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Thoughts on a Thursday

1. I’m in full-on Christmas mode, my friends. I’m talking ‘listening to Bing and Trans-Siberian 24/7, having a little cocoa with my marshmallows, sweater-wearing, and candy-cane-eating” Christmas mode.


2. Speaking of Bing Crosby…swoon. His Christmas songs are so good it’s like I’m eating a warm chocolate-chip cookie, wearing my most fuzziest of slippers and getting wrapped in a bear hug all at the same time

3. I made a dentist appointment for week and it’ll be the first time I’ve been back since…wait for it….9 years. I know. I. KNOW! But to my credit, my last experience with the dentist was horrific–I had my wisdom teeth out and the dentist/ortho/doctor completely and royally fudged up my mouth. He damaged a nerve in my lower jaw and because of that, I have no feeling in my bottom lip. I know. I. KNOW! Suffice to say, I’m NOT looking forward to my visit, however seeing as I am a little OCD about keeping my chompers clean, I really don’t think I should have anything to worry about. With the exception of maybe losing feeling in my upper lip. Oye.

4. You know how when you half-hazardly throw your hair into a messy bun right before you go to bed and it looks red-carpet fabulous, and then when you try to recreate that red-carpet fabulousness the next day for work and it looks like a rat’s nest? Yeah. I hate that.

5. I have been putting off going to the grocery store for almost a week now (because that job is all of the worst). It’s amazing how creative you can get when you only have frozen waffles, peanut butter, Life cereal, whipped cream and marshmallows.

6. Because I had been putting off going to the grocery store for almost a week now (because that job is all of the worst), and because I ran out of frozen waffles, peanut butter, Life cereal, whipped cream and marshmallows on Tuesday, I decided to swing by Subway on my home from work last night. I specifically asked for extra pickles and the gloved dude behind the sneeze guard puts three on my sandwich. Three. I don’t know what he constitutes as “extra” in his book, but three just doesn’t cut it in mine. I had to repeatedly keep asking him to add “a couple more,” and “just a few more,” like a complete goober. It may have taken all night, but I got my sandwich, and my extra pickles.

7. Note to self: WHEN I go to the grocery store, get pickles.

8. Happiest birthday to this crazy cat! You don’t look a day over 30 (which is a good thing seeing as you are only 30***)! I love her to the moon and back–and then to the moon and back again! She has the biggest heart of anyone I know, a smile that’s contagious and can give the greatest of bear hugs. Can’t wait to celebrate with my momma in just a few short weeks! 🙂

***30 is forever the new “anything over 30”


Have a great Thursday, guys!


Comments on: "Thoughts on a Thursday" (7)

  1. I have had all of my Christmas cds cued up and ready for December 1st since October. I think my neighbours are starting to hate me …

  2. Yours and mine both, sister! I say keep cuing those babies up! It’ll do our humbug neighbors some good to get in the Christmas spirit 😉

  3. I just got a mental image of a beaten man in a basement, tied to a chair with a single oscillating light hanging from the ceiling. A cute girl is standing before him with her head hanging Boondock Saints style, wearing a Santa outfit.

    “BE MERRY TO BROKEN MOTHERFUCKER” she shouts as she presses a cold revolver to his forehead. He chuckles and feigns a weak smile and whimpers “I’m the merriest I swear to God please don’t kill me!”

  4. “YOU” not “TO” ack all my jokes are ruined by typos!

  5. OMG that dentist story sounds horrible. I hate the dentist already. If that ever happened to me, it would turn me off of the dentist forever! Hopefully this visit will be a much better experience.

    • Oh goodness, girl! It was an absolute mess! It still gives me nightmares to this day!! I’m hoping this visit goes A LOT smoother –otherwise I will never, EVER be going to the dentist again! haha

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