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Dear winter,

First of all, I love you. You know I do. You came into my life a few months ago, all sultry and cool-like. I wasn’t expecting it; the beautiful way your snow illuminated my life, blanketing my world [and car and sidewalks and streets and brand new shoes]  in a sea of white. I can’t really explain it, but you just had a way about you that sent shivers down my spine [because it was freezing. Literally, freezing]. I fell for you, and boy did I fall hard [Yep. That was black ice. Just all of the black ice.]

Winter, this is hard for me to say and I really hope that we can still be friends, because the truth is, we did have a lot of fun. Remember the time we spent the whole day in that cozy bookstore, just sipping chugging coffee and browsing the stacks? Or what about those nights where all we did was snuggle under a big blanket and Netflix it up, getting our waffle on with Leslie and plotting world domination with President Underwood. Ahhh, good times, good times. Some of the best, actually.

The thing is winter, and I’m just going to come right out and say it, I think we need to break up. I would say that it’s not you, it’s me. But it’s definitely you. And while I love you, you know I do, this thing just really isn’t working out. If I’m being honest, there were some things in our relationship that I took major issue with. For example, the whole ‘getting up an extra twenty minutes early just to heat up and de-ice my car’ thing? Kind of a turnoff. And the way you made it impossible for me to wear any sort of cute clothing outside the realm of a bulky, Marshmallow Man coat? Soooo annoying. Or how about how you have the ability to make my drive home a raging headache? Traffic is bad enough without the added pressures of you throwing some ice and snow into the mix. You just can’t help but meddle, can you? But that’s neither here nor there. I don’t blame you, winter. That’s just who you are.

But that’s not who I am. At least not anymore.

And there’s one other thing; I’ve kind of met someone else. Spring took me by surprise but let me tell you, once I got a taste of it’s warmth, it’s green grass, birds chirping, longer days and sunny skies personality, I was hooked. Completely head over heels [because I can actually wear heels. NO MORE BOOTS!!!] Spring made me feel things that you never could [like my toes and fingers, for example] and showed me things that I thought didn’t exist anymore [HOLY CRAP! Are those my legs?! My bare legs?! Looking good, ladies–although HOLY CRAP, you definitely need a good shave STAT!] I look at spring and I can’t help but think of a brighter future, a future filled with cute dresses, baseball, just all of the Easter candy, cute shoes, the wind in my hair, romantic kisses in the rain (or at least the slight possibility of maybe perhaps on the slight chance that an opportunity to kiss in the rain presents itself) and cute skirts.

It’s still very early on in our relationship winter, but I believe that spring and I, well, we kind of have a good thing going. And I know this may sound crazy, but I think I love spring. I know, I know. Bonkers. Gosh, look at me, I’m blushing. And sweating.

But seriously, does anyone have any deodorant I could borrow?

Winter, when it comes to these sorts of things, when you know it’s right, you just know. And I know this is right.

I do hope you understand, winter.

And you what, winter? I’ve actually got a friend who I could set you up with, but only if you’re interested of course! Her name is Elsa and let’s just say that you two would be perfect together!

Stay cool, winter!



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Comments on: "An open break-up letter to winter" (4)

  1. You’re so silly. I love it. 🙂

  2. I’m so with you on this break-up. I don’t think I love winter quite as much as you do though. 😉

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