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I’m pretty sure not even George Clooney himself would look cool doing these things.

(Although I would love to see him try. Actually, I just enjoy seeing him period.)

Inspired by this reddit thread that I recently read laughed over, here are 40 things that no human can possibly do without looking like a total goober. (Sidenote: no one looks cool saying or even typing the word “goober”).

Not cool GIFs

1. Trying to locate a straw in your drink with your mouth after it goes AWOL.

2. Running with a backpack on (unless you’re Katniss Everdeen).

3. Riding on a Segway.

4. Chasing a piece of paper that is being blown away by the wind.

5. Standing in the airport X-ray machine in that spread eagle, arms-up pose.

Not cool GIFs

6. Taking a bite of food that is so hot you have to spit it back out.

7. Getting in and out of the backseat of a two-door car.

8. Having a coughing fit after water has gone down the wrong pipe.

9. Holding back a sneeze.

10. Trying to sing a song you don’t know the lyrics to.

Not cool GIFs

11. Yawning.

12. Eating something very sour.

13. Taking photos and videos with an iPad.

14. Throwing anything using your non-dominant hand.

15. Picking up dog poop and/or waiting around while your dog poops during a walk.

Not cool GIFs

16. Taking your contacts out of your eyes or putting them in.

17. Walking through a spider web.

18. Taking your retainer out.

19. Trying to swat at a bug as it flies around you.

20. Shaking the vending machine when your snack doesn’t drop.

Not cool GIFs

21. Twerking.

22. Stumbling on a piece of uneven concrete.

23. Talking on a Bluetooth, no matter how cool you think you look.

24. Wearing a lobster bib. Also, eating lobster.

25. Taking a selfie.

Not cool GIFs

26. Putting on spanx or really tight pants.

27. Having a dog hump your leg.

28. When two people almost run into each other, so they both step the same way trying to avoid each other, thus running into each other again. Repeat.

29. Eating spaghetti.

30. Chasing after a ping pong ball. Damn you, beer pong.

Not cool GIFs

31. Slipping on ice.

32. Running away from a bee.

33. Tripping on the escalator.

34. Getting out of a restaurant booth.

35. Running in flip flops.

Not cool GIFs

36. Realizing there is no toilet paper after you’ve already sat down, so you have to do the pants-around-the-ankles scuttle move to get more TP from the closet, drawer, etc.

37. Blowing your nose.

38. Walking downhill.

39. Waiting outside a single-person bathroom.

40. Carrying a Cotsco-sized toilet paper pack, and nothing else.

If you think you look cool doing any of these things, please record yourself doing said thing and send to me so I can evaluate.

Not cool GIFs


Comments on: "40 Things I (or ANYONE) Does NOT Look Cool Doing" (4)

  1. Number 10 is basically me all the time 🙂

  2. Seeing as I find myself in most of the situations A LOT, it’s safe to say that I am very uncool. Number 28 is so awkward and happens to me way more times that I care to admit.

    How have you been? I have so much catching up to do on your blog. Can’t wait to read what I missed!

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