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Girls, you know we will always have our girlfriends, our gal-pals and BFFs. And you also know that guys will come and go in our lives, often times more than once. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a male bestie (or a few), you know that there is something special about that relationship, something that any other one–whether it be with your sister, your mom, your college roommate or best friend since elementary school–can’t quite compare to.

What do I mean by that? Well here are just a few reasons why every girl should have a guy best friend (besides the fact that they’re just the best, that is).

1. Your guy bestie definitely has the upper hand when it comes to relationship or dude advice. He’s a dude himself therefore he knows how his kind think. Use his power to your advantage! But always be sure to offer your advice when it comes to girl world when he needs it.

2. When all of your girlfriends are dieting, you can rely on him to be right there next to you, regretlessly indulging in that cheeseburger/pizza/taco/ice cream fest–even if it’s you who ends up eating most of it.

3. After said indulge fest, there is no need to hide back that belch that’s been brewing. That bean burrito got you feeling a little gassy? As Elsa so famously once said sang, “Let it, go. LET IT, GO!”  There is pretty much an unspoken rule when hanging with your guy bestie that any and all farts/wickedly impressive belches are welcomed and encouraged.

4. Having a guy best friend means having a built-in body guard of sorts. You can take comfort in knowing that if your heart gets broken, he will be the first to grab the carton of eggs and go all yolky on your heartbreaker’s car. In fact, if anything happened to you, he would jump at making the perpetrator pay for their actions (or at least be there with a giant bear hug afterwards).

5. Since [most] guys are less sympathetic to feelings, they won’t be afraid to tell you that you look amazing in that new crop top and jeans. Likewise, they will be upfront with you when you look like a hot mess.

6. When certain sports aren’t your thing, he will sit you down and explain the game to you—after he calls you stupid for not knowing what a drop pass is.

7. Even if there are miles and miles separating you two, distance is never really a problem because let’s face it, he sucks at texting anyway. A phone call once or twice a month, a silly Facebook post or an Instagramed picture of a weasel riding a woodpecker that he tagged you in keeps your friendship just as strong.


8. The biggest fight you will likely ever have is who can quote more lines from Dumb and Dumber.“Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? Just in case you were wondering…it’s me.

9. When it’s time to move into that new apartment of yours, you’ll have an extra set of hands to help move all of your prized possessions crap—or to just do all of the work.

10. Boys generally hate gossip so if you have something super juicy that you just can’t hold in anymore, he is the perfect person to spill your guts to. One, he won’t give a monkey’s second cousin that Carol from your office is secretly dating her boss and two, he’s going to forget everything you just said in ten minutes anyway.

11. Along the same lines, guys typically say A LOT less than your girlfriends so if you’re just having one of those meh days and don’t feel like talking to anyone, he will be there to just sit with you. He won’t ask questions but will hang out with you, pop in one of your fave movies and simply help keep you company.

11. He is your go-to adventure buddy. Hiking, camping, rock climbing, basically anything involving dirt, grime, danger and FUN, he is your partner in crime. He’s also the one to kill that spider the size of a small human that just crawled up on your leg.

12. Your guy best friend is sarcastic, funny and can be a smart ass from time to time (*read ALL OF THE TIME). But he’s also sweet, kind and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone you’ve ever known. He’d go to the end of the Earth and back again to make sure you were happy and you know you would do the same thing for him (except on Monday nights because The Bachelor.)

I so deeply cherish the friendships I have with all of my girlfriends, but there are specific situations where you just need a guy or a male’s perspective, you know? Having this best friend in your life is such a blessing and is one that you should never look past, or take for granted, because even if he makes fun of you and pesters you like a little/older brother, which he will on the regular, his reason is just to see you smile.

To all of my guy BFFs, thank you. I love you. You owe me a cheeseburger.

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  1. Amen! Great list!

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