My Awesomely Random Life (and Everything in Between)

Life goal.

Life goal.

I have a lot of random bookish ideas running around in my head, guys (along with thoughts about lunch. And dinner. And eating said lunch and dinner with Chris Hemsworth while he serenades me with a back rub and a mad game of Scattegories…)


Sorry about that.

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I would share some of these bookish ideas with you all. Consider this a wish list if you’d like. Some of these ideas might not make much sense. Others may seem downright insane in the membrain. But hey, I got big dreams.

BIG, I tell ya!

One of these days I’m gonna grow a mustache to rival Tom Selleck, you just wait.

Okay. No. That would be weird. Because he’s a dude and I’m, well, not.

But his ‘stache is pretty darn impressive.

1. Scratch and sniff cookbooks. Are you curious what aroma is going to fill your kitchen when you start making that scrumptious lasagna recipe? What about that chocolate cake? C’mon science, catch up. Find a way for me to smell my food before committing. After all, taste is tied to our olfactory senses, right? Deciding what I want to make for dinner would be a lot easier if I could give it a good sniff first.

2. Books that punish you for making bad life decisions. I am a book fiend, and when I skip out on a few hours of sleep (and by few I mean four. Or six.) to lie in bed and plow through 100 pages of Gone Girl, I get mad at myself the day after for not being a fully-functioning adult. Oh who am I kidding? Books > sleep any day! However it does make for a rather longgggg next day. And I’m sure my boss doesn’t appreciate the snores and drooling coming from my office. Just kidding. I don’t snore. Or drool. Just kidding. I totally do. If there were reasonably priced hardcover books that tied into the health feature on my smartphone and only opened if I had gotten my eight hours of zzzz’s the previous night,  I’d buy them in a heartbeat. Again, where you at, science?

3.  A business that competed with Amazon drones based around a system of toy remote control cars that delivered books right to your doorstep. My official Roomba literary army. Bring it, Bezos.

4. Edible books made from some type of sugar paper that you could take on camping trips. That way, your pack is a little lighter by day five, and you have a back up source of sustenance if something’s off with your food supply. I would start with Julie and Julia.

5. A thing kind of like an Advent chocolate calendar where you punch the candy out of the little box each day. Except instead it’s a reward for finishing chapters of War and Peace. I’ve been stuck somewhere around page 400 for about two five years now.

6. A magical bookshelf that would grow and expand as you acquired more books to it. That’s feasible, right?

Like I said, kind of insane.

But totally and 110% awesome!


Comments on: "Bookish things that NEED to exist. Like yesterday." (2)

  1. I am in desperate need of a Magic Bookshelf!
    That may be the best idea ever.
    … Also, Scratch and Sniff Cookbooks sound amazing 🙂

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