybe get one hug… or maybe two… or five.


You count down the days until the next time you can see them. Because sometimes, FaceTime and pictures just don’t do it for you.

… and when the day finally comes, the first thing you do when you come home is give your pet a big ol’ hug and kiss. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for since you left.


When you’re home with your pet, you make sure to take a ton of pics and videos, just so you can watch/look at them after you leave. It really comes in handy when you’re homesick. Or simply need some high-quality cheering up that only your pet can deliver.


When the time comes for you to leave them, you give your pet the biggest hug and kiss. Bigger than when you first saw them coming back. And of course the ugly crying makes a reappearance.

And then you start the countdown all over again for when it’s time to be reunited with your best friend. Six more days, weeks, months to go…

Comments on: "I have a long-distance relationship…with my pet" (3)

  1. Leaving a pet behind is one of the most heartbreaking things ever!
    Thank goodness for FaceTime 🙂

  2. LOL – I’m grown & have a FB page for my pooch.
    Never let that part of you go. Always keep it near & dear. It’s good for you. 😉

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